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Are you looking to start a fire in your fireplace this fall? If so, consider having a professional chimney sweeping Hampstead service completed first! If it has been some time since your chimney or fireplace has been professionally cleaned, do not risk it. Call a pro who knows the most there is about cleaning out dirty chimneys. Even if your chimney is not dirty, and appears to look safe, there could be dangers lurking in your flu! For all of your chimney sweeping service requirements, call the experts who are highly rated and very well reviewed. Our team at Window Ninjas is your professional Choice when it comes to providing professional chimney sweeping services. For more information about our service, call us at 910-5384 to 23. And you can also request our services online when visiting us on our website at

Are you wondering what the benefits of having a professional chimney sweeping Hampstead service are? Will let us provide you a helpful tutorial about everything related to a professional chimney sweeping service. Cleaning out your chimney on a regular basis will save you money. And it will also save you the risk of having a fire break out inside of your home. Since these are the two major benefits, we will elaborate on those, and explain in detail everything you need to know about professional chimney sweeping services.

Gas And Wood Burning Chimneys

There are two types of fireplaces in residential homes. You will have a gas fireplace or you will have a wood burning fireplace. Both of these need to be cleaned and inspected regularly. Although they both rely on a different fuel source, they both operate in very similar ways. Benefit to having a gas fireplace are completely different from the benefits of having a wood burning fireplace. But the main thing you need to know is that both of these types of chimneys and fireplaces need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Typically a wood burning fireplace will require a more extensive cleaning. And for obvious reasons. As you are burning wood, creosote and soot can build up within the Firebox and the chimney. As this material builds up within your fireplace, it can create a very dangerous situation. In fact, fires can break out if creosote catches fire within your Firebox.

How Often Should A Fireplace Be Cleaned

We always recommend that you have a professional chimney sweeping Hampstead service completed annually. Typically this service is completed before Fire season. But we do have some clients that have their chimneys cleaned and swept after the season. Fall and winter are the busiest times of the year for our teams. And it is probably because most people are using their fireplace the most during this time. A cozy and warm fire is something special to Cozy up to during the cold winter months. But make sure that your fireplace is safe to operate. This is where we come in handy.

Our expert team at Window Ninjas can provide you the best chimney sweeping Hampstead service. We provide an extensive service that cleans all aspects of your fireplace. We even make sure that you have an inspection report completely written out after our service is completed. The service report will detail every singular item that goes along with every aspect of your chimney and fireplace system. You will be quite impressed with our team and you will be quite impressed with our professionalism when you call us to help you with all of your chimney cleaning needs.

Why Do You Need A Chimney Sweep

Hiring a professional chimney sweeping service helps protect you and your home from voidable dangers. A professional chimney sweeping service can also save you a lot of money. Calling upon our staff had Window Ninjas is the first start to a healthy chimney and fireplace. We can cut down on any carbon monoxide build-up or risk. And a clean and properly functioning chimney can remove other harmful contaminants that collect within your flu and your Firebox.

Another benefit of having a chimney sweeping service completed, is the removal of unwanted pests. Throughout the year, birds and rodents can make their way into your flu. It is a nice warm way to get out of the weather for these animals. And as they build nests, dangers can really start to occur. An annual cleaning provided by our staff will remove any unwanted debris or animals that collect wood in your fireplace in your Chimney box.

What To Look For In A Chimney Sweep

So what should you look for before calling just any old average chimney sweeping Hampstead company? First of all, you want to make sure that the company you hire is fully insured and bonded. That means they need to have full general liability insurance, and they need to have the most comprehensive Workers Compensation Insurance. Bonding insurance is extremely important as well. Because this protects all your valuable stuff from wandering hands!

Another thing you want to look for is his professionalism. A professional should be highly rated and very well reviewed. Just check out the company you were looking at online and see what people are saying about them. And if you have a neighbor that used the services of Window Ninjas, ask them about us! Your neighbor will probably give you a detailed report about how the company did at your home.

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When you find yourself in need of a professional chimney sweeping service, Let our helping hands at Window Ninjas help you. We are the experts when it comes to providing chimney sweeping Hampstead services. And we promise that you will enjoy Working with our staff. for all of your chimney sweeping needs, please feel free to give us a call at 910-538-4223. And feel free to request our services by visiting us on our website at