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According to the National Fire Protection Association the leading factor to Home Fires each year is the lack of proper cleaning of chimneys. That is why we suggest having your chimney sweeping Raleigh Services completed by the professionals here at Window Ninjas at least once a year. We are a team of professionals that strives to provide every customer with excellent customer service and amazing results. We want you to feel like we have taken a load off your shoulders on the first time you call in, through are extensively trained technicians actually performing your chimney sweeping, and with our customer service representative that gives a follow-up thank you call the day after service to ensure that you are happy with your results. So go ahead and give us a call today at 919-867-6276 or visit our website at

We suggest having your chimney sweeping Raleigh services completed in the fall before you start to use your chimney again for the season. Or if you like to beat that winter rush you can always have your chimney swept in the spring after you have finished using it for me for the winter season. Google says I’m kind of used to it now when I walk back here but. Either way you should definitely have the professionals here at window tinters help with your chimney sweeping service at least once a year. 

Here at Window Ninjas we do several things that separate us from our competition for your chimney sweeping Raleigh services. First, we are fully insured and bonded including workers compensation. I believe this is important to note because It gives our customers a great piece of mind while our technicians are on their property. I always like to know that our technicians do take the utmost care and precautions while on your property but there’s always better to have a plan in place in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Next,  our team always arrives in clearly labeled company vehicles and in full uniform. This not only helps to maintain a professional look but also makes us easily recognizable to you or anyone else on your property that we might be dealing with come your appointment day. I think it also helps to make your neighbors a little jealous that you’re having the professionals here at Window Ninjas help with you or chimney sweeping needs. Lastly, we believe in giving back to our environment which is why we donate $1 from every invoice to If you’ve never heard of them you can look them up but they do some really awesome work getting millions of people to clean water and sanitation. I think it’s really cool that Window Ninjas get to give back to that.

I highly encourage you to check out all of our reviews on Google.I think reviews are a great way to get a sense of who a company is and how well they perform their job from their real customers. I can also tell you that we get referrals literally every single day from our customers to their friends, family, and even Neighbors. I think that’s another great thing that shows that we are awesome at what we do and we provide our customers with those amazing results I was talking about earlier. So go ahead and give us a call today to get your chimney sweeping Raleigh service scheduled. You can reach us at 919-867-6276 or visit our website at

Another thing that Window Ninjas does that separates us from our competition is that our technicians always perform a walk through of the property with you before and after each of our services. The pre-job walk through would be a great time to ask any questions you have, voice any concerns you have, or you can always ask our technicians about any of our other services that we offer and they can help you with pricing for those as well. Our technicians are extensively trained on not only your chimney sweeping Raleigh service but all of our other services as well, including pricing. We also offer window cleaning, gutter cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and pressure washing services. During that pre-job walkthrough you can always ask our technicians about any of these services and they can help with any questions you might have. And then after the chimney sweeping service is completed, we will do another walk-through with you to ensure that you are happy with the results and will give you an inspection form for your own records. With every chimney sweeping service we also inspect your chimney and will alert you to concerns that we find that may need replacing or cause trouble.

Another great thing to check out besides our reviews on Google is our website. Our website is super easy to navigate and clearly lays out all of our residential and Commercial Services. And it goes into a little bit of detail of when you would want these Services completed and why you should choose Window Ninjas for the job. The great thing on our website that I encourage you to check out is our gallery. There are tons of photos of all of our services oh, and I believe the before and after photos are the best to look at. It’s one thing to know that you need these services to be completed but it’s another thing to actually see just how much these Services can help your property. It really is crazy what a professional quality chimney sweep can do for your chimney.

So after you check out our website and all of our reviews on Google go ahead and give us a call today to get your chimney sweeping Raleigh service scheduled. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team members can walk you through our easy process to get you scheduled and the only thing you’ll have to do is let our technicians in on your appointment day. So go ahead and give us a call now, you can reach us at 919-867-6276 or through our website at