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It’s that time of year again.  Summer is coming to an end and fall is fast approaching.  Cooler temps and northern winds bring a reprieve from the hot, humid temps.  It also brings with it shedding of leaves and tree debris. All of which end up on your roof and in your gutters.  As fall season kicks off, it’s time to think about the gutters on your home or commercial property. Gutter cleaning Columbia SC is a necessary chore that will need to be completed on your home or commercial property.  Call Window Ninjas today and let our team of expert gutter cleaning professionals keep your gutters clean and pristine and the water flowing through them smooth as butter! We can be reached at 803-849-8809 or online at

Keeping your gutters clean is an important and integral part of your normal home maintenance to do list. Ensuring that your gutters are cleaned on a regular frequency can save you money in the long run. Gutters allow water that sheds from your roof to flow properly through them and away from your dwelling. Getting your gutters cleaned twice a year allows all of that vegetation that falls from your trees to be removed before it creates an issue. Window Ninjas is Colombia’s best gutter cleaning company. So when you are in need is a proper gutter cleaning Columbia SC service, reach out to Window Ninjas at  803-849-8809. 

Window Ninjas cleans all gutters by hand. We don’t use a blower or a water hose to clear the debris that is collected in your gutters. This will simply just make a mess of your property and it is not what we want nor is it something that you are looking for. We remove all items that come out of your gutters and place them in a bucket or a bag and then put them away from your dwelling in a natural area. Downspouts are cleared by using a weighted item so that we can ensure that they are 100% free and clear of any blockages.  Window Ninjas takes pride in your property as if it was our own. We will not leave a mess for you to come home to or for you to have to clean up later! Our gutter cleaning Columbia SC service is the right fit for your needs when it’s that time of year to have your gutters cleaned. Window Ninjas can be reached at 803-849-8809. We can also be found online at

If your home or commercial property has gutters that have underground leaders attached to them, Window Ninjas can help you clean and clear these drains. Underground leaders allow a lot of water from your roof to go down the downspout and into the leader and move underground, far away from your dwelling. Over time, debris can collect inside these drains and will need to be cleared. Window Ninjas has a safe and effective manner to remove this debris without causing damage to your underground leaders or your pop-up emitters. Clearing these drains requires proper training and knowledge of the system. Window Ninjas is completely equipped to clear your underground leaders safely and effectively, allowing water to flow through them properly. Window Ninjas can be reached at 803-849-8809 and also online at

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most unsexy home maintenance chores or tasks that you could perform. It’s usually a pretty dirty job, oh, and you have to move a ladder that is heavy and clunky, and you’re like you likely to get covered in nasty and filthy decomposing debris. It’s usually not a task that you look forward to doing on the weekend and it’s not usually something that you can show off to your friends or buddies and take great pride in or sense of accomplishment. It is, however, a necessary chore and it’s a task that needs to be done on a regular frequency. If you fail to do so, water will spill over the top of your gutters as opposed to running through them. This can cause and create so many underlying issues that it’s not even funny. Water can seep under your roof and cause leaks. Water can also sleep over the top of your gutters and create water damage on your fascia boards and even your home’s siding and windows. Overall, not having your gutters clean could spell trouble for you and your home. So save your trip to the emergency room, oh, and don’t risk falling off a ladder, and keep your hands clean and dry. Allow Window Ninjas to do your dirty work by cleaning your gutters. We are the best gutter cleaning Columbia SC company in the area. We do the most thorough work and we take great pride in our skill of cleaning gutters. Window Ninjas can be reached at 803-849-8809. You can also reach us online, we are only a click away at  

Many homeowners think that cleaning gutters is done from your roof. However, this is really the last place you or our team wants to be. Roofs can be slippery, steep, and downright dangerous. Our team stays off of your roof and has a way of cleaning the debris from your roof as well. Window Ninjas has been cleaning gutters for over 25 years and our team knows all the tricks of the trade to do exactly what it takes to have your gutters cleaned properly. We are the best gutter cleaning Columbia SC company in the area. So when you are looking for excellent service and quality price reach out to Window Ninjas at 803-849-8809. Look us up online at as well.  You will find more valuable information about our company and the other services we provide.

When you are looking for the best gutter cleaning Columbia SC service, Window Ninjas is your answer.  Call our staff of experts today and let them WoW you with excellent customer service. We can be reached at 803-849-8809!