Gutter Cleaning Williamsburg | A Ridiculous Story About A Cockroach 

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I have a story to tell about my experience with a cockroach. If you read the story, and want to avoid having something like this happen to you, make sure you have your gutter cleaning Williamsburg Services taken care of regularly. Now, I want to start off by saying that the story is absolutely ridiculous. I know that I was being insane. I’ve been told that cockroaches don’t bite, And I don’t believe it at all. This is a story about how I totally freaked out when I found a cockroach in my house. In my defense, I’m from Minnesota, and we don’t have cockroaches there. This was my first experience with a live cockroach in my house, and it went terribly. If you would like to hear more about it, keep reading. If you are ready to schedule a gutter cleaning service with a fantastic team, give Window Ninjas a call at  757-785-5850, or request the service at our fantastic website

So, the story starts on a Saturday morning. I was cleaning the house because we had a friend flying in from Minnesota.  I was about to vacuum our bedroom. I went into our rec room. This room is disconnected from the house. There’s a door that closes to him. It used to be a garage, and it eventually Got turned into a sort of living room. This is where we store a lot of our cleaning supplies. Anyway, I went into  the closet in the rec room. I grabbed the vacuum, and as I was walking out of the room I nearly stepped on a giant cockroach. This thing was huge! Maybe it wasn’t.  I probably made this thing a lot larger in my mind than it actually was. But I would swear that it was at least two inches long. Like I already said, I grew up in Minnesota, and we don’t have cockroaches there. We really don’t have big bugs at all. The closest thing we have is pine beetles. They live way up North, and they’re awful. They actually look a little bit like a cockroach, and everybody’s terrified of them. So, this is my context for the story. I have to get my keywords in, so make sure you schedule your gutter cleaning Williamsburg service with our fantastic team here at Window Ninjas. 

I nearly stepped on this cockroach, and I handled it fine. I walked around it and closed the door to the rec room and texted my husband. He was at work, and I told him that when he came home there’s a cockroach that he needed to take care of. I’m normally not afraid of bugs, but I really don’t like touching them. He told me that I needed to get rid of it. I don’t know where he got that idea, but he said that there could be babies inside of it. I don’t think that’s actually true, but it scared the crap out of me. So, I told him I couldn’t get rid of it. He told me I absolutely had to. I went to our kitchen and grabbed a pair of tongs. I also grabbed a paper towel. I was still convinced that I wasn’t going to touch this thing.  This wasn’t mentioned earlier, but I thought the Cockroach was dead. It didn’t move when I walked by it. However, when I walked back into the rec room, it started flipping out. It would have been lying on its back and it started like trying to roll over and then it was running around all over. At this point, I panicked. By having a regular gutter cleaning Williamsburg service taken care of, you can avoid having a  situation like this happen to you. 

I think I panicked because I thought it was dead and all of a sudden it started moving. It was like a jump-scare kind of thing. So, I ran back into the kitchen and slammed the rec room door. I texted my husband again and told them that I absolutely was not going to touch this thing. I was going to wait till our friend flew into town. I would let him take care of it for me. Also, make sure you get your  gutter cleaning Williamsburg Services taken care of regularly by a professional team such as Window Ninjas, and you might be able to avoid a situation like this. My husband told me that I couldn’t wait. It needed to leave right now. 

So, I was getting ready to go back into the rec room, and I couldn’t do it. I actually started to cry. Now, I don’t cry that easily, and I definitely don’t cry over bugs. I still think it was just the panic, I know that it was absolutely ridiculous and bizarre, but called my mom because I needed A pep talk. I gave her a call, and I told her the situation, and I told her I just needed her to talk me into getting the Cockroach out of the room. A little background on this phone call. I grew up in a Christian home. My parents really don’t appreciate any swearing-in. I went back to the rec room door to go let the Cockroach out, and when it started moving again I may have dropped a pretty big swear word. My mom didn’t do anything but laugh. She totally understood how scared I was.

I’m going to have to continue the story in the next article because I am merely out of words for this one. If you want to hear more, go check out the next pressure washing Mount Pleasant  article. I will finish the story in that one.  If you’re ready to schedule a fantastic gutter cleaning Williamsburg service with a fantastic team, give Window Ninjas a call today. We can get your gutters in top-notch condition with our fantastic services. If you are ready to schedule your great service with us today, give us a call at our phone number listed  75778 5 5850, or go online and request the service at our wonderful website