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Let us guess. You are watching the gutters on your home fill up with leaves and tree debris, and you are wondering if a gutter cleaning service is a task you can do yourself or if you are better off calling a professional. Suppose you are considering Climbing on a ladder and risking your life in limbs to remove debris from your gutters. In that case, we suggest you stop and read this article! We want you to be safe, and we want you to be informed, and that is why we wrote this article. By the end, you will likely have a better understanding of the answers to the questions related to gutter cleaning and if this is a service you should call a professional for or handle yourself.

At Window Ninjas, we are experts in everything related to professional gutter cleaning service for residential and Commercial properties. Our clients depend on us daily to help keep their gutters Clean and Free of debris and working properly. But suppose you have questions and concerns about gutter cleaning services or have never hired a professional to complete this task. In that case, we are here to help you! This article will contain all the helpful information needed to make the best decision regarding gutter cleaning service for your property. And if you have additional questions, you can always contact one of our team members at 833-NINJAS-1 or browse our website for more information by visiting

Should I Hire A Gutter Cleaning Service Pro Or DIY?

Gutters are essential and a significant reason why you should have them cleaned on a regular frequency. With gutter cleaning services performed routinely, you can save yourself a lot of time and money! Here are some severe and pricey problems that are connected with gutters that are full of debris or have not been cleaned out properly with consistency:

  • Fascia And Gutter Damage
  • Foundation Damage
  • Plant and Flower Bed Erosion
  • Leaky Roofs
  • Interior Damage

The gutters on your home are attached to the fascia boards underneath your roof. Suppose your gutters are full of debris and become too weighty. In that case, they can pull themselves off your fascia boards. This will create damage to your gutters, and it will also create damage to your fascia boards. Both are extremely expensive to repair.

In conjunction with fascia boards that become damaged, your foundation can quickly become compromised as well. And your plan and flower beds can promptly erode with excessive water channeled through them. Shingles can also be damaged and compromised if your gutters are not cleaned regularly. With every gutter cleaning service completed by the experts at Window Ninjas, our team always ensures that your roof is free of debris.

And finally, the interior of your home can be compromised and damaged if your gutters are not cleaned regularly. Leaks can start forming within your roof, and the water will eventually find itself inside your home, creating various issues.

How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned And Serviced?

We always recommend a biannual service for your gutters. The best time of year for a gutter cleaning service in late spring and early summer. And then again in the fall or early winter.

Later in the year, when all of the trees start to change colors, consider hiring a professional gutter cleaning services provider. Make an appointment for a professional service to remove debris from your gutters and roof. As debris from trees Falls and collects on top of your roof, it can damage your shingles and fill up inside your gutters rather quickly. Having this debris removed regularly is essential so that your gutters can flow adequately and water from your roof can find its way away from your home!

How Much Is A Gutter Cleaning Service? And Should I DIY Or Call A Pro?

We know there are many Weekend Warriors out there in America! But do you want to risk your life and limbs cleaning out your gutters? Or would you be better off living and fighting another day? Most of our clients are busy professionals who have a spouse and a couple of children, and one to two pets. When on Earth will you find time to clean your gutters properly? And do you want to risk your life and limbs by cleaning out the gutters in your home? Climbing on ladders can be dangerous and an excellent way to end up in the emergency room. Leave gutter cleaning to the professionals, and benefit from a professional gutter cleaning service.

Whether or not you use our company for your gutter cleaning service needs, we hope this article sheds some light on why you should call a professional for your next gutter cleaning service. We know that gutter cleaning is a significant part of home maintenance. And we also know that it can be a hazardous task for the average homeowner. Instead, we would call and let us guide your decision-making process rather than see you in the emergency room! If you have more questions than answers, don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, a gutter cleaning service completed by a professional is the best option for removing debris from gutters at your home or business property. We highly recommend calling a pro to handle this type of service for you. And we  recommend getting on a regular and routine gutter cleaning service maintenance plan. Our team at Window Ninjas can help you with all aspects of gutter cleaning. And if you have more questions or need further answers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at 833-NINJAS-1 or look us up online at