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Dryer Vent Cleaning Hampton | Dirty Dryer Vents Cause Wear And Tear! 

This content was written for Window Ninjas  Window & Pressure Cleaning.

Did you know that a dirty dryer vent puts more wear and tear on your dryer itself and the clothes that you put through it? Getting a dryer vent Cleaning Hampton service will  reduce the wear and tear for both! The dirty or dryer vent is the harder the dryer has to work, and the harder a dryer has to work the more wear and tear that it wears in the clothes and it suffers.  This is why we recommend having your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year but if you have a larger than average household for example more than five people or more than two pets you might want to consider every six to nine months. Your clothing will lose a small fraction of quality every time it goes through the dryer,  having to re-dry it because of a clogged dryer vent will cause even more wear and tear causing the clothing to look old and worn.  This is because the heat deteriorates the small fibers in the clothing!  So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today at  757-785-5850 or visit our wonderful website at windowninjas.com right now to request an appointment!

Getting your dryer vent cleaned regularly with a dryer vent cleaning Hampton service also allows for faster drying times. The more lint that a dryer collects the less efficiently, the dryer runs. Not only is it wasting energy, but it will take more time and in fact, in some cases it could prevent clothes or bedding from being dried fully in a single cycle. This forces you to monitor your dryer carefully and run quick sessions because if you fail to do so, your clothes and bedding take on a musty odor as did your parents. There’s also overheating your dryer and can cause other problems and if there’s even the slightest spark, it can cause a dryer fire.

I know personally, I hate when I have to run a load of clothes multiple times because I honestly just don’t have time in my day to be monitoring my dryer 24/7. I have better things to do like come to work, work on my hobbies, spend time with friends and family, and still have time to myself to decompress for the day. I know that you must feel the same, and having things like this add up on top of your already full plate can be overwhelming. Window Ninjas  is here to take this weight off your shoulders, and the lint out of your dryer vent! All you have to do is be home for a few minutes in the day to let us in, so we can check all aspects of the dryer vent for you! 

Getting a dryer vent cleaning Hampton service is also a great way to keep allergies at bay. One of the issues with a dirty dryer vent is it traps water from wet clothing. Once this water is trapped in the tracks, all sorts of allergens from mold to dust and watch much more. These allergens can and will spread to the rest of your home and should you freeze them you could develop a cough, rash, congestion, or some more symptoms. If you don’t want to live your life in an hour and then have your dryer vent cleaned entirely and you’ll be able to breathe easily.

I also know that I won’t be able to do as good of a job cleaning my dryer vent out myself as a professional would. We here at Window Ninjas  have all the correct tools and techniques to ensure it is done correctly and efficiently for you. It is much less stressful to just have a professional come out and do it for you than worrying about making sure you got everything out during your DIY dryer vent cleaning Hampton service.

Speaking of our technicians, all of them are well trained and experienced in what they do. They receive excellent training before ever stepping foot on the job in our train for all services. These guys have amazing customer service, and are some of the kindest people I have ever met! They have also worked with us for a while, so they have a lot of on the job experience as well! This combination of knowledge and experience cannot be matched by any other company. We have all the tips and tricks to tackle any challenges that you may have during your dryer vent cleaning Hampton service!

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