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Chimney sweeping can be very important and have some great benefits to you and your home.  Our experts at chimney sweeping Nashville are here to educate you on the pros of having your chimney swept.  First of all, we hope that you have had your chimney swept if you use your fireplace regularly and want to keep you and your loved ones safe, because it can be a fire hazard if it has never been done.  Our company is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, which is a community of pros that serves the US and Canada and leads the chimney and venting industry.  The members of the NCSG promote the highest level of safety, integrity, and skill when serving the American homeowner.  There are important things to look for when inspecting a chimney and danger signs to be aware of while burning wood in the fireplace.  We will take a look at some of those items in the hopes that you will be better informed and make a chimney sweeping a regular maintenance item at your home.  Our company has been in the industry for 30 years.  We have tons of knowledge and experience in the chimney sweeping business.  We are also fully insured and bonded and all of our employees are highly trained.  To get started on your chimney sweeping and inspection service give our pros a call at 615-988-6699 or feel free to reach out to us on our website for a free quote at

Our customer service representatives at chimney sweeping Nashville are here to answer all of your questions and concerns.  Our company is highly rated and sought after by many.  If you have never used our company before, then you are in for a treat.  Not all companies will provide you with the same level of service and expertise as ours will.  Customer satisfaction is a top priority to us.  So what do we do that is so different from the rest of those companies out there?  We provide you with an education and add value to your home through preventative maintenance.

Did you know that soot and creosote are deposits that are left behind when burning wood in your fireplace?  So what?  First of all soot and creosote are by-products of the combustion taking place when you are burning wood inside of your fireplace.  Most of us are not thinking about those deposits though.  We are just thinking about how nice our fire looks and how warm and toasty we are staying inside of our homes.  Happy and not thinking about all of the potentially dangerous stuff that could be going on inside of your chimney.  Chimney sweeping Nashville can not plead with you enough to understand the danger going on inside of your chimney when you do not have it swept out.  Those deposits of soot and creosote build up on the walls of your chimney flue due to the heat and moisture inside and once they get to ⅛” thick it is a recipe for disaster unless it is swept off.  The buildup can grow thicker and cause the smoke and fumes that should be escaping to the outside of the home through the chimney to flow back into the home.  Now what?  So you don’t have a chimney fire yet.   Maybe?  Or perhaps you do, but you just can’t see it because it is jumping outside of your home beyond the chimney cap if it is even there.  That’s why it is important to have your chimney inspected and have our pros at chimney sweeping Nashville take a look at your chimney and do a thorough chimney sweeping.  Our experts can make sure that your fireplace is in tip top shape each year so that you don’t have to worry about being safe inside of your home.  

The other benefit of having our pros at chimney sweeping Nashville perform a service at your home is to give you a great chimney inspection that will ensure that birds and other little critters have not taken up nesting inside of your chimney.  Sounds crazy I know, but it does happen.  When the chimney cap is not installed properly or has been damaged by seasonal storms then the critters will eventually take up residence inside a chimney not in use for a bit.  Creatures are curious by nature so it will only be a matter of time before they figure out how to invade through the chimney.  If there is a will there’s a way.  These critters will bring nesting materials down inside the chimney with them and also leave feces and deposit their babies.  Obviously, if you hear any strange sounds coming from within your chimney it is time to call out the cavalry for a chimney sweeping.  Those pesky little creatures are probably making a home inside of your chimney and will become the next crispy blockage causing a fire too!  With a clean chimney you will also improve the effective heating system of your home.  With better ventilation going through your chimney by removing soot and creosote along with other problems (critters) you also reduce the amount of fuel (wood) needed to stay warm.

As you can plainly see, the advantages to having a great chimney sweeping done at your property is of great value.  Not only does it prevent an unwanted home fire and keep you and your loved ones safe, but it also helps to preserve the efficacy of your fireplace.  A warm and cozy focal point and many more great gatherings can take place year after year with minimal effort on your part.  Our expert chimney sweeping services can help to give you and your family peace of mind and a lifetime of enjoyment around the fireplace.

To get your chimney sweeping Nashville service give our pros a call at 615-988-6699 or stop by on our website at for a free quote.  We can get you scheduled and on your way to a safer and better fireplace experience.  Remember that chimney sweeping is part of home maintenance too.