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Many homeowners ask Window Ninjas if installing gutter guards would be the answer to their gutter cleaning Wilmington needs. The thought process by most is valid.  Install gutter guards and then knock that gutter cleaning chore off your to do list forever! Pay now, no worries later! WIN WIN! However, as in life, everything has to be properly cared for and maintained.  And there is never anything that is “maintenance free”. Read further through this article and allow Window Ninjas to answer your questions or concerns. Of course, you can feel free to call them as well. They always enjoy talking to property owners.  Window Ninjas can be reached at 910-538-4223 or online at  

A properly functioning rain gutter system is essential for your roof system to function properly as well.  When the gutter system on your home or commercial property becomes clogged, rusted or pulls loose from the fascia board, a multitude of issues can occur.  Water can accumulate under your roof, staining on your siding will present itself, and fascia rot and foundation damage can present themselves if your gutter system is not working properly or is clogged.  Window Ninjas is the gutter cleaning Wilmington expert and they have found and experienced all of the above issues. Feel free to call and discuss if these issues are present on your home. Their number is 910-538-4223.

Simply cleaning your gutters on a regular frequency (twice per year, as recommended) will allow your rain gutter system to work properly in conjunction with your roof system.  Clearing all the debris that can accumulate in your gutters is a necessary maintenance step in achieving this. So it would make perfect sense for a homeowner to ask us if we could install gutter guards or refer someone who can do so.  A gutter guard is any type of material that attaches to your gutters and prevents unwanted materials from entering into your gutters. Mostly leaves, branches and pine straw. They are designed to help prevent clogs from forming in your gutters, caused by the buildup of debris.  Window Ninjas can install gutter guards for their customers. And will do so happily. We recommend you contact us for a lengthy discussion before doing so, as well as continue to read and become a little more educated on the pros and cons. Our friendly staff is always available for you and can be reached at 910-538-4223. 

The advantages of gutter guards is clear.  They will keep unwanted debris out of your gutters.  The disadvantage is not so clear. They will need regular maintenance checks and clearing of debris.  Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? You’re going to install this expensive piece of metal, mesh, or foam in my gutter to alleviate clogs, blockages and potential damage, all while cutting down my maintenance costs, just to have to tell me I have to keep maintaining the gutters?!  This is where eyes start to bulge and the wrinkle above one’s nose starts to form!  

Short answer – YES!  

Now are you ready for the long answer?  

Gutter guards are a tool that can work in conjunction with your gutter system on your home.  Gutter cleaning Wilmington is a necessary chore that needs to be performed on any home with a gutter system.  Some properties can simply get away with a bi-annual gutter cleaning Wilmington service, while others may need a quarterly cleaning service schedule.  Gutter guards do work. They do keep debris out of your gutters. However, the downfall is quite simply this — What about the debris that went into your gutters?  Where is it going to go now?  


Window Ninjas’ team of expert gutter cleaning Wilmington professionals incur many homes with gutter guards.  Some gutter guard systems are better than others, and from the words of our countless customers, gutter guards are not cheap.  They are an investment one makes to work in conjunction with their roof and gutter system. The debris that once was in a homeowner’s gutters is now resting on top.   One could say that a bed was made for your leaves and pine straw to lay on top of.

All of this debris that was once inside your gutters, that is now resting on top, needs to be cleared or your roof will start to show signs of excessive wear and you may start to see water form under your shingles.  You can contact Window Ninjas to remove this debris for you, as well as inspect and maintain your gutter guard system. They can be reached at 910-538-4223 or on the web at  Allow our staff of expert professionals to walk you through the perils of to do or not to do gutter guards!  

There are so many choices and questions to answer when it comes to gutter guards and if they should be installed or removed from one’s gutter system.  The best thing to do before making the decision to invest in gutter guards is simply to call the pros in the know at Window Ninjas. They can be reached at 910-538-4223 or online at  

Window Ninjas will gladly come out to your property and inspect your existing gutter system and can formulate a cost evaluation for you on if gutter guards make sense.  Every home is different and each home needs to be assessed individually. Not all trees are the same and not every homeowner has the same amount of tree shed on their property.  There are numerous factors that go into making a wise choice about gutter guards and the best gutter cleaning Wilmington company has the know how and the answers for you! Window Ninjas is your helpful choice, so please call them at 910-538-4223.

Hopefully Window Ninjas has helped shed some light on the great gutter guard debate.  Please contact us today and let us help you make the decision between gutter cleaning Wilmington service or gutter guards Wilmington service!  Window Ninjas is here to help and can be reached at 910-538-4223 or on the web at