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You may be stumbling upon this article because your clothes are not drying when you put them in your clothes dryer. Or maybe it’s because your neighbor had a fire in their home related to their dryer vent system? Whatever the case may be, a dryer vent cleaning Wilmington service is essential and is a service that must be on a cleaning and maintenance cycle. If you have never had a professional clean out your dryer vent system, we suggest you get on the phone and make a phone call before you experience issues with your clothes drying or something far worse. Since you have made it here, we are happy to have you and are prepared to explain the importance of dryer vent cleaning services.

Avoid Dryer Vent Fires! 

Were you aware that lent is highly flammable, and as it collects within the walls of your dryer vents system, it can create a reason why you should consider having a dryer vent cleaning service? Lint that has formed within the walls of your dryer vent system can instantly catch on fire. Dryer lint is exposed to the hot air your dryer Produces. Every time your dryer operates, it expels hot air, and the inner walls of your vent system get hotter and hotter. During these conditions, a fire can break out if too much Lint has accumulated within the walls of your dryer vent system.

Dryer vent fires are scary, and they are not fun. But we will provide you with a fun fact, so you can understand precisely how flammable dryer lint is. The Boy Scouts of America train their troops to pull dryer vents out of their mother’s dryers before they go off on a camping trip. Why is this, you ask? It’s because the dryer vent lint is flammable. These bright youngsters use dryer lint when building fires by rubbing two sticks together! As soon as a spark ignites, dryer vent lint Goes Up in Flames and creates a fire very quickly.

Dryer vent collecting within the walls of your dryer vent system is the number one reason dryer vent fires are an issue in America every year.

Help Maintain Your Dryer

Have you checked the cost of appliances lately? They are expensive! The average dryer in America now costs over $1,000! And that’s a large sum of money! But if you have a regular and routine dryer vent cleaning Wilmington service completed for your dryer vent system, you will find that your Appliance Works more efficiently and last longer.

We recommend that you have a professional dryer vent cleaning service completed annually. Having this service completed will ensure that your dryer vent system is clean and free of debris. And it will also clean out your dryer and ensure it is Lint and dust free. Your dryer goes through an extensive amount of strain every single day it dries your laundry. And since it is the hardest working Appliance in your home, it’s essential to take care of it as it takes care of you! Having a professional Drive event cleaning Wilmington service completed for your dryer and vent system is the one to punch to create lower energy costs and clothing that comes out of your dryer fresh and dry!

Cut Down On Energy Costs

The third most important reason to have a professional dryer vent cleaning Wilmington service completed is to cut down on wasted energy costs. The importance of a dryer vent cleaning service can only go with discussing how much energy your Appliance uses. As with everything, if your car, your refrigerator, or any other product that you utilize regularly is maintained, it will run much more efficiently. The cost savings can be as much as the cost of a dryer vent cleaning service, if not more.

As the Lint that your clothing produces inside your dryer collects within your dryer and the walls of your vent system, it will be much more difficult for the air that your dryer makes to push its way out. This can create a more significant strain on your Appliance and your wallet! If you have noticed that it takes longer to dry your clothes than the normal drying cycle typically runs, then it’s a good sign that you need a professional dryer vent cleaning service.

Call A Pro For Dryer Vent Cleaning Service In Wilmington

Looking for a high-quality company to help with your Wilmington dryer vent cleaning needs? Knowing what company is best at cleaning out your dryer vent system can be challenging, especially if this is the first time you have had this service performed. If you live in Wilmington, North Carolina, and require a dryer vent cleaning Wilmington service, allow us the opportunity to help guide your decision-making process. We have The experience in knowledge to perform this service for you. With every one of our dryer vent cleaning Wilmington services, we always provide our clients with a written inspection report outlining every detail of your Appliance and vent system.

Look For Reviews When Hiring A Dryer Cleaning Service

Countless review sites are available to assess previous customer experiences with Wilmington dryer vent cleaning services. And it’s equally important to remember that no specific site can provide complete and comprehensive assessments of your prospective dryer vent cleaning companies. The most popular tool most consumers find is a quick Google search or Google My Business review scores. Google is a good starting point for a list of Wilmington’s best dryer vent cleaning companies.

It comes down to trust and knowledge of cleaning and maintenance for the hardest-working Appliance in your home! It is essential to ask targeted questions to a prospective Dryer Vent cleaning company or any other contractor. You must determine if they have the track record and knowledge to handle your cleaning needs.

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