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Chimney Sweeping Virginia Beach | Saving Money With Window Ninjas

This content was written for Window Ninjas  Window & Pressure Cleaning.

With how the economy is going, everyone is trying to save as much money as possible lately, and we here at Window Ninjas  want to help you do that and keep you and your family safe this winter while you burn fires in your fireplace! Our chimney sweeping Virginia Beach services are top of the line, and very thorough. During your chimney sweeping service we help maintain and prolong the life of your chimney. The excessive buildup of creosote as well as debris within the chimney creates a dangerous situation that could possibly result in a chimney fire. When we come in we will be looking for the basic soundness of the chimney structure and flew as well as a basic appliance installation and connections. We also verify that the chimney is free of any obstructions and combustible deposits for you ensuring that your home is safe for when you decide to start burning your Fires for the season. So give us a call today and schedule your yearly chimney sweeping service at 757-425-1224 or visit our wonderful website at! 

Now I know what you’re thinking, wouldn’t it be cheaper to have my hubby do it than calling out a company to do a whole chimney sweeping Virginia Beach service? The answer is NO! This can be quite dangerous and end up being more expensive if your hubby gets hurt falling from the roof! Not to mention the tools to get it done properly can be quite expensive to buy or rent, and you may not even know how to use them!  There are also many dangers that come with not ensuring that you got every bit of creosote from your chimney. Creosote is highly flammable and can cause large chimney fires that could possibly burn down your entire home or apartment building. We have all of the tools  that we need to ensure that your chimney is free of any combustible deposits or obstructions, and we will get it done in about half the time it would take you.

Having your chimney  Clean and Free of debris also makes it easier for professionals to perform your  routine chimney inspections.  When there is an over abundance of creosote and sit deposits present it’s a lot more difficult to reach areas such as the damper and smoke shelf and may hinder the diagnosis of any issue going on within your chimney system. This could become a hazard and its own as if you were unaware of any issues going on in your chimney system and use it it could cause catastrophe. In some cases I could cause smoke and carbon monoxide to infiltrate your home, in other cases it could cause your chimneys to collapse.

We also know that you have more important things to spend your time on like work, spending time with family and friends, reading a book, or anything else that you really need to get done in life. Taking the time out of your day to  clean your chimney and ensure  that it’s done properly will cost you valuable time doing other things. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen for you,  and save you money at the same time. So give us a call and schedule your chimney sweeping Virginia Beach service! 

We are very big on safety here at Window Ninjas  and our experience ensures that we are safe and what we do. Doing this work can be quite dangerous for you, especially ladder work, which is a safety hazard without a partner to help. We also have insurance to cover us for our work and Worker’s Compensation. If you happen to get hurt while doing these jobs you’re probably gonna end up paying more out of pocket to the hospital then our employees would.

All of our technicians are well trained and experienced in what they do. They receive excellent training before ever stepping foot on the job in our train for all services. They have also worked with us for a while, so they have a lot of on the job experience as well! This combination of knowledge and experience cannot be matched by any other company. We have all the tips and tricks to tackle any challenges that you may have during your chimney sweeping Virginia Beach service! 

We offer a variety of services, including window cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, chimney sweeping, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. So you no longer have to call and coordinate between multiple companies, and we can get multiple services done for you on the same day. Pressure washing, and window cleaning is a killer combo to get your home shining! We wanna be the one trusted company for all of your services no matter how hard they may be!

We also offer recurring services as a benefit to you so you no longer have to remember to call us multiple times a year. We have a lot of customers that use the gutters and windows. However, we can use it for any service that we offer. This is a great way to keep your home or business training around. This is an amazing asset for businesses as your customers care about the business’s appearance, and this is easily maintained this way. You also don’t have to worry about getting a spot in the busy season anymore as if you do recurring services, the spots are already secured for you in the future. So go ahead and call and get your yearly chimney sweeping Virginia Beach service scheduled! We will give you a reminder call and email in the days coming up to your service as well, so you can’t forget! 

There are many reasons as to why you should choose Window Ninjas  to be the one trusted company for you and we hope that you see that with this article. We will do everything we can to ensure that we are saving you money and making you happy at the same time. You can reach us at 757-425-1224 or on our wonderful website at for all your chimney sweeping Virginia Beach needs!