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Dryer Vent Cleaning Myrtle Beach | Why Does My Shirt Smell Like Dirty Water?

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Is your dryer leaving your clothes smelling mildewy and still damp? If so, Window Ninjas has you covered for your dryer vent cleaning Myrtle Beach services. Nobody wants to wake up in a rush in the morning, the clothes still in the dryer from yesterday, and come to find out not only are your clothes still damp but they also smelled like old dirty water. I Just out with the situation a couple weeks ago. My dryer would run 4 hours and my clothes would still come out wet. And because they were sitting in the dryer trying to drive for so long, they came out smelly and I had to start the whole cycle over again. That is a good sign for you to call Window Ninjas today. You can reach us at 843-212-0794 or through our website at windowninjas.com

We clean your dryer vent from the inside and the outside using a vacuuming and sneaking method. We do it from the inside and the outside to make sure we get the whole dryer vent system clean. We then perform an inspection on the entire ventilation system and the dryer. and we’ll give you a written report on our findings. We want to make sure your dryer is running at its best  capability and also extend your dryer’s life. Cause let’s be honest, if my dryer isn’t drying my clothes properly I’m probably going to replace it. Then you know we have to get a new matching washer, or you might as well replace it while you are already replacing the dryer. And boom, now you’ve spent a couple hundred to thousands of dollars because those babies are not cheap these days! Instead, let Window Ninjas help your dryer with our dryer vent cleaning Myrtle Beach services.

I know how frustrating it is when your clothes just aren’t coming out dry. Or having to constantly put your clothes from the dryer back into the washer because they stink so bad from running in the dryer for hours. I know I have had to go back and re-wash clothes that I thought were clean until I went to put them on and they smelled of mildew and dirty water. It is very frustrating. Especially when some of those clothes are for your toddler and you only have a certain amount to begin with because toddlers go through clothes like there’s no tomorrow. Whether it’s by getting them dirty and having to change their shirt five times a day, or because they outgrow their clothes every two weeks. Am I right here parents? Yup. That is why we suggest having your dryer vent system cleaned at least once a year, and I would even suggest it if you’ve moved into a new house or apartment because you have no idea when the last time they did it was.

This should be an easy decision for you to pick up the phone and give one of our awesome sales team members a call. They can help you schedule your dryer vent cleaning Myrtle Beach services today. You can reach us at 843-212-0794 or through our website at windowninjas.com.

On top of having the best  dryer vent cleaning Myrtle Beach services, here at Window Ninjas we strive to be your One-Stop shop for all of your residential and Commercial exterior cleaning needs. As our name suggests we also do window cleaning. We have a super cute mascot named Nigel the Ninja. He’s the best little ninja there is. But what you may not know is that we also offer gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and chimney sweeping services. We know how annoying it can be to call around to get all of your home exterior cleaning needs taken care of, or trying to remember all the names and dates of dealing with several different companies. That is why we offer all of these residential and Commercial exterior cleaning services. You are going to love your entire experience with Window Ninjas. If you are interested in setting up an appointment to take care of your dryer vent cleaning needs, go ahead and I’ll reach out today so that we can get started creating your awesome experience!

Another reason to go ahead with your dryer vent cleaning Myrtle Beach services is that lint is extremely flammable and dryers run on high heat. Your dryer cannot possibly catch all of the lint and hair and fur  from every cycle In that tiny lint trap. Most of the time the dryers are running on high heat. Nowadays most dryers  have a built-in sensor. So with the example of my dryer, it would literally be running 4 hours trying to get my clothes dry but because of all the links and Gunk build up in my dryer vent system it couldn’t do its job properly. Now all that heat and extended running time and all the electricity a dryer uses can actually lead to a fire. And sometimes it is that fire is behind the wall so you might not even notice it at first, which is a scary thought. But this is why we suggested having your dryer vent system cleaned out at least once a year to get rid of all that buildup.

I do love mentioning our website because it has so many great things. Not only can you send us a service request through our website letting us know of your dryer vent cleaning Myrtle Beach needs  and have one of our sales team members reach out to you. But there’s also a lot of information about all of our services. And my favorite part is there are reviews from our customers showcasing just how amazing we are!

Don’t wait any longer! Let Window Ninjas help you with your residential and commercial exterior cleaning services so that your property can shine again! You can reach us Monday through Friday at 843-212-0794 or check out our website at windowninjas.com