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It looks like we will still need to light up our fireplaces for a little while longer. The chimney sweep Hampstead pros are at your service before, during or after the cold season. Sometimes we get a few months of cold here in the south and sometimes we get a little more. No matter what you can get your chimney sweeping done at the beginning of the season as most folks do or wait until the end. As we don’t get much time to use our fireplaces much here where we live, then you probably can wait a little longer. But do realize that it is recommended to have a chimney sweeping done at the beginning before lighting it up for the first time. Once a year is the recommendation to clean away the build up of soot and creosote. Other parts of our state such as in the mountains will definitely be using their fireplaces much more than we will here on the eastern side. When our pros clean a chimney they also do a thorough inspection of the chimney to look for defects and report those back to you. It is important to keep your chimney in good working order while using it. Our pros can be reached by calling us at 910-538-4223 or stopping by on our website at

Benefits Of Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweep Hampstead also wants you to be informed that during times when you are not using your chimney that things can happen to it that may need your attention. For instance, if a powerful storm rips the cap off of a chimney then that needs to be repaired. Birds and other critters can get into your chimney and make themselves at home there. This can create problems for you when it is time to start up your first fire for the season. You don’t want to have a burned squirrel and some babies inside of it causing a nasty mess of some birds for that matter. It would be far better to learn about this by having a pro come do a chimney sweep and inspect the fireplace for you before you get a big fire going.

Chimney sweeping is also great for making sure that your fires burn more efficiently. You see when soot and creosote are removed from the chimney flue, then there is more space inside of there for smoke to escape. Air can flow better and your wood can burn better. When soot and creosote are built up on the chimney flue walls this creates a more constricted space and doesn’ allow for much room for a complete burn. You won’t get a complete burn anyway, but at least you will get a better one with less gunk clogging up the inside of your chimney. The better your wood is burning then the warmer you and your loved ones can stay when you need to. Hopefully you can also cut back on the amount of electrical energy you have to turn if you can use your fireplace as a source of heat. This is a more cost effective heat source in some cases for people during the winter months.

Having our pros at chimney sweep Hampstead do an inspection for you as part of our cleaning means we watch for broken mechanical parts of the fireplace and chimney. If your damper stops working properly and we can fix it, then we will. If your chimney cap comes off, then we may be able to get that fixed as well. Other structural issues such as broken masonry will need to be repaired by a licensed bricklayer. Someone that has knowledge about chimneys is your best bet in getting reputable and safe work done on your chimney. We do not recommend that you try to work on repairing damaged chimney components on your own. Leave that to the pros.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of chimney sweeping is preventing the occurance of a chimney fire! As soot and creosote build up inside of your chimney this creates a very dangerous situation. Creosote is highly combustible and will ignite if a small ember for a burning fire floats up and catched it aflame. Sometimes a homeowner may not even know that a fire is happening until it is too late. Neighbors have been said to witness flames coming out from the top of a chimney in the past. Smoke could back down into the home and cause smoke inhalation problems for you and your family. Either way these issues can be prevented with a yearly chimney sweep Hampstead service. A home fire or smoke damage can be very costly and we certainly know that you don’t want either of those situations to happen to you.

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