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We have just what you need to get chimney sweeping done right. The experts at chimney sweep Pawleys Island are licensed and members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. This is an association of professionals in the venting industry. Our business is fully insured and bonded and we have commercial insurance. When deciding how to get your chimney sweeping done don’t try to do it yourself or take a short cut and hire an amateur. You really need someone who is a licensed professional. A person who is skilled in sweeping will be able to do a proper inspection and be able to look for broken and failing components within the chimney and fireplace. They may even be able to do minor repairs for you. The most important aspect of chimney sweeping is to prevent a chimney fire so keeping an annual sweep done each year is a must. All of our pros here are highly skilled and very knowledgeable. You can count on us to get the job done to your satisfaction. Give us a call now at 843-21-0794 or stop by online at for a free quote.

One of our friendly reps at chimney sweep Pawleys Island can answer your questions and listen to your concerns. We will take the time to explain how our pros sweep a chimney to remove the dangerous soot and creosote from within it and help you understand our inspection process. Once you understand how we can help to improve the heat and efficiency of your chimney by taking away the buildup of soot and creosote from inside of it, then you will understand why hiring a pro is a great idea. Chimney sweeping has many awesome benefits. We are going to explain those to you and also how we clean a chimney. It only takes about one hour to sweep a chimney out, but if it has not been done in a year it could take longer.

Sweeping A Chimney

Chimney sweep Pawleys Island service pros start by going inside of your home and putting down a drop cloth in front of your fireplace. Then a vacuum cleaner will be set up as well to suck up all of the debris that falls down from inside the chimney. A chimney can be either cleaned from the top down or the bottom up. That will be left up to the chimney sweep to determine how to proceed. Then the sweep will don a pair of gloves, some safety goggles, and a face mask for breathing as fumes may impair breathing while cleaning away the soot and creosote. Next the chimney sweep will take an extension rod with a wire brush made especially for chimney cleaning and place it into the chimney and start sweeping away. The debris will fall and depending on how much debris is there it could require a lot of elbow grease.

Once the chimney sweep is done a thorough inspection of the brick, mortar and metal components will be done. The damper will be inspected and closed. From the outside the chimney cap will be looked after to make sure that it is still in place properly. During the off season many things can happen to a chimney cap. This allows for small animals and birds to wreak havoc inside of your chimney. Sometimes these pests get stuck and die inside of the chimney or are in need of removal. Always have your chimney sweeping done before you start burning wood inside of your fireplace each season or you might wind up burning the carcass of a dead animal or even a live one.

Advantages Of Chimney Sweeping

The biggest advantage of receiving a chimney sweep Pawleys Island service is fire prevention. It only takes one small ember to float up into a chimney to ignite creosote. Sometimes a homeowner isn’t even aware that a chimney fire is occurring until they have a chimney sweep done. Chimney fires can be very small or turn into full blown house fires.

Removing soot and creosote decreases the risk of having foul odors coming from within your fireplace and chimney. These two substances can be very stinky as they build up and stay in your chimney for a long time. Getting rid of them is of great help.

Improving the diameter of the chimney flue by getting rid of the build up of soot and creosote also allows for a better escape of smoke and fumes while burning wood. It will make your wood burning more efficient too.

Chimney sweeps can find things that need to be fixed so that you have time to get repairs done before you need to start using your fireplace. That’s why we recommend having your chimney inspected and swept at the end of the burning season.

Chimney sweep Pawleys Island is better able to serve you in the spring when folks are not using their fireplaces as much. We get quite busy during the onset of fall when the temperatures start to drop because that is when many folks begin to think about using their fireplaces. This is actually not the best time to get a hold of a chimney sweep. Most are already super busy at this time. It is best to get chimney sweeping done as soon as you stop using your fireplace.

Reaching Us

Reaching out to chimney sweep Pawleys Island is easy and convenient. Our customer service reps are available to talk to by phone and can provide you with information about how to get a free quote at 843-212-0794. Our team is also available on our website at You will be glad that you decided to work with us as we are the best in the business and we come highly rated. Our locally owned and operated company is second to none. We look forward to hearing from you!