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Are you currently in the market to build a new home? How about restoring the existing house you own? One of the highest costs of your new home purchase or restoration project is windows. And windows significantly impact how you see the world and how others will see your place. As a professional window cleaning Charleston service provider, I have seen all types of windows and doors. There is no better person or company to ask about the quality of Windows or what would be the best type of Windows for your home other than asking a professional window cleaning expert.

If you are searching online and trying to figure out the best type of window for you to put inside your dream home, let me provide you with some help. The perspective that our window cleaners see everyday that we service residential and Commercial Windows will help you make the best decision for purchasing windows.

Why Ask A Window Cleaner About Windows?

I know what you are thinking. Your Builder or the window manufacturer trying to sell you on Windows is your best resource for picking the correct window type for your dream home. But think again!

Residential window cleaners see everything when it comes to looking out windows, operating windows, and determining which Windows hold up the best. We offer professional window cleaning Charleston Services daily to all types of clientele. And throughout the past 30 years, we have identified the most efficient windows, held up the best, and looked the best after a professional cleaning service.

So why should you ask a window cleaner what is the best type of window for your dream home? It’s because we work with windows daily. We have to open them to remove screens, and we have to clean window sills or window tracks. Were you aware of the difference between window sills and window tracks? It’s a little secret window sales guys fail to talk about!

Suppose you are in the market for windows. In that case, a professional Charleston window cleaning pro will be your secret recipe for making the right buying decision for your dream home!

Let’s Get Started!

The first thing that we are going to discuss is quality. Quality Windows will be easier to operate, and they will be easier to maintain. These are two things you want to look for when searching for the right windows for your dream home. As a professional window cleaning Charleston service provider, we have decided on the three window manufacturers we have found to be the best of the best. We base this on 30 years of experience and what all our employees discuss with us regarding operating and maintaining residential windows.

Pella Windows And Doors

We love a Pella Window! I’m talking about the windows you will receive from a local Pella Window supplier. I do not recommend going to Lowe’s or Home Depot to purchase a Pella window. Windows sold through Lowe’s and Home Depot are less expensive than buying from a dealer because Lowes Or HD window lines are explicitly manufactured for cost savings.

Your best bet is to contact a local Pella Window representative and have them come to your home and provide you with a free quote. They will provide all of the information concerning their windows, and they will also be able to show you the available types of Pella windows.

Why do we like Pella windows so much? It’s because of the quality and the energy efficiency. Pella makes a fantastic window that stands up through the test of time. Residential properties at the beach or in the mountains endure harsh Winters and hot summers. They are easy to clean, and the glass installed is fantastic. You can go right with a Pella window, which would be one of your best buying decisions if you choose this company.

Pros: Ease Of Use | Quality Of Frames | Longevity
Cons: Older Pella Inserts are challenging to operate | Window Options

Andersen Windows And Doors

Andersen Windows is a company that has been around for over a century. They manufacture windows that will fit any buyer’s needs. From single-hung windows to Gliding and Pass-throughs, you and your family will not go wrong with Andersen. Even when looking for replacement windows, Andersen offers excellent solutions.

The thing we enjoy the most about Andersen windows is their ease of use and quality. When working with windows, our window cleaning Charleston service pros want to work with a window they can operate quickly and efficiently. If a window is hard for our pros to maneuver, it will surely be difficult for a homeowner to manage. Plus, the windows they produce look good, and the glass quality is one of the best. If you are looking for a window that will showcase your property, you can not go wrong with Andersen Windows And Doors!

Pros: Quality and Ease Of Use
Cons: Screen Material For Beach Projects (Metal Screens And Salt Air Do Not Mesh Well!)

Marvin Windows

Marvin states that they build windows and doors that are built for how you live. And we can agree with that! Marvin Windows looks beautiful, offering a full line of double and single-hung windows and specialty windows for your project.

The thing we like about Marvin Windows And Doors is that their windows work well, operate smoothly, and showcase a home’s features. They offer wood and aluminum window options and even have windows designed for specific geographical elements. In short, you can buy windows designed for your beach home or ones made for Mountain top living!

Marvin has a hard-to-beat product, which is why they made it onto our best windows for your dream home.

Pros: Quality and Ease Of Use | Flawless Glass
Cons: Aluminum Frames in a Salt Air Environment

Final Thought

If you are looking for windows for your new home or a renovation, consider the three companies we outlined today. Our expert, Charleston Window Cleaning professionals see all types of windows. And they are continually discussing the best windows that clean and work efficiently. If a window makes our window cleaner’s job a little easier and looks good, it’s a window you will want in your home! Give us a call today at 843-790-8447 or check out our website at