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As pollen season comes to an end, the time to schedule certain household services approaches. Gutter Cleaning Richmond is here to make your gutter system flow like it’s never been used before. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and very detail oriented. They will clean your gutters by hand and then test them to certify that no problems will arise from them. We are the professionals that you can always trust to get the job done right. Give us a call today at 804-256-3221 or visit us online at to schedule your end of pollen season gutter cleaning service.

What is the process of a gutter cleaning service?

Gutter Cleaning Richmond is separated into three different styles of services. Our first service is a standard gutter cleaning service. It is recommended to have your gutters cleaned twice a year. Most people have this done once in June or July, and once in December or January. These times are the most common because Summer means it’s the end of pollen season, and winter means the leaves are done falling off of the trees. These are two main contributors to clogged gutters, so working around Nature’s clock always helps the job to get done and stay done. Gutter cleaning during these times is also a good way to prepare for hurricane season because due to the mass amount of debris flown around, your gutters tend to take a huge hit as well.

Our standard Richmond Gutter Cleaning service is done entirely by hand. Our technicians will scrape out your gutters and clean them to the best of their ability. Our technicians will test that this job is done properly by running a golf ball down your gutter. We choose to use a golf ball over water due to the fact that water is much smaller and can fit through clogs much easier. A golf ball, on the other hand, cannot fit through a clogged gutter. Our technicians use padded ladder standoffs so that there is no damage done to the roof or exterior of your house caused by a metal ladder. The debris from your gutter is bagged and removed from the property and disposed of in wooded areas. This benefits the environment and keeps unnecessary waste out of the landfill.

Here at window ninjas, we also offer underground leader cleaning. Our technicians use a specially designed snake system to jet water through all underground leaders and ensure that they are not clogged. Plants and other landscaping will not be disturbed and all downspouts are flushed to certify proper drainage. This is important to prevent backflow that can seep under the floor of your house and start to cause major damage. Our last gutter cleaning service is gutter facing cleaning. The facings of your gutter sometimes wind up streaky due to oxidation. Depending on how long they have been oxidizing and how bad it is, some stains may remain post cleaning but our text will let you know what is and is not permanent. The facings will be cleaned by hand using a diluted degreaser. This helps the technicians to pay close attention to detail and clean to the best of their abilities.If you get all three of these services in one appointment, your entire gutter system will shine and work like a charm.

Why is it important to clean your gutters regularly?

Gutter cleaning, though a very small part of a house maintenance system, is actually crucial to maintaining the integrity of a building’s structure. A clogged gutter can and will continue to back up further and further until it piles out onto your roof. Water at a standstill on your roof will start to cause damage to the structure of it. This can cause insulation damage, leaks, and a whole lot of financial troubles. Gutters are also known to house a ton of unwanted bacteria, mold, and even insects and rodents. If you go without cleaning your gutters, you might wind up with a rat infestation or a cockroach, cricket, or beetle problem in your house. This can also cause major damage to your property and cost a whole lot to fix. Insects and rodents can carry harmful diseases that you or your loved ones can catch. The last thing you want is for your child to become ill because you did not have your gutters cleaned this year. These are just a few of the large Myriad of problems that can be caused by neglecting your gutter system. But have no fear, Gutter Cleaning Richmond is here to prevent this.

Why is it a bad idea to DIY gutter cleaning?

When it comes to Gutter Cleaning Richmond we understand how tempting it can be to just do it yourself and get it over with. We never recommend a self-done better cleaning job due to how dangerous it can be and how many issues it can cause. If you choose to clean your gutters by yourself, you might end up doing more harm than good. Without the proper training on how to safely remove and drain build up and debris from a gutter system, you could end up further clogging your gutters. This will cause them to be much harder for even a professional to clean. You might end up having to replace the entire gutter system or suffer from a non-functional gutter. Gutters are also pretty high up on a house, especially if your house is two or more stories. Ladders can be incredibly dangerous to climb up especially with no supervision or help. There is a huge chance of falling and severely enjoying yourself. There is also a chance of damaging your roof or exterior walls because your ladder does not have any barrier of protection before it is leaned against your home. Here at Window Ninjas, Gutter Cleaning Richmond is only done with a padded ladder standoff in order to ensure no harm is done to your property. The price of a regular, professionally done gutter cleaning service is much more feasible than replacing your gutter system, paying a hospital bill, or fixing a damaged roof or wall.

What are you waiting for? Stop putting the safety of your house in the back of your mind, hoping that you can just forget about it. Be proactive about the safety of your family and your home, and let the professionals get down to business. Our technicians work very hard to please our customers, and their schedules are filling up fast. Get in contact with a customer service representative by calling 804-256-3221. Or, you can put in a service request online at