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When you are in need of having your gutters cleaned, look no further than the experts at Window Ninjas! Window Ninjas will provide you with the best gutter cleaning Wilmington has ever been able to offer. If you are tired of seeing your gutters overflowing and not doing their job, and it feels like they just aren’t what they used to be, then you have found yourself in the right place. Window Ninjas will clean your gutters by hand and ensure that they are functioning properly with no debris clogging them before we leave your property. There are so many reason Window Ninjas is the best choice for your gutter cleaning Wilmington job. Enjoy the results of the best gutter cleaning Wilmington has to offer by calling 910-538-4223 or going online to to schedule a service appointment with our amazing team. You can also keep reading to see all the reasons we are the best team to come out and take care of your gutters. 

How does Window Ninjas differ from all of the other gutter cleaning companies in the area?  One major reason is that we are a fully insured and bonded company. This includes workers compensation. You may be asking why this is so important. Allow us to paint a picture for you. Imagine you’re looking for Someone to come and clean your gutters. If you head on over to Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace looking for someone, you can probably find someone to do the job very cheaply. However, they most likely are not insured or bonded. So what does that mean? They’re get injured or cause any damage while they’re on your property, they won’t be held liable. You may be thinking, oh well, no harm no foul. But, the reality is that they can come for you for any expenses, a lot of work for getting injured on your property. Oh the joys of being a property owner. That’s why you should choose Window Ninjas! We will provide you with the best gutter cleaning Wilmington can offer, and provide you with the knowledge that you are protected in the event anything happens while we are on your property. 

That being said, we make sure that our team of technicians is completely trained, up-to-date on industry best practices, and will get the job done right each and every time. That protection is important because our technicians are human and accidents do happen. We would rather be prepared at all times with that protection than to just say everything goes right 100% of the time. That would just be silly. Protect yourself by doing the research on whom you choose to hire to perform your gutter cleaning services, or any other service, at your property. We also recommend that you hire professional perform the cleaning instead of just cleaning your gutters yourself. No sense in risking injury to yourself  when a trained professional can come out and do the job for you.  Our educated technicians have been properly taught how to carry, place, and use our ladders to reach your highest gutters. We also ensure that they have the skills needed to properly clean your gutters and work on them safely. There is a lot of balance needed for this job, not saying you aren’t balanced of capable of being on a ladder, but don’t risk injuring yourself. This about the outcome if you do get injured cleaning your gutters. If you fall off the ladder, there is serious injury that can occur. From concussions, to broken bones, or worse. It could land you in the hospital with numerous medical bills. If you spend a prolonged time in the hospital, or recovering from your injury, you will likely be out of work for quite a while. This means you will be out of money, and could fall behind on your bills. But, not to worry! Because you chose to call Window Ninjas to come out and take care of your gutters for you! So, nothing went wrong, no one got injured, and you get to enjoy having thoroughly cleaned gutters. 

It is recommended to have your gutters cleaned professionally at least twice a year. However, you may need it done more often especially if he live Muir Woods or lots of trees. What time of the year should you have your gutters cleaned out? Great question! It’s recommended to have them thoroughly cleaned at the end of fall when all the leaves haven fallen off of the trees, and in the spring after all pollen has settled. Window Ninjas  will provide you with a thorough gutter cleaning Wilmington service by cleaning the gutters apply. This is the best way to get everything out of your gutters and to make sure they are clogged. We will skip all of the leaves and debris out by hand and send a weighted object down your downspout to make sure there is nothing stuck inside. Once we are finished we will take all of the leaves and debris away from your home, or place it into a natural area away from your home. We will even make sure your break is completely cleaned off so that no more leaves were Pine end up back in your gutters as soon as we get them cleaned.

Window Ninjas will make sure your gutters are completely cleaned and perform an inspection to make sure they are functioning properly. Not everyone will do this when they come out to take care of your gutters. We will check your gutters, the downspouts, the underground leaders, and every single part of your gutter system. All you have to do is give our amazing team a call at 910-538-4223 for the best gutter cleaning Wilmington can offer. You may also fill out a service request form online for our team to reach out to you by going to