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Chimney Sweeping Wilmington | Say No To Creosote

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If you frequently burn fires in your fireplace then you need to stand up for it and say no to creosote! To ensure that your chimney is safe and working properly you should have regularly scheduled chimney sweeping Wilmington Services performed on your fireplace to ensure that it is not full of excessive  Foot and creosote.  Window Ninjas are the team for you to help you get the job done and make sure that your home is shining! Our team of trained chimney sweeping service technicians would love to give your home a helping hand.For more information please visit our website at or give us a call at 910-538-4223.

Making sure that your chimney is clean is a very important step of properly maintaining your household residence. It is recommended that a chimney sweeping and inspection is done at least once a year if not more depending on how frequently you use your fireplace. Burning wood leaves off a multitude of different compounds that can stick to the walls of your fireplace and dirty it. Some of these are dangerous to be left on your fireplace walls and can cause Home Fires. You can avoid the risk of having a home fire by scheduling a chimney sweeping Wilmington service with Window Ninjas to ensure there is no excess creosote buildup on your chimney walls.

When you burn organic materials such as wood, different compounds are released in the smoke. As you continue to burn wood in the Smoke goes up the chimney the compounds that are contained inside of the smoked begin to stick to the side of the chimney Wallace. Once a little bit has become built up there it only makes it easier for more to become built up. As the foot and creosote is attracted to itself once the smoke is going up and there is already increased soap on the walls of your chimney the new seat and creosote from the smoke will be more attractive and more likely to stick to your walls.

 Creosote is probably the biggest concern when it comes to keeping your chimney clean. Creosote is such a huge concern because it is a very flammable tar-like material that becomes stuck on the walls of your chimney. Creosote comes as a product of burning organic materials and is able to flow through your fireplace through the smoke. As it does it begins to build up on your walls creating creosote deposits that are very dangerous. Creosote burns to the ground 2000 degrees Fahrenheit which is excessively hot and can easily cause a house fire.

According to the latest numbers there are over 25000 Home Fires In a year due to chimneys. These chimney fires are responsible for over 125 million dollars in-home damage across the country . It is quite often that creosote is a very important factor in these fires and is what leads to these homes catching on fire. Ira mentioned earlier creosote is a very flammable tar that becomes built up in your chimneys walls. It is important that you have a chimney sweeping Wilmington cleaning done once a year to ensure that excessive creosote is not built up and that your home is not in risk of a creosote chimney fire.

Our team of trained chimney sweeping technicians perform a chimney inspection during the cleaning process. This goes over the structural Foundation of your fireplace and ensures there are no visible cracks or other structural damage that can be easily seen during an inspection. After inspecting your fireplace and making sure that it is all good they can then perform a chimney sweeping Wilmington job on your fireplace. This ensures that all of our customers show fireplaces that are in good condition and have been inspected during a fireplace cleaning.

Window Ninjas is an incredibly Professional Home Service Company with train service technicians who always are sure to arrive in Window Ninjas branded van and uniforms. We are a fully licensed bonded and insured company along with caring workers and comp for employees. We also donate $1 of every invoice to because we truly care about our environment and wish to support foundations who do as well. These are just a few things that separate us from our competition and ensure that you’re getting the best home service available.

I’ve previously mentioned it was highly recommended that everyone gets their chimney cleaned at least once a year if they use their chimney. Even if you don’t use your chimney regularly we still recommend that you get your chimney cleaned because it is more often than not that people go far too long without getting a proper chimney inspection and cleaning. If it has been over a year since you got a chimney sweeping Wilmington cleaning done in your home then it is most likely that time to get another one scheduled!

Window Ninjas are the ones to get the job done. Our team of trained service technicians would love to make your home shine and ensure that your chimney is safe for your family. A home fire is something we wish upon no one and would love to help make sure that is not a risk in your home. With so many chimney fires happening in a year it is highly important that you stay on top of it and ensure that your chimney is properly clean. Along with you and your family a potentially risky and hazardous fireplace can cause  harm to your neighbors and their families too. It is important we think about all the people he loves in the people around us and ensure that we do not put them in unnecessary Danger.

If it is time for you to get a chimney sweeping Wilmington service down on your home then you should contact Window Ninjas to get the job done! We are the best team around to ensure that your home is up to standards you wish to see it in. Our team of trained service technicians would love to turn your chimney into a clean one! For more information please visit our website at or give us a call at 910-538-4223.