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Maybe you think that you are going to be saving some money by doing the gutter cleaning around your home by yourself. That just isn’t so says the professionals at gutter cleaning Leland. Let’s talk about why this is the case. Did you know that there are many folks out there having accidents involving ladders? Here are some statistics that we hope will change your mind:
1. Each year there are 164,000 emergency room visits involving injuries and 300 deaths in the United States that are caused by falls from ladders.
2. The CDC or Center for Disease Control also reports that the annual estimated cost of ladder injuries in the United States is $24 billion.
Gutter cleaning is impossible to do without the use of a ladder. So with that in mind your chances of having an accident as you get older become greater each passing year. If you want to avoid this altogether, then give our pros a call and let us give you a helping hand at 910 538-4223 or stop by online at

Gutter cleaning Leland can save you time too. Gutter cleaning is a time consuming task and it is dirty. Why not spend a relaxing few hours in the yard tending to the flowers or mowing the grass on your riding lawn mower instead of climbing ladders. Our pros are expert ladder climbers and follow all sorts of safety precautions. We also have thirty years of experience in the industry. Our business is locally owned and operated and we are fully insured and bonded. We come highly rated and we are extremely sought after. If you have never heard of us before, then you are in for a real treat.

Benefits of Gutter Cleaning By Pros

Ladders are heavy and cumbersome to handle. Some homes sit on hilly landscapes and putting a ladder on such a setting is not easy. Nor is trying to reach a gutter on such ground. But this type of work is dealt with by our pros all of the time and they have been expertly trained on how to handle these situations.

Gutter cleaning will help to boost the curb appeal and first impression of your property. Leaves and limbs hanging out of your gutters and sitting on top of your roof tells your neighbors that you are neglecting your home. If you belong to a homeowner’s association, then they will definitely be frowning upon this situation. Some associations will even delve out fines for such neglect.

A service by gutter cleaning Leland will ensure that water damage to your property does not happen. Clogged gutters are usually the cause of this as water can’t run through the gutters properly when they are stopped up. Clogs cause water to back up or flow over the top of the gutters. In either case the water damage to the outside or inside of your home or business can be much.

Gutter cleaning helps to rid your home of pest infestations. When water gets trapped inside of your gutters it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and carpenter ants. Not only that but other animals and birds can create nests and hide nuts and seeds inside of your gutters. So on top of the leaves and twigs getting stuck inside of your gutters you need to stay vigilant about removing animal nests and other pesky problems.

Gutter cleaning Leland services also ensures that you get a thorough inspection of your gutters. Sometimes when gutters get clogged, full of debris, and water, they can get very heavy and fall away from the fascia boards of the home. This will definitely cause them not to work right and it will be a cause for repair. Sagging gutters do not work right. Even in the winter months frozen precipitation can wreak havoc on full gutters. So stay on top of getting them cleaned out or the cost could be more than you anticipated.

Our Gutter Cleaning Techniques

At gutter cleaning Leland we clean out gutters by hand. Our pros do wear gloves because gutter debris is dirty and one can get cut with limbs and such that are stuck inside of the gutters. We also put the gutter debris into buckets and do not throw it down on the ground or into the landscaping that you have worked hard on. Next the gutter debris will be placed into trash bags for future hauling off into a wooded area off site. Any fallen leaves, limbs, and twigs will also be removed from the roof and eaves as well. When the debris is completely gone from the gutters our pros will use a water hose to flush down the gutters and downspouts. This ensures that they are free of gutter clogs and ready for the next rainfall.

Our pros use ladder standoffs and mitts at the end of our ladders to ensure that your roof shingles do not get dented and your gutters do not get scratched. These safety mechanisms also ensure that our pros don’t slide from side to side while reaching into the gutters to clean them out. We take every safety precaution possible to keep our pros safe and your home as well.


Hiring a professional to do gutter cleaning for you seems like a logical thing to do. We don’t want you to risk having a costly ladder or roof injury. Just think about the pros and cons of this entire situation. Our pros can save you both time and money when it comes to gutter cleaning hands down and you get a great gutter inspection at the same time. It’s a win-win situation. Give our pros at gutter cleaning Leland a call right now for a free quote and scheduling at 910-538-4223 or feel free to stop by online at We look forward to serving you.