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Fall is coming and you already have a laundry list of items that need your attention.  Summer is over and you did not complete all your summer time tasks, so do you think you have time to tackle gutter cleaning too?  Allow the experts at Window Ninjas to take this important chore off your to do list.  We offer the best gutter cleaning Lexington service for your home or business.  Call us today at 803-849-8809 or reach us online at and allow us to help tackle this item and cross it off your to do list!

Before the winter Creeps in it is important to have the gutters on your residential or commercial property cleaned and maintained. Clean gutters or remove any sticks and leaves and any other debris that may have accumulated within them throughout the spring and summer months. This is a top-priority chore that needs to be completed and should always be completed by a professional. The Window Ninjas team is your source for the best gutter cleaning Lexington South Carolina service. Our team can help you with the most thorough and comprehensive professional gutter cleaning service for your residential or commercial property located in Lexington South Carolina.

Keeping leaves and other debris out of your gutters is extremely crucial for the protection of your roof as well as your home’s Foundation. You can prevent damage to the structure of your property and costly inconveniences of repairing and replacing items that become damaged because your gutters are full of unwanted debris. Gutter Cleaning Lexington is a service that the experts at Window Ninjas recommends you have completed on a regular frequency. We suggest that you have your gutters cleaned at a minimum of twice a year in order to keep your roof as well as your gutter system in good working condition. Your Roofing your gutters go hand-in-hand and collectively Can keep damage from occurring to your home’s Foundation. With the experts at Window Ninjas helping you we can tackle this chore and knock it out of the park so that you do not have to do this chore on your own. Call the  experts at Window Ninjas today and allow our team to help you with professional gutter cleaning services. We can be reached directly at 803-849-8809 and you can also request our services online when you visit us on the web at the

There are a number of reasons why you should have your gutters cleaned by a professional. The experts at Window Ninjas always recommends that you have a professional tackle this chore. gutter cleaning can be a very dangerous task complete on your own and is not recommended for the average homeowner to perform their selves. Climbing around and my  manipulating a ladder can be a dangerous chore in itself and the average homeowner is just not equipped to do this by themselves. With the help from the experts at Window Ninjas, our team can provide you The most thorough and comprehensive professional Gutter Cleaning Lexington service for your residential or commercial property. We utilize ladders that are equipped with padded ladder standoffs so that our ladder is resting against your roof and not your gutters. This not only keeps your gutters safe from damage but it allows our team to be safe as well.

Another benefit to having the experts at Window Ninjas provide you a gutter cleaning Lexington service is the fact that we always clean debris from your roof as well as your gutters by hand.  Any debris that we remove will be placed in a bag or in a bucket so that we can dispose of it away from your dwelling and in a natural area. This is another benefit for you and utilizing our service because we know that you do not want your yard littered with all types of unwanted gutter debris. Gutter debris is nasty dirty and smells awful so why on Earth would anybody ever think that you would want this glittering up your Landscaping as well as your driveways and sidewalks? At Window Ninjas we understand the importance of keeping a clean work space and a clean environment. This is why we are considered to be the best in the business when it comes to Gutter Cleaning Lexington. We always clean up our mess and we never leave a speck of dirt lying around! 

Besides being the most thorough and comprehensive professional Gutter Cleaning Lexington professional, our team takes great pride in caring for your gutters and your roof. This is why we always perform a visual inspection of your roof while we are clearing debris away and Performing the service of gutter cleaning. We look for damaged shingles and we also look for gutters that have become damaged or are starting to pull away from your fascia boards. Any issues that we may notice we will definitely bring to your attention. This can provide you an opportunity to repair or replace an item that is questionable before it becomes a major nuisance. Leaks in roofs are never fun to deal with and is why we try to bring these to your attention before they become a problem. This is just one of the added benefits to you when you hire the experts at Window Ninjas to provide you a professional gutter cleaning service.

Your home in Lexington South Carolina is probably one of your largest Investments. With the help from the experts side Window Ninjas our team can prevent water damage and protect your roof while we provide the service of gutter cleaning Lexington. Pests and other rodents can become at home in your gutters. They can make nests and live within your gutter system if they accumulate with too much debris and become neglected. You can also receive damage to your foundation if you neglect the task of cleaning your gutters. These all are costly items to repair and replace when gutter cleaning is a very cost-effective solution for removing unwanted debris. Save time and money and have the best and most thorough gutter cleaning service provided for you today when you call the experts at Window Ninjas. We are here to help you by performing the service of gutter cleaning at the highest level. Reach out to our team today by calling us directly at 803-849-8809 or feel free to request a free quote when you visit us on the web at

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