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It is never too late in the year to get your chimney swept.  As a matter of fact although it is the beginning of summer our pros at chimney sweeping Greenville SC are busy helping folks prepare for fall and winter.  No one wants to get hit by a cold front and have forgotten to have their chimney swept when they need it most to help stay warm and cozy.  That is why we are busy calling and emailing all of our past clients now to remind them to do this very important service while we still have time.  Although you can choose to do it any time of the year, it is better to be ready than to not be.  How often have you been meaning to do something and waited until the last minute and everyone is busy doing service calls so you have to wait on the list for a while?  We get it because most of us do it too at some point or another.  Our intentions are good, but life gets in the way.  If you have used our services before, then don’t hesitate to use us again.  You already know how important it is to get your chimney ready and inspected for the unexpected!  For those of you who are new to this service we will educate you on why chimney sweeping is of great value to you and your health.  For now though give us a call and let us help you be proactive by calling 864-558-7758 or find us on our website at for a free quote.

Chimney sweeping Greenville SC doesn’t want you to be misled by the name of our website.  Yes, we do provide other services, but as you will see on our website the Window Ninjas are a top of the line chimney sweeping company with 30 years of experience as we have been in business for many years.  Our company is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild which is a community that leads in the chimney and venting business for pros.  Being a member of such an esteemed group promotes the greatest level of safety, integrity, and expertise for you as a home or business owner.  It is our honor to be part of such a great group of pros and be able to provide you with the knowledge and skill of top of the line chimney sweepers.  Our company only hires the best and trains our techs to be top notch for both your safety and their own.  When you reach out to us to do a chimney sweeping job and inspection, know that we will provide you with answers to your questions and listen intently to your concerns.

Chimney sweeping only takes a short amount of time to complete.  It can be done within 45 minutes to one hour by our top of the line pros at chimney sweeping Greenville SC.  From the time our techs set up and get drop cloths set down to hooking up the vacuum cleaner and placing the brush up inside the chimney flue to do the actual sweeping it takes relatively little time to get done.  The job can be a dirty one and it is not a safe one so you will find our techs wearing safety protection for eyes and mouth.  The soot and creosote that is being swept from inside of the chimney walls is harmful and can be dangerous to breathe in.  These substances can irritate the lungs or cause lung disease.  Also our tech will wear long gloves because these substances can also cause skin irritations.  Creosote should be handled as a carcinogen.  

Unbeknownst to many it only takes a small spark inside of a burning fireplace to ignite a chimney fire if soot and creosote is left to build up.  Creosote is a highly combustible substance that can ignite with a small ember.  Creosote is a by-product of the incomplete combustion of wood and other fossil fuels that burned inside fireplaces or wood stoves.  The process takes place in three different stages for creosote to develop but the most important thing to remember is that if wood or other fossil fuels are not burned completely then creosote develops.  The buildup will lead to the constriction of airflow inside of the chimney flue as it builds up if the chimney is not swept.  Smoke can back up into the home and cause problems which is a health issue and can cause damage to furniture, clothing, and draperies.  If the creosote catches on fire, then fire may be seen shooting out from the top of the chimney.  You might not see but perhaps one of your neighbors will.  Chimney sweeping Greenville SC wants you to understand that keeping your chimney swept is not just for aesthetic reasons but mostly for fire prevention.  Our goal is to have every homeowner educated about the potential dangers of leaving creosote and soot to build up inside of the chimney walls and flue.

If you have not had your chimney inspected and swept this year please consider doing it now before fall and winter arrives.  You will be ahead of the game and be ready to start the cooler days ahead with a safe and cozy fire to relax by.  Chimney sweeping Greenville SC is just a call away.  You can even reach us on our awesome website at Window Ninjas.  Our customer service reps will gladly give you a quote and get you started to a safe holiday season with your family and friends.  Don’t wait too long because time flies by and before you know fall will be here fast!

Our top of the line chimney sweeping experts at chimney sweeping Greenville SC can be reached at 864-558-7758.  We can also be found on our website at for a free quote.  We look forward to helping you keep safe and stay warm next to your fireplace.