Gutter Cleaning Columbia | Gutter Sludge vs Window Ninjas

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning.

Window Ninjas is the best residential and commercial exterior cleaning service you will be able to find in the entire state of South Carolina. Window Ninjas gives our competition a run for their money with our amazing gutter cleaning Columbia services. You’ll notice what makes our team different as soon as you call and speak with one of our awesome sales team members. Our sales team members are highly knowledgeable and Incredibly friendly. I know I’ve heard some of the sales people talking on the phone to what sounds like their best friend, but is really a customer that had just called in to schedule their services. Don’t just take my word for it, give us a call today to schedule your gutter cleaning services. You can reach us at 803-849-8809 or through our website at

Here at Window Ninjas we believe in providing every customer with excellent customer service and amazing results every time. We do this through our amazing knowledgeable sales team members, through our extensively trained technicians, and with a follow-up thank you call to make sure we really knocked your socks off with our gutter cleaning Columbia service. You don’t keep offering a service if you are not good at it, so what does it say that we have 25 years in the industry under our belt already? In case you don’t know, it says that we are awesome and that we provide amazing results for our customers. Don’t believe me? Look Window Ninjas up and you’ll see all of our awesome reviews online and those results will speak for themselves!

Window Ninjas like to do things differently from our competition. We clean all of your gutters by hand when we complete your gutter cleaning Columbia services. Not only do we clean the gutters, but we clear your roof valleys of any debris, and make sure all of your downspouts are cleared of any debris and blockages as well. We want to make sure that your whole gutter system is able to do its job properly. Gutters are literally made to move water away from your home or business. If they are caught up with leaves and twigs and the sludge that creates itself in your gutters, Then they cannot perform their job properly. Clogged gutters can create water damage flowing onto your roof, down the siding of your home and into the interior walls, Over your windows, and into your foundation and Landscape.  All of that water that isn’t being pushed away from your house can create mold and mildew issues along with many costly repairs to all of those previous things I just mentioned. That is why we suggest having your gutters cleaned by a professional two to four times every year.

An easy way to boost your curb appeal quickly and while maintaining the value of your home is by having your gutter cleaning Columbia services completed by a professional today. Gutter cleaning tends to go unnoticed until there is an issue. Stay ahead of the game. Call us today at 803-849-8809 or reach out to us through our website at

You should always have a professional complete your gutter cleaning Columbia services. We do not suggest you try to do it by yourself. Not only is it a lot of dirty work, but more importantly it’s a safety hazard if you’re not used to using a ladder on any kind of a regular basis. You can hurt yourself just by carrying the ladder wrong, Let alone having to climb up and down the ladder resting on your gutters. Window Ninjas use padded ladder standoffs that protect your gutters and our technicians. Gutters can pull away from your home or business  with too much strain on them. Also some gutters can be dented by the pressure of a person on the ladder resting against them for extended periods of time. We know all of this here at Window Ninjas. That is why padded ladder standoffs rest on the roof and do not push up against the gutters.

While our team is up there we also complete a visual Gutter and roof inspection to Report any concerns to you. For example, if there is any noticeable damage to your gutters or from your gutters our team should be able to see it through our visual inspection and let you know about any issues right away. Our team also bags up and takes all of the debris from your gutters off of your property and places it in a naturally wooded area. This debris becomes a nutrient-rich compost that helps the area that we put it in. We will not just leave your landscaping covered in gutter debris and looking like a mess for you to deal with. We clean it all up right then and there. After all, gutter cleaning should be a fast and cost effective way to help maintain your property’s curb appeal. And what good is that if we throw all the leaves, twigs, and pine needles onto your lawn?

Let’s not forget to mention the biggest reason to have a professional complete your gutter cleaning Columbia services, not having to do it yourself! Not only is there the fall risk from climbing a ladder, and a risk to your gutters by resting your ladder against them. I am not climbing a ladder and sticking my hands into my nasty gutters. Does that sound like a fun time to you? I didn’t think so. Leave the dirty work to the professionals. Window Ninjas takes great pride in providing you with amazing results from your gutter cleaning services. We strive to not only meet but to exceed your expectations. Having your gutters cleaned needs to be a home or business maintenance priority for everybody. Let Window Ninjas take care of it for you. Call us today at 803-849-8809 or reach out to us through our website at