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If you are on the hunt for a team of professionals to help clean and inspect your chimney this spring. then look no further than Window Ninjas and our chimney sweeping Greenville services. Spring is a busy time. homeowners are trying to clean the inside and the outside of their properties after winter has taken its toll. Also the exterior has taken a beating from the pollen that has come with the beginning of spring. Which means there is a lot to do and not a lot of time to get the work done themselves. That is exactly where our team of professionals comes into play. We offer several residential exterior cleaning services including your chimney sweeping service. so when you need a helping hand to clean and inspect your chimney so you can mark one more thing off your to-do list. Please give our team a call today at 252-565-4754 or visit our website at

How Can I Schedule An Appointment?

You may be wondering how easy it is to schedule your chimney sweeping Greenville service. The fact of the matter is that it is incredibly easy to schedule your services with our team here at Windows ninjas. All you have to do is reach out to our team either with a phone call or by sending us a service request form through our website.

If you would prefer to give us a call right now, we can get your chimney sweeping service on the books right away. When you call in to schedule your service, your call will go directly to one of our sales representatives. with our team there is no waiting on hold for 30 minutes just to speak to somebody for five. One of our sales representatives always picks up and is available to take your call, answer your questions, and schedule your services. are sales team members will walk you through our easy process to get your appointment scheduled. they will take in some information like your name, phone number, email address, property address, and what services you are looking to have completed. then they can figure out the best time to get your appointment scheduled whether that is our soonest available appointment, or a day that you pick out that you know works for your schedule. That’s it!

If you would prefer to send our team a service request form through our website, the process is going to be pretty similar to just picking up the phone and calling us. in that service request form you will put some of that same information like your name, phone number, email address, property address, and what services you are looking for. Once you send off that service request it goes directly to our sales team. then one of our sales team members will reach out to you via phone call, text, or email to get your appointment scheduled as soon as possible. They will walk you through that same easy process to get your appointment scheduled, verify what services you want completed, and verify that all your information is correct. then again they can figure out the soonest available appointment that works with our schedule. or you can tell us a future date that you know works for your schedule and we can schedule on that day as well.

What Happens After That?

After you schedule your appointment you will get a reminder email two days before your service. Our customer service representatives are the ones you send out those reminder emails. We do this just as the initial reminder that your appointment is coming up. you can confirm your appointment this way, reschedule if you need to, or ask any more questions that you may have about your service.

If you are somebody that does not check your emails all too often, don’t worry. Along with the reminder email, our customer service Representatives also provide a reminder call the day before your service. We send these calls out to everyone that does not respond to the reminder email. this gives you one more chance to confirm your appointment, ask any more questions, or even add on extra Services if time allows it. of course you can always reschedule at this point as well if something comes up and you are just unable to make the time for your chimney sweeping Greenville service.

Do I Have to be Home?

Since our technicians are thoroughly cleaning and inspecting the chimney all the way from the Chimney Cap down to the ash box, we do require somebody to be present during the chimney sweeping Greenville service. Some of our homeowners choose to take the day off and get other things done. Some of our homeowners are just home anyways as their retired or stay at home parents. Some of our customers leave their keys with the neighbor so the neighbor can let our technicians in for the appointment. and some of our customers leave us a lock box code or even a garage code so that our technicians have access to the chimney. We will do our best to accommodate whatever situation you have, so that you can have your chimney sweeping service completed.

What Happens After The Service?

After the service, our team will reach out one more time. Our customer service Representatives provide a follow-up thank you call to all of our customers. This is just you thank you for choosing our team and to ensure that you are happy with our team and your chimney sweeping Greenville results. Windows is all about amazing results and excellent customer service, so we like to ensure that our customers are always left happy with our team. If you do have any issues, please let our customer service representative know. Our team will be more than happy to set anything right, or even come back out to your property within 30 days after your service to ensure that everything is great.

In Conclusion:

When you are looking to schedule your chimney sweeping Greenville service, go ahead and give Window Ninjas a call today. whether you have more questions, you want to schedule other services as well, or you just need an inspection done on your chimney. Our team is here to help. All you have to do is give us a call today at 252-565-4754, or send us a service request through our website at