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Are you on the hunt for a gutter cleaning provider in Charleston, South Carolina and you’ve yet to have any luck? Maybe you’ve had a bad customer service experience or the companies you’re calling just don’t seem to care. Lucky for you, you’ve finally stumbled upon Window Ninjas. The hunt is officially over. You’ve found the best gutter cleaning provider in all of Charleston. We care about you and your property and we are here to help you in any way that we possibly can. We are ninjas that clean and we know how to clean the right way! Head on over to or call 843-790-8447 to speak with us about our Charleston gutter cleaning service. We’ve got all of your gutter cleaning and exterior cleaning needs covered with no problem!

Window Ninjas is a company that is highly trained and skilled in gutter cleaning, and in the exterior cleaning industry as a whole. We have had over twenty five years of experience in the industry and that experience has led us to be the number one trusted and reliable exterior cleaning company in Charleston, South Carolina. Gutter cleaning is a simple residential and commercial maintenance procedure that should be completed at least twice a year, and even more frequently if your property is located in a heavily wooded area. Get in contact with us so that we can discuss in more detail the needs you have for your property. We would love to help you get your gutters cleared out and ensure that they are functioning like new. 

Why do you need to have your gutters cleaned in the first place? Well, when debris from the outdoors like leaves, twigs, pine straw, pine cones, and more pile up in your gutters, it makes it hard for water to flow through them. Moreover, the purpose of gutters is to move water away from your property when it rains. Why is this necessary? If you don’t have gutters transporting water away from your property then that water will settle at the foundation of your property. Water can easily seep into the foundation of your home or business if it has no way of escaping. This is how people end up with water damage and flooded basements in their homes and commercial properties. 

Additionally, when you have debris piling up in your gutters, your downspouts may become clogged. Once this happens, water can not escape your gutters at all. You will surely have water damage or flooding of some sort if this is not taken care of. Don’t worry though, we have the proper tools to easily unclog your downspouts for you. When Window Ninjas provides you with a Charleston gutter cleaning service, we will clean your gutters and also inspect them for you. We can even make minor repairs on your gutters if you are in need of those too. Our gutter cleaning service is very thorough and it ensures that your gutters are in the best shape possible. 

You may be wondering what we will do with the gunk that we pull out of your gutters. That’s a great question. We will remove all of the debris from your gutters and place it into a bucket or bag to dispose of it. We may dispose of it in a natural area where it will not look out of place or unsightly. Thus, you won’t be coming home to a flower bed or lawn covered in gutter gunk. You’ll be delighted to see that your gutters are clean and your landscaping is still in perfect shape. We are the ninjas that clean the right way!

You may get an uneasy feeling when you think about having someone climbing on a ladder on your property to clean your gutters. You might be worried about your property being damaged or having someone get hurt on your property. This isn’t something you’ll have to worry about with Window Ninjas. First of all, we use ladder standoffs, which makes it so that we don’t have to rest our ladders up against your gutters. Thus, they won’t be bent or damaged during the gutter cleaning process. Second of all, Window Ninjas is 100% bonded and insured. See, you’ve got nothing to worry about! Plus, we are professionals and we take our jobs very seriously. 

Make sure to have your gutters cleaned often so that water damage is never on your list of things to worry about. We can’t stress enough how much trouble you will be saving yourself in the long run. You will pat yourself on the back later when you realize the damage and expenses you avoided by simply maintaining the cleanliness of your gutters. Window Ninjas can help you stay away from unpleasant home repair expenses by keeping your entire property shining. We promise to wow you with exceptional service that cannot be beat by any other exterior cleaning provider. 

So, what’s the hold up? There is truly no reason not to call Window Ninjas for your Charleston gutter cleaning service. We have proven time and time again to be the exterior cleaning provider of choice all throughout Charleston, South Carolina. We pride ourselves in our work, the results we create, and the name we have made for ourselves through the hard work and the results we consistently produce. Check us out online at to view these results and the excellent reviews that we have. You can also look us up on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. We are constantly wowing all of our customers and they have a lot of great things to say about us because of it! Call us today at 843-790-8447 to speak with one of our Charleston scheduling coordinators. They are uber helpful and highly knowledgeable. Thus, you will have all of the information you need to feel confident and excited about hiring the ninjas that clean, also known as Window Ninjas, to come out and deliver a Charleston gutter cleaning service on your residential or commercial property!