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Spring cleaning time is upon us. So if you are looking for a team of professionals to help with your chimney sweeping Greenville service, look no further than Window Ninjas. you may have already seen our team in your neighborhood, or even used our team for one of our other residential Services. but what you may not know with our team being Window Ninjas, is that we do in fact perform chimney sweeping and inspections as well.

But before scheduling chimney sweeping Greenville service, you may have questions that you want answered. We have a lot of customers that are wondering what the price of a chimney sweeping service is going to be. you may be wondering if you can just get an inspection instead of the sweeping. you may be wondering if you have to be present for the service. or you may even be wondering how you can go about scheduling your appointment. These are all questions that we are going to answer in this article. If you have any other questions or would like to schedule your appointment, please reach out to our team at 252-565-4754 or visit our website at

How Much Does A Chimney Sweeping Greenville Service Cost?

We price our chimney sweeping Greenville Services according to how many stories your home is. We can do one story homes up to four-story homes for our chimney sweeping services. If you have a one-story home your chimney sweeping and inspection service is going to be $175. If you have a two story home your chimney sweeping service is going to increase to $200. If you have a three-story home your chimney sweeping price is going to increase to $225. and the highest we go is a four-story home, and in that case your chimney sweeping service is going to cost $275. So basically, the taller your home is, the more work our technicians are going to have to do to thoroughly clean and inspect your chimney, plus with the increased risk of injury as our technicians go higher up, means your price is going to increase slightly.

If you are only looking for an inspection at this time, we can help you with that as well. maybe you already had your chimney swept and forgot about the inspection at that time. Our technicians can solely inspect your chimney with the pricing for that being our minimum service charge of $150.

Do I Have To Be Home To Get Serviced?

For a chimney sweeping Greenville service, our technicians do need access to the inside of your property. Our technicians are cleaning and inspecting everything from the ash box all the way up to the chimney cap.

Now, we do have some customers that are home which is great. you can take the day off of work if you’d like to. You can meet us at your home during your lunch break. you can have a friend or a family member meet us at your residence for the appointment. or you may be home all the time anyways, and that is always helpful.

where as some of our customers are not able to be present during the appointment time, and that is perfectly acceptable as well. We do have some customers that leave a key with the neighbor to let us in during the appointment time. We also have some customers that leave us a lockbox code or a garage key code, or even just a key under a mat, to let our technicians inside to complete the service. Our team will do whatever it takes to help accommodate your situation, and get your chimney sweeping Greenville service completed.

How Can I Schedule My Chimney Sweeping Greenville Service?

Scheduling your service is easy. you can reach out to our team in two ways. You can pick up the phone and give us a call right now to schedule your appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team members. Our sales representatives are always there to take your Call, answer your questions, and get your services scheduled. They are there to walk you through the easy process to get all of your information and get your service scheduled. Our team can either schedule your service in the first open time slot, or you can pick a date and time that you know works for your schedule. Just let our team know of that date and time, and we can schedule your appointment as far in advance as you’d like us to. Even if you want to save the service for the summertime or even the fall, you can still call us today and schedule your appointment in advance.

The second way to reach out to our team is through our service request form located on our website. Our service request form requires some information like your name, phone number, email address, property address, and what services you are looking to have completed. Those service request forms go directly to our sales team in a box. As soon as one of our sales representatives is available, they will reach out to you via email, text, and phone call to get your word that chimney sweeping Greenville service is scheduled. Typically our sales representatives reach out either the same day or the next business day, depending on when you submitted that service request form.

Final Thoughts:

Our team is here to make your chimney sweeping experience an enjoyable one. We know homeowners tend to stress about calling in the professionals. We want to make the whole process from start to finish as stress-free as possible. from the moment you call in to schedule your appointment, through our technicians performing your service, and around with our follow up thank you call the day after your service has been completed. we want you to be wowed by our team and our services.

if you have any more questions about your chimney sweeping Greenville service, about any of our other services, or you would like to go ahead and get your service on the books. Please feel free to reach out to our team. you can reach us at 252-565-4754 through our website at