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This content was written by Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning. 

Have you been considering having a gutter cleaning Leland service provided to you, but you are unsure about which company to choose to get the job done for you? Do you have questions about some aspects of the job, but are unsure of who to ask? Call our office today at 910-538-4223 between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday, with the exception of federal holidays and we will be more than happy to help you out! Our company has over twenty five years of experience in the service industry and we are very selective throughout our hiring process because we want all of our customers to be satisfied with the work that we do for them. All of our service technicians are properly trained and qualified and they will always be more than happy to answer any additional questions that you may have or come up with during your gutter cleaning Leland service. Our service technicians will also be able to price out any potential services that you may want to have done in the future upon your request. If you would like to learn more about what exactly a gutter cleaning Leland service would look like for you and your family’s home, or if you would like to contact us while it is outside of our business hours, you may do so by going online and visiting our website at and filling out a service request form. 

Our website features lots of super helpful information for anyone who is looking to learn more about the services that we provide. Our website also features photos from some of the previous work that we have provided to our customers. This is a super helpful feature if you are anything like me, as it gives you an idea of what you can expect out of us through a visual representation. Another helpful thing about our website is that it shows you Google reviews from some of our previous customers which is great for those of you who would like to get an opinion from someone who has already paid for our services. When you fill out a service request form as your means of contacting us, please keep in mind that you can do so at any time and on any day; however, our office hours are from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, with the exception of federal holidays. This means that you will only hear back from us within these hours. Again, you can reach out to us at any time, but we can only respond if we are in the office. 

When you hire us for your gutter cleaning Leland service needs,we will always clean your gutters by hand and we will never use water to help us with that process. The reason for this is because water can make its way through or past minor or small blockages which is not ideal. Window Ninjas believes in doing things the right way; every time. This is why we make sure to double check our work before we leave your property. We do so by placing a semi heavy object down your gutters. The object is light enough to either get stuck if there is debris, or heavy enough to push out some debris. Either way, we will know whether your gutters are clean or not and if they are not, we will go back through and re clean them in order to make sure that your gutters are functioning to the best of their abilities. 

Something else that you can expect from Window Ninjas when we provide you with your gutter cleaning Leland service is for us to provide you with a complete visual roof inspection. This means that we will look over your roof while we are up there to make sure that nothing is damaged and if something is damaged, by chance, we will let you know so that you can take care of it quickly and so that it does not become an expensive repair cost later on down the road from further damages. We will also clean your roof off meaning we will remove all of the debris that has been building up over time so that it does not end up in your gutters during the next heavy windstorm or rainfall that we have. When we clean the debris from your roof and from your gutters, we will also bag it up and remove it from your property so that you do not have to worry about the mess. We also remove it so that your curb appeal is not negatively affected because we know how important that is to many people. 

When we come out to provide you with your gutter cleaning Leland service, please be sure to ask us about combining your gutter cleaning with another service because from time to time, we are able to offer a multiple services discount. It is pretty self explanatory, but what that means is that we will apply a discount to your bill (if we have this offer available at the time and if you mention it when you speak with us) when you get multiple services provided on the same day. For example, you could get a pressure washing service and a window washing service to accompany your gutter cleaning. Another discount that we offer here at Window Ninjas that is available all the time is a military discount for those who have served or for those who are currently serving our country. Call our office today to get scheduled for your gutter cleaning service with Window Ninjas. If you still are not convinced that we are the company for you, I urge you to visit our website at and check out some of the information that we have provided. Our office staff can be reached during business hours at 910-538-4223.