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Are you tired of hiring mediocre professionals to clean out your gutters? Are you tired of those other guys leaving behind a horrendous mess for you to clean up? Look no further than your local gutter cleaning experts at Window Ninjas. We are simply the best of the best when it comes to gutter cleaning Columbia. We ensure that all of our customers are treated like family and never left feeling disappointed. We strive to stand out from the rest and promise to deliver you with exceptional gutter cleaning service. Do not hesitate any longer! Give us a call at 803-849-8809 or visit us online at to get simply the best gutter cleaning experience available.

Window Ninjas is a team of extremely handsome and talented gutter cleaning Columbia professionals that have one simple goal of getting your gutters flowing smoothly. Our team always cleans your gutters out by hand and bags the debris so that there is not any gutter clutter left behind for you to mess with later. That is not the end of your exceptional gutter cleaning! We make sure that all the debris is cleared from your roof valleys to make sure all that rubble does not end up back in your freshly cleared gutters. What about downspouts? Well we flush all downspouts to ensure they are flowing smoothly. As for underground downspouts, they are jetted out with our snake-like system to make sure nothing has them blocked. After that initial gutter cleaning with Window Ninjas, you will realize that we simply are the best gutter cleaning company. So why wait a second longer? Go ahead and pick up your phone and call us at 803-849-8809 to begin on your remarkable journey to terrifically clean gutters.

Another weekend has gone by and you have just woken up to dirty gutters again this Monday because your husband has “more important” things to do than keep your house looking sharp. Sigh! The week your nagging mother is coming to visit and you know she is going to point out every single speck of dirt. You have got to do something, and you’ve got to do it quick! Do not panic because the amazing team of gutter cleaning professionals you hired last year are here to save the day. Window Ninjas’ gutter cleaning technicians are extremely knowledgeable and know the best techniques to clean out your gutters and have them flowing with ease. Our technicians are well-mannered and always dressed in uniform so that you know who we are. So save yourself the headache and go ahead and reach out to us by phone or online at We do not want your mother coming over and seeing unsightly, weighted down gutters! Let Window Ninjas take care of your gutter cleaning Columbia needs. 

Window Ninjas just left your house and all of your gutter cleaning worries have been washed away. It is a great feeling knowing that the next time it rains you will not have to worry about rainwater spilling over the sides of your gutters. Would it not be nice to have this feeling all the time? Guess what? You can! Window Ninjas offers gutter maintenance plans where we come out to your home as often as you would like to clean your gutters and downspouts out. Whether you want us to come only three times a year or every single month, Window Ninjas will be there to take care of your gutter cleaning Columbia. We know you have noticed a trend when it comes to depending on your husband to clean them out. The gutters just simply do not get cleaned! Let Window Ninjas find a solution for you and your gutter cleaning woes. Grab your phone and give us a call at 803-849-8809. We promise you will never have to worry about your gutters overflowing again with a Window Ninjas gutter maintenance plan.

Are you worried that by calling us you are somehow obligated to schedule services with us? As much as we would love to be the company to make your gutter cleaning dreams come true, we do not require any commitment. Our estimates for gutter cleaning are absolutely free, which means there is no charge to you! We do not require a down payment or any percentage up front. However, I do promise you that once you meet our handsome, educated estimator, you will be super confident in our ability to take care of your gutters and will not want us to go anywhere! Not only do we strive to WoW you with our gutter cleaning, we want to provide exceptional service all around. As soon as you make that phone call or reach out to us online at via our service request form, we will blow you away with how polite and knowledgeable our office staff are. From giving you a quote over the phone or scheduling an estimator to swing by your home, we plan to treat you like one of our own. Once you have an appointment, we make sure to stay in touch so there is no question on when we will be at your home to provide excellent gutter cleaning. Our technicians make sure to bag any debris that is removed from your gutters and downspouts and remove it from the property so that there is no mess left after we leave. After the service is complete, we are still there for you by checking in a day or so later just to make sure everything went well with the gutter cleaning. If for any reason you are not 100% blown away by our service then we will find a way to correct it and turn that frown upside down. Even months after the service has been completed, Window Ninjas has your back because we always keep in contact with our customers. 

At this point, nothing should be holding you back on making that phone call to 803-849-8809. Take a look at our reviews online at You will see that we are an honest and reliable gutter cleaning company that always puts our customers’ best interests to heart. So do not call those other guys who left your landscaping a mess and didn’t really do a good job at cleaning your gutters in the first place. Window Ninjas will never leave you disappointed like that! We offer simply the best gutter cleaning Columbia.