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The time to have your chimney swept is never too late.Since Winter has come upon us, it is a good idea to get your chimney sweeping Simpsonville services as soon as possible! People don’t want to be caught in a cold front and forget to have their chimney swept when they need it most to stay warm and cozy. Because of this, we are currently busy reminding all of our previous customers to complete this extremely important service while we still have time by calling and emailing them.  However, for the time being, give us a call at 864-558-7758 or visit our website at 

Chimney Sweeping Simpsonville isn’t the only service we provide.We provide a multitude of services that can help your home stay fresh. On top of that during the holidays you want to make sure your home is as clean as possible. Yes, we also offer other services, but the Window Ninjas are a top-notch chimney sweeping company with 30 years of experience, as you can see on our website. Our company is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, a professional organization that is at the forefront of the chimney and venting industry. As the owner of a home or business, being a member of such a prestigious group promotes the highest level of safety, honesty, and expertise. It is an honor for us to be a part of such a great group of professionals and to be able to offer you the expertise and knowledge of the best chimney sweepers. Our company only hires the best people and trains our technicians to be the best for your and their own safety. Know that when you contact us for a chimney sweep and inspection, we will answer your questions and pay close attention to your concerns.

It is important to do these services as soon as possible. Doing the services will make sure you are preventing certain issues from happening to your chimney. On top of that, it’s a good way to stay warm and cozy during these times. Having a clean chimney means that you will have a nice and cozy place to stay with your kids.You can do it at any time of the year, but it’s better to be prepared than not. How frequently have you put off doing something until the very last minute, only to find that everyone else is busy with service calls and you have to wait on the list for a while? We understand because the majority of us have done it at some point. Despite our best intentions, life gets in the way. If you have previously utilized our services, please do so again. You already know how crucial it is to prepare your chimney and have it inspected in case of an emergency! For those of you who are new to this help we will instruct you on why chimney stack clearing is of incredible worth to you and your wellbeing.

Sweeping chimneys only takes a short amount of time. Our top professionals at chimney sweeping Simpsonville can complete it in anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour. It takes our technicians a relatively short amount of time to complete the sweeping, from setting up the drop cloths and hooking up the vacuum to placing the brush inside the chimney flue. Our technicians will be wearing eye and mouth protection because the job can be hazardous and dirty. It is harmful and potentially hazardous to breathe the creosote and soot that is being swept out of the chimney walls. Lung disease or irritation can result from these substances. Our technician will also wear long gloves because these substances can also irritate the skin. Creosote is a carcinogen, so handle it with care. 

Many people are unaware that if creosote and soot build up in a fireplace, all it takes to start a chimney fire is a small spark. Creosote is a substance that is extremely combustible and can be ignited by a small ember. The incomplete combustion of wood and other fossil fuels inside fireplaces or wood stoves produces creosote as a byproduct. Creosote formation occurs in three stages, but the most crucial factor to keep in mind is that creosote will form if wood or other fossil fuels are not completely burned. If the chimney is not swept, the accumulation will restrict airflow inside the flue as it builds up. Smoke can back up into the house, causing damage to furniture, clothing, and draperies as well as health issues. Fire may be seen shooting out of the top of the chimney if the creosote ignites. While you might not notice, one of your neighbors might. Chimney sweeping Simpsonville wants you to know that keeping your chimney swept is primarily for fire prevention rather than just for aesthetic reasons. We want to have each mortgage holder taught about the possible risks of passing on creosote and sediment to develop within the chimney stack walls and vent.

If you haven’t swept and inspected your chimney this year, please think about doing so before fall and winter arrive. You will be ahead of the game, and you will be prepared to begin the cooler days with a warm, safe fire to relax by. Chimney sweeping Simpsonville is just a phone call away. You can even get in touch with us via our fantastic website, Window Ninjas. Our client care reps will readily give you a statement and kick you off to a protected Christmas season with your loved ones. Because time flies, you shouldn’t wait too long because fall will arrive quickly!

 Highly recommend getting a service done with your best service providers! When do ninjas really are dedicated to their customers and always help out anyone! At chimney sweeping Simpsonville, you can reach our top-notch sweeping professionals by calling 864-558-7758. We can likewise be tracked down on our site at for a free statement.