Dryer Vent Cleaning Southport | Wet Clothes Are No Fun

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Have your clothes been taking longer to dry than usual? If so then it is probably time for you to schedule a dryer vent cleaning Southport service with Window Ninjas  . Close taking longer to dry is typically a sign that your dryer vent has become blocked with excessive wear and is not allowed to have proper airflow for your dryer to function properly. We all know that wet clothes are no fun!  For more information please visit our website at windowninjas.com or by giving us a call at 910-538-4223 

If your clothes are wet after doing a full cycle in your dryer then that is a clear sign that there is an issue with your dryer. Pretty much every dryer on the market is made to fully Drive closed in one cycle. The only thing that may take longer is something like a super heavy blanket made out of material that retains moisture much better than typical clothes do. Otherwise your dryer should do a pretty good job and clean a new load of laundry in addition to a dry state in one load. So if your dryer is taking more than one load to clean your clothes and is most likely your need for a dryer vent cleaning Southport service to be performed in your home.

How a dryer works is that it has a heating unit and an air flow and take that is used to create hot air which has been pumped into the ear dryer vent Tumblr. As the hot air is pumped into the dryer it is then mixed with the moist clothes that are being tumbled around. The moisture from the wet clothes is then mixed with the dry air and creates warm moist air in your dryer. Just warm moist air is then supposed to be pumped out of your dryer through the dryer vent to the outside of your home. Where you begin to run into issues is that if your dryer vent hasn’t been cleaned out in a while from having a regular dryer vent cleaning Southport service performed on your home then there is a strong chance that there is excessive link built up in making your dryer vent. When there is excessive link built up in your dryer vent it blocks any proper airflow from happening in your dryer.

This proper airflow is a very important part of having a properly functioning dryer. If the air flow is not allowed to flow properly then the moist air from your dryer is not allowed to flow through the dryer vent and pumped outside. When this happens the only way for this warm air to go is to see if the warm moist air goes back into the dryer so then you’re left with clothes spinning around in it. We can see that having wet clothes spun around and warm wet air doesn’t do anything helpful and will not cause your clothes to dry. Instead you are just stuck with wet clothes spinning around in wet areas just sleeping in moisture everywhere. If you ever have this happen you know that this can produce smelly mildew we close which no one wants to have. Having wet clothes is no fun and something that you can easily avoid by having a regularly-scheduled dryer vent cleaning Southport teens from Window Ninjas coming by and cleaning out your dryer vents.

The way our team cleans out dryer vents is that they have a snake and brush which is used to clean out the lint from your vents. It is basically a snake-like thing that is used for drains but on the end of it there is a brush attached to it that is attached to a drill and used to clean the lint from your dryer vents. Our train dryer vent cleaning Southport service technicians use this tool and funnel the snake down into your dryer vent. Once it is in your dryer vent they then use their drill to spin around the brush that is on the end of the snake. While they use the drill to spin around the breast that is on the end of the state it begins to swing around the inside of the dryer vent tube knocking off any excessive link that has become build-up on the inside of your dryer vent. This snake spins around and knocks off any excess when it has built up on your driveway which has been blown out of your driver To ensure that there is a clean passageway for your dryer to functionally cycle warm air through it.

With 1 with a simple dryer vent cleaning you can ensure that your dryer vent is functioning properly and your clothes do not end up wet after multiple Cycles. This is something that no one wants to have and is something that is very inconvenient to you. There’s no reason to undergo such an inconvenience for no reason when there is such a simple solution for it. 

Window Ninjas is a fully licensed and insured Home Service Company who carries working then compound all of our employees. For every job our employees arrived in a Window Ninjas branded van along with the ninja Brandon uniform to ensure that their level of work stands up to the standards that we have. We’re the best team around to help make sure that your home is functioning and is up to the standards that you wish for it to be. Give them the call! 

If you are in need of a dryer vent cleaning Southport service being performed on your home to ensure that you do not have any wet or smelly clothes then Window Ninjas are the ones to call. Our team of trained  service technicians would love to come out to your home and restore the shine in your dryer vent that it once had!For more information please visit our website at windowninjas.com or by giving us a call at 910-538-4223