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Getting a chimney sweeping service yearly is necessary for many reasons. A chimney sweeping Nashville service not only ensures your chimney is free of obstructions and combustible deposits, but it also ensures that smoke flows in the right direction. This is very important when it comes to your and your loved one’s health. Smoke inhalation can cause serious damage to your lungs! So give Window Ninjas a call today at 615-988-6699 or visit our website at for all your chimney sweeping needs!

A chimney sweeping Nashville service will remove the debris blocking the smoke from exiting your chimney and home. If this debris is not removed the smoke will be forced back down and into your home. Luckily, you can always see when smoke enters your home, unlike carbon monoxide, however, that doesn’t make it any safer for you! Smoke can make it difficult to breathe and is not safe to inhale in any way! Both the smoke and ash can also create major problems in your home that will be costly to repair.

Along with the smoke comes carbon monoxide gas. The most important thing to know is where to place your carbon monoxide detectors! According to the fire department, your carbon monoxide detectors should be mounted near the floor, not the ceiling like your smoke detectors. Smoke indeed rises, however, carbon monoxide does not. It will gather more densely towards the floor before slowly rising. By the point it is at head height, let alone the height of your ceiling, it can have deadly consequences!

Getting your chimney swept with a chimney sweeping Nashville service will also improve heating efficiency. If your chimney is kept properly clean it allows for a more thorough and efficient burn of the wood. When that is the case it improves your home’s overall warmth creating a more comfortable atmosphere for you and your loved ones to enjoy. When the chimney is clogged it prevents oxygen from reaching the burning wood.

It also allows for easier chimney inspections. When an overabundance of creosote insert deposits are present it is a lot more difficult to reach areas such as the damper and smoke shelf and it may hinder the diagnosis of an issue within your chimney system.

So why choose Window Ninjas? Well, we have amazing customer service for starters! Our sales team has great customer service and are ready to answer any questions that you may have when scheduling your appointment. They can walk you through the quick and easy process and get all the information that they need to schedule your appointment on a day and time that is right for you. We also have the most friendly and customer service oriented technicians around! They have been well trained in what they do, and always make sure to walk the property with you before and after your services, and if you are not there, we can send you pictures! They are very personable and easy to talk to, so don’t worry if you have anxiety like me. They make it quite easy to get your job done and I have to fight about anything. We also have amazing customer service representatives that will give you reminder emails two days before your service, a reminder call the day before your service in a follow up call the day after to make sure the service went well for you. We do this not only to ensure that everything went well, but also to make sure that we can run your credit card as we will not run any credit cards before we talk to you and make it last contact after your chimney sweeping Nashville service.

We offer a variety of services, other than just chimney sweeping, including window cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. So you no longer have to call and coordinate between multiple companies, and we can get multiple services done for you on the same day. Pressure washing, and window cleaning is a killer combo to get your home shining! We wanna be the one trusted company for all of your services no matter how hard they may be!

We also offer recurring services as a benefit to you so you no longer have to remember to call us multiple times a year. We have a lot of customers that use the gutters and windows. However, we can use it for any service that we offer. This is a great way to keep your home or business training around. This is an amazing asset for businesses as your customers care about the business’s appearance, and this is easily maintained this way. You also don’t have to worry about getting a spot in the busy season anymore as if you do recurring services, the spots are already secured for you in the future. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your chimney sweeping Nashville service today!

We are very big on safety here at Window Ninjas and our experience ensures that we are safe and what we do. Doing this work can be quite dangerous for you, especially ladder work, which is a safety hazard without a partner to help. We also have insurance to cover us for our work and Worker’s Compensation. If you happen to get hurt while doing these jobs you’re probably gonna end up paying more out of pocket to the hospital then our employees would.

So now that you know more about Window Ninjas and about our chimney sweeping services, we hope that you choose us when it comes time for your yearly chimney sweeping. We cannot wait to service your home, and help keep your family safe! We do our best to ensure we have the best customer service out there for all of our lovely customers, and that we leave your home looking brand new after our services! We can’t wait to see what services we can complete for you! You can reach us at 615-988-6699 or on our wonderful website at for all your chimney sweeping Nashville services!