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I highly recommend getting a chimney sweep if you haven’t done so already. Getting a chimney sweeping Virginia Beach service from Window Ninjas will give you the answers that you are looking for. It will also allow you to take more time and resources for those who are around you. As a year is over and now we are in the new year it is more than important to fully realize the potential of your home. This new year will bring a lot of good blessings for every single one of us so take the moment to clean out what is important. For more information about our chimney sweeping service please call 757-425-1224 or visit our website 

I can give you an entire Spiel as to why it is important I’m getting a chimney sweeping Virginia Beach service. All of this information may be something that you were looking for on an article and things like that but at the end of the day you do have to remember that getting a chimney sweep service provides you with a clean home as well as gives you the risk-free of owning a chimney. Many people do not consider how dangerous chimneys can be. Which could be very dangerous especially if you have kids. If you’re not constantly taking care of your chimney you could potentially cause a fire that you were not expecting. Other animals and critters can come through your chimney causing your kids to encounter some kind of raccoon or anything like that. 

For the time being, let’s talk about our business, like how long we’ve been sweeping chimneys. Believe in our work experience! We have been in the industry for 25+ years now! Our founder started it out and has been growing to what we are now! Furthermore, we are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. Being a part of such a prestigious group of certified chimney professionals makes us feel very privileged. In addition, our company is fully insured and bonded, ensuring that you will be cared for by trustworthy staff members. Additionally, we promise complete client contentment with our work.

The professionals at chimney sweeping Virginia Beach are happy to answer your questions about how we thoroughly clean and inspect your chimney. Our technicians have seen it all, and they can also help you figure out how to fix it if needed. Even though we do not carry out work of this nature, we are able to recommend those who do. It is essential to have your chimney swept at least once a year in order to remove all of the debris that gets lodged inside because it has a tendency to accumulate and reduce the airway inside the chimney flue. If there isn’t enough ventilation, smoke from burning wood in the fireplace can back up into the house. This smoke backup could cause significant damage to your furniture, linens, and clothing. Additionally, pets and young children are harmed by the smoke.

Creosote from burning wood has built up inside the chimney, resulting in the dark brown substance. The other substance found is soot, a dark, black substance. Creosote is a substance that prevents wood from rotting and has the appearance of tar. Therefore, if you burn store-bought wood in bundles similar to those found at grocery stores, you are probably burning wood that has been preserved in creosote. If you were fortunate enough to burn wood that was cut from trees that had fallen in your yard or on your land, it is obvious that those pieces of wood would not have survived. In either case, soot would still be a problem. Ash is a granular substance that must likewise be eliminated. The most significant disadvantage of creosote is that it can catch fire with just one ember from a burning fire. Creosote is an incredibly combustible material. As you can see, a professional chimney sweeping Virginia Beach inspection and sweeping of the fireplace and chimney would greatly benefit your home.

The United States Fire Administration says that chimney fires cause 25,000 home fires every year. Harm to property worth 125 million bucks is because of those. If you had a chimney sweeping service in Virginia Beach come to your home, this staggering figure could have been easily avoided. We want to help you avoid a house fire and continue to enjoy the beauty and warmth of your fireplace. It would be nice to know that you won’t have to worry about starting a house fire the next time you use your fireplace. Would I? I would want to know that my family is safe and that my possessions won’t catch fire because I didn’t play it safe.

A good chimney sweeping Virginia Beach service can be finished in as little as 45 minutes to an hour, keep in mind that this depends on the size of your chimney and how dirty it is! With our professional help, our ninjas will still make sure to get the job done as soon as possible! This service includes the sweeping and inspection. Before sweeping the area in front of the fireplace with a vacuum and broom to remove all of the debris that is inside the fireplace and falls down the chimney, we will cover it with drop cloths. The chimney is punctured by inserting a brush with hard bristles on the end of a long, flexible wand. As it ascends and descends the flue and chimney, the brush is utilized to remove all debris from the chimney wall. 

When it comes to getting a proper Chimney Sweep in Virginia Beach service, look no further than Window Ninjas. Our technicians are fully trained in being able to clean any kind of Chimney that you may have. On top of that they give you 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Which means that if you’re not satisfied with the work provided you’re more than welcome to call back.Call us at  757-425-1224 or visit our website