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Dryer Vent Cleaning Mt Pleasant | Too Much Lint Slowing You Down?

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Is your dryer taking extremely long to dry her clothes, or is it not drying them at all? ? If so, give Window Ninjas a call for your dryer vent cleaning Mt Pleasant needs. When your dryer isn’t working properly it could mean that your dryer vent system needs to be cleared of lint and debris that made it past your lint catch and into the dryer vent system itself. This causes the dryer to not work or heat up properly  giving you the idea that you need to replace it. Instead give us a call and we can check it out for you by Cleaning out the dryer vent system from the inside and outside. You can reach us at 864 7908 447 or you can reach  out to us on our website 

Our team of professionals can help you with your dryer vent cleaning Mt Pleasant needs. We will go through with a snake and suction combo working from the inside and the outside to clear your dryer vent system of any debris and left over lint. Your dryer can’t possibly catch all of the lint from your clothes every cycle so that is when your system becomes clogged. and that is when you need to call in a team of professionals like us. Getting your dryer vent cleaned out will not only be more cost-effective but it will also help your clothes get dry in the right amount of time. For example if your clothes are taking 2 hours to dry and they’re coming out still kind of damp or even smell like mildew or old water, that would be when you need to call us in. Turn all about you but I would rather spend a couple hundred dollars getting my dryer vent professionally cleaned by someone else, where I can’t mess it up, rather than buying a whole new dryer. We both know when you get a new dryer you are going to want to get a new washer too, And that could easily be a couple thousand dollars instead. If you asked me that’s just plain crazy. 

Another thing to look out for with a clogged dryer vent system is that it could actually cause a fire. Sometimes the dryer doesn’t realize that it’s working too hard or running for far too long, and that can cause an electrical fire behind the wall. Now that’s just plain unsafe. I know it is scary and you might not notice it right away either. Believe me I am not trying to scare you into it but it does happen. If you know it has been a while or you have never even gotten your dryer vent cleaned before, give Window Ninjas a call to get your dryer vent cleaning scheduled. We do suggest that you have your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year just for safety concerns but also to keep your dryer running at Max Capacity. This will help your dryer’s lifespan and also help reduce your electric bill. When your dryer is constantly running because it’s trying to dry your clothes while it has no air flow, it can become costly. Just another reason why it makes sense to have Window Ninjas cover your dryer vent cleaning Mt Pleasant needs.

Our team here at Window Ninjas strives for professionalism while also having fun. Our techs always perform a pre and post job walk through with you to make sure that our job is getting done to your high standards. Along with dryer vent cleaning Mt Pleasant services we also offer gutter cleaning, window cleaning,  and pressure washing services.  Our team strives to be the best in all that we do,  and because of that we are the best in the state. Our exterior home cleaning services and our customer satisfaction can’t be matched! I believe that you will notice it too from the first time you talked to one of our awesome sales team members, to when our techs arrive on-site, and our follow up thank you calls that we give after the job has been completed.  We have a great clientele base with a lot of previous customers because they have been WOWed by our excellent customer service and amazing results! You will be too! Our team always goes above and beyond for our customers. Our sales team members are always ready and willing to help you, and our techs are always working hard to give you the best results! You will be so glad that you made the decision to give Window Ninjas a call for your dryer vent cleaning Mt Pleasant needs!

There are several things that separates Window Ninjas from our competition. Are text always arrived on site clearly logo to company vehicles and in full uniform. Which makes them easily recognizable to you and anyone else. Our company is also fully insured and bonded, which helps us to take responsibility if by chance we break your favorite garden gnome or heaven forbid one of our techs takes a fall on your property. We also like to give back to the environment which is why Window Ninjas donates $1 from every invoice to has helped more than 38 million people have access to safe water or sanitation, and Window Ninjas gets to help contribute to that! How awesome is that?!

If you are looking around for dryer vent cleaning Mt Pleasant services, give Window Ninjas a call and let us wow you with our excellent customer service and amazing results. Our awesome sales team is waiting for your call And ready to help you through our awesome process to get you scheduled and give that dryer vent cleaned out for you. Our employees are excited to show you what we can do when it comes to your dryer vent cleaning needs! Give us a call at 864-790-8447 or visit our website at today!