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If you are looking into getting your dryer vent cleaned because it has been acting up lately. Then you need to give Window Ninjas a call to schedule your dryer vent cleaning Virginia Beach services. Just like every other major appliance in your home, your dryer needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. For most homeowners, your dryer vent system only needs to be cleaned once a year. If you use your dryer on a daily basis or have a family of more than 4 people (which means you probably do a lot of laundry), you will need your dryer vent system cleaned more than once a year. When you are ready to get your dryer acting right with a Virginia Beach dryer vent cleaning service, give us a call at 757-425-1224 or visit our website at

The problem with completing your Dryer Vent Cleaning Virginia Beach service on your own:

If you were to try to complete your dryer vent cleaning Virginia Beach service on your own, you could end up doing more harm than good. If you clean your dryer vent just from the inside, you may push all of the debris to the back of your dryer vent system. The same thing goes for if you were to try to clean your dryer vent from the outside only, the clog will just move from one end to the other. Moving the clog from one end to the other is also going to impact your clog, making the issue much worse and much harder to get rid of. Also, this is going to significantly increase your chance of a dryer fire.

The National Fire Protection Association records that there are an average of 13,820 home fires every single year that are caused by dryers. That number is lower than it used to be, because dryers nowadays are able to sense when something is wrong or when they begin to overheat. Not everyone has one of those fancy dryers though. Not every dryer will show an error message when something goes wrong, or even shut off automatically when it begins to overheat. So while the number of home fires caused by dryers may be lower than it was in the previous years, almost 14,000 dryer fires every year is a staggering number! Don’t put yourself, your home, and your family at a risk that can be easily avoided by letting the professionals handle your dryer vent cleaning services.

If you have ever had a friend tell you that you can clean your dryer vent on your own with a leafblower. They are sadly mistaken. A leaf blower blowing through your dryer vent system may move some of that loose debris around, but it’s not going to ensure that all the debris comes out. There is a reason the professionals use specific tools like a brush, flexible rods, a drill (which makes up a “snake”) and a vacuum. There is a method to madness!

Health risks associated with clogged dryer vent systems include:

  • Mold and mildew build up – when your dryer is not thoroughly drying your clothes, that warm and damp environment becomes the perfect place for mold and mildew to build up. All of those nasty contaminants have nowhere else to go besides onto your clothes, hanging out in your dryer, and even back into the air of your home. This could cause you to get sick, trigger allergies, or even have your asthma acting up! It’s also just gross!
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning – If you have a gas dryer, this is something that is extra important to you! If your dryer vent system is too clogged with lint and other clothing debris, it has restricted airflow and the carbon monoxide released while your dryer is working is going to be pushed back into your home instead. It is common knowledge that carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, but is incredibly deadly all the same.
  • Of course putting your life at risk because your dryer starts on fire can be considered as a hazard to your health as well, but we already talked about that.

Why you need Window Ninjas to handle your dryer vent cleaning Virginia Beach service:

Your dryer will get a thorough cleaning. Our technicians are rigorously trained so that we always produce the best results for our customers. Performing an efficient Virginia Beach dryer vent cleaning service can be tricky, especially when you are untrained. Our technicians clean your dryer vent system from the inside and the outside, using a vacuuming and snaking method.

You are probably wondering what that even means. A snake is a brush attached to flexible rods that are attached to a drill. Our team will put the brush and the flexible rods into the dryer vent system, and turn the drill on. The drill will give the brush a spinning motion so that it loosens all of the lint and other debris that has built up in the system. The flexible rods ensure that our team can work its way through the entire dryer vent system. Our team will insert the snake from both ends of your dryer vent system (from the inside and the outside) to ensure all the debris is loosened and then vacuumed out.

Chances are that you do not know the first thing about your dryer, except how to run it for laundry purposes. Nobody expects you to be a professional on every appliance in your home, let alone how to properly maintain them on your own. While our technicians are cleaning your dryer vent system, they are also performing a visual inspection. Our technicians clean and inspect your dryer’s exhaust, vent, duct, hose, and exit point. Most homeowners aren’t even sure if their dryer exits from the side of the house, first or second floor, or the roof. That is why it is better to leave the dryer vent cleaning Virginia Beach services to the professionals.

Now that you are ready to schedule your Virginia Beach dryer vent cleaning service:

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