Dryer Vent Cleaning Southport | A Dirty Dryer Vent Can Ruin Your Clothes

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Did you know that your dryer vent system needs to be cleaned at least once a year? If not, give Window Ninjas a call today for your dryer vent cleaning Southport services. Most homeowners do not know that their dryer vent system needs to be cleaned at all, let alone at least once every year. Of course, that is for the “average” customer and if you have a bigger family or use your dryer multiple times a day, then you should have your dryer vent cleaned more than once a year. Dryer vents can fill up with all the extra lint, hair, fur, paper, and any other debris that is still stuck on your clothes after the wash. That is why you need Window Ninjas today. Call us at 910-538-4223 or reach out through our website at windowninjas.com.

Dryer lint is incredibly flammable oh, not to mention sometimes papers and rappers can be left in your pockets while you’re doing laundry and end up in your dryer vent. and dryer and run on high heat Which could be a recipe for disaster with all that built up lint and debris. The National Fire Protection Association says that dryers and washers cause an average of 15970 fires every year! dryers alone cause 92% of those fires. How crazy is that?! Nobody ever thinks about having their dryer vent cleaning Southport services completed until there is a noticeable issue, or an awful fire. Those fires  typically start behind the wall mint and Heat has combusted and might not be noticeable fast enough to not cause any damage. That is why Window Ninjas cleans your dryer’s exhaust, vent, duct, hoses, and checks the exit point for any blockages.

Not having your dryer vent cleaning Southport services done on a regular basis can also lead to health issues for you and your family. I know your family is your top priority, like mine is to me, but sometimes we don’t realize that harmful issues could be coming from something so regular like our dryers. Clogged dryer vents can build up mold, bacteria, dust, pollen, and fungi. All of these pollutants will be pushed back into the air in your house because your dryer vent is too clogged to be pushed outside like I normally would. Those pollutants in the air of your home can give you allergy or asthma issues, and you might not even realize it’s coming from inside your home. It’s the same reason why we regularly change air filters in our home. Also, it’s the South. It’s hot, like all the time. So we can’t open our windows on a regular basis to push fresh air in and those nasty pollutants out. Window Ninjas are here to help! WE’ll clean and check your entire dryer’s ventilation system and get rid of those bad air pollutants!

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced sales team members are here to schedule your gutter cleaning Southport services today. And our extensively trained technicians are here to complete your home maintenance services whenever you give us a call. SO go ahead and call us today at 910-538-4223.

Probably the most annoying part of having a clogged dryer vent is the mildew smell that it leaves on your clothes. This is because your dryer cannot push air through properly when the vent is clogged and the water on your clothes from the wash isn’t being vented like it should. So now your clothes are just spinning around in the darkness of your dryer and never being truly dried like a properly cleaned dryer should. I can tell  you from personal experience that having your clothes come out of the dryer smelling like mildew is the absolute worst. Especially if you’re in a rush and you were counting on the clothes that are in your dryer. I didn’t know that this was from meeting my dryer vent to be cleaned  And it was too late. I had multiple loads of laundry come out smelling like mildew, which then I had to medically throw back into the washer oh, and try to dry it again. It’s very frustrating to have to rewash Andre dry clothes that should only need one cycle through. It’s also incredibly frustrating when some of those loads of laundry were my toddler’s clothes. how there’s already go through enough clothes whether it be from having to change their shirt or pants multiple times a day because of eating times or getting dirty during play. All because Tyler’s just seem to outgrow their clothes every couple of weeks. Save yourself the time, frustration, and frankly water, by having Window Ninjas complete your dryer vent cleaning Southport services today.

Another big part to mention is that having your dryer vent cleaning Southport services  completed is helping to save you money and multiple different ways. This regular home maintenance task helps By Saving you money on your utility bills by not using Shearwater having to rewash your clothes but also using less energy not having your dryer run for longer periods of time than normal. When your dryer is running efficiently it’s not typing your utility bills. Having your dryer vent cleaned also saves you money by  not having to replace you were closed, or blankets, or sheets because the mildew smell is just too strong and won’t go away no matter how many times you’ve washed it. Trust me, I’ve had it happen with a few shirts that just could not be fixed. You also save money by extending the lifespan of your dryer with a regular dryer vent cleaning. An extended lifespan means you don’t have to spend another couple thousand dollars buying a new dryer (and washer, we got to be matching) because those things are not cheap these days!

Window Ninjas is highly rated for your gutter cleaning Southport services. Don’t believe me? Go look at all of our awesome reviews online! Those really speak for themselves. I know I always look at any company’s reviews when deciding to hire for any kind of services because they give you a true perspective on that company and their services. Give Window Ninjas a call today at 910-538-4223 or send us a service request through our website at windowninjas.com.