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Did you know that you should have your chimney professionally cleaned at least once a year? If not, then go ahead and give Window Ninjas to call today for your chimney sweeping Glen Allen services. We are a team of professionals that  goes above and beyond to meet your high standards for your residential or commercial chimney sweeping needs. There are over 12,000 fires each year just do two chimneys not being properly cleaned and maintained. I think it’s important that people realize that this type of thing happens more often than we think, and that is why it is so important to have your chimney cleaned at least once a year. But particularly before you start to use your fireplace again for the season. So go ahead and give us a call today at 804-256-3221 or visit our website at

Window Ninjas and the National Fire Protection Association recommend that you have your chimney sweeping Glen Allen Services completed at least once a year by a professional. This is to not only help maintain the efficiency of your chimney, so that your fires can burn well and properly. but it’s also to maintain your chimney safety for you and your family. Creosote is a byproduct that comes from burning wood in your fireplace, that  we’ll stick itself to the lining of your chimney. Creosote is incredibly flammable so we need to take care of any buildup that may appear every year to avoid those devastating fires.

The National Fire Protection Association records that there is an average of over 48,500 fires each year, with the leading factor contributing to these fires being the lack of proper cleaning and maintenance routines. 25% of the average total fires are from chimneys alone. That’s over 12,00 fires each year just from your chimney not being cleaned properly or at all. Window Ninjas is here to help with your chimney sweeping Glen Allen services. Our technicians are extensively trained on all of our services, including your chimney sweeping service. Our technicians will not only clean your chimney but also inspect it as well with every chimney sweeping service that we provide. Our team knows what it takes to keep your chimney working efficiently and safely. Our technicians will give you a written inspection report for your records and let you know if they found anything that may cause trouble or need to be replaced. In some situations, our team can also help you with the replacing of things like a chimney cap. You can always ask our technicians and they will be able to either help you themselves, or steer you to another company who can if it’s not a service that we can complete ourselves. Never hurts to ask!

Window Ninjas have been in the industry for almost 30 years! I don’t think a company stays around for so long without knowing a thing or two about the services that they provide, and of course without having great referrals and reviews from our customers as well. I highly encourage you to check out our reviews for your chimney sweeping Glen Allen service through Google. I personally always look at a company’s reviews when trying to choose any kind of company for any kind of service. So check out our reviews and then go ahead and give us a call today. you can reach us at 804-256-3221 or visit our website at

While I’m on the topic of our website I just want to talk about it a little bit with you. Our website is super easy to navigate and clearly laid out all of the residential and Commercial Services that we offer. On top of your chimney sweeping Glen Allen Services, we also offer window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and dryer vent cleaning services as well. We want to be your One-Stop shop for all of your residential and Commercial exterior cleaning and maintenance needs. We also know that the average person is incredibly busy nowadays between work and family, so we don’t want you to have to call around multiple different companies and set up multiple different appointments just to get your property shining again. Instead you can just give one call to Window Ninjas and we can help you with all the services I just left it above.

Our website also has a super simple service request form that takes probably a minute or two for you to fill out. It just gives us a little bit of information and lets our sales team members know that you are looking to have service(s) completed. And then one of our sales team members can reach out to you as soon as they are available to do so. I think this is a great tool for people  like me that tend to remember something that needs to get done after normal business hours, but needs to do something about it right then and there or otherwise I will probably forget about it again. This way you can put the service request form in at any time of day or night and it’ll let our sales team members know that you are looking to have service(s) completed. then either that same day or the next day if you put it in after our  business hours, one of our sales team members can reach out to you to get your chimney sweeping appointment scheduled.

Window Ninjas is a highly rated and highly sought-after team for your chimney sweeping Glen Allen services. Our team Prides itself on providing every customer with excellent customer service and amazing results. We want all of our customers to be truly wowed by their experience with us. And I think our hundreds of 5 Star reviews through Google and the referrals that we get literally every single day showcase that we seem to do a pretty darn good job! So go ahead and give us a call today, you can reach us at 804-256-3221 or through our website at