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This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning.

Gutter cleaning Wilmington is not a fun thing for you to do. However, for the staff at Window Ninjas, gutter cleaning Wilmington is fun!  We enjoy getting all of the nasty debris out of your gutters and letting the water flow through like it’s supposed to! Don’t employ someone that can’t have fun doing their trade and does not enjoy what they do.  Window Ninjas and all of their employees have fun every day and we enjoy cleaning gutters! Give our team a call today and let us WoW you with excellent customer service. We can be reached at 910-538-4223 or online at

Gutter cleaning Wilmington is a serious job that does not need to be taken lightly.  That’s not to say that one can’t have fun doing it. The approach Window Ninjas takes towards gutter cleaning Wilmington is far more superior to any other company’s approach.  

First of all, we enjoy what we do and it shows through our work.  Second of all, gutter cleaning can be a dangerous task for the average homeowner to complete on their own.  Let Window Ninjas keep you safe and your gutters clean and pristine by just giving us a call and allowing us to take this chore off your to do list.  It’s better than a trip to the emergency room after you’ve fallen off of your roof or your ladder!  

Finally, gutter cleaning requires a thorough approach.  There is more to gutter cleaning Wilmington than just simply pulling debris out of gutters and throwing it in a bag.  Your roof and valleys need to be free of debris and your downspouts need to be 100% clog free. Plus, if you have underground leaders, they need to be inspected and cleared if need be.  And last, but not least, all of your gutters should be inspected to verify soundness and that they are not in need of repair. There is no other company that will provide as thorough of a cleaning as Window Ninjas.  Give us a call to day at 910-538-4223 or reach us online at  

Many customers ask us “why should I clean my gutters?”  Our direct answer is YOU should not! Window Ninjas should do this for you!  The technical answer is this:

Gutters will fill up debris over time.  That debris could be leaves and tree droppings, animal nests and carcasses, or shingle debris from your roof.  The purpose of gutters is to allow the flow of water from your roof to be able to channel itself away from your siding, windows, doors, and foundation.  If your gutters are full of debris, the water will simply spill over the top and the purpose of your gutter system is completely negated. Without gutters doing their job, your repair bills to fix rotten wood or foundation issues can go through the roof!  

It is more cost effective for the average homeowner to employ Window Ninjas to provide a quality gutter cleaning Wilmington service than it is to get stuck fixing windows, doors, siding, foundation, and fascia issues.  Give our team a call by dialing 910-538-4223 or contact us online at

Did you know that insects love gutters packed full of debris?  Dead leaves and debris decompose and water can become stagnant in your gutters.  This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, wasps, worms, spiders, snakes, and more!  Eventually, these uninvited guests will welcome themselves inside your home. You know you don’t want these guests inside your home, so this is another reason why you need a gutter cleaning Wilmington service.  Call Window Ninjas when your gutters are full of debris and insects. You can reach us at or direct at 910-538-4223.

Do you have young children or pets?  If so, the chances of us finding tennis balls, footballs, yo-yos, dog bones, toys. and other long lost items hanging out inside your gutters is high.  It’s a daily occurrence for our crews to find items other than organic material or animals inside gutter systems. That tennis ball can do a number on a gutter downspouts.  It will clog it up faster than anything else. Window Ninjas’ gutter cleaning Wilmington service will remove all those long lost items and allow your gutters to be flowing as smoothly as butter again!  Call us today at 910-538-4223.

Gutter cleaning Wilmington should be completed twice a year on average.  Some homes require more cleaning and some homes require less. It’s safe to say that at least once a year your gutters should be inspected and cleaned.  If you live in an area with moderate tree canopy then twice a year will be your scheduled maintenance suggestion. Any home that is in a forest or has a heavy tree canopy will require 3-4 services a year.   Let Window Ninjas provide you a free onsite quote if you’re unsure of what frequency your home will need. We can assess your property and come up with a systematic plan that will keep your gutter system working properly throughout the year.  Give us a call and let us come to your home and discuss by calling 910-538-4223 or request us online at

You now know the importance of cleaning your gutters and why you should hire a professional to provide gutter cleaning Wilmington for you.  The last little nugget we will leave with you is what to look for in a gutter cleaning company. You are going to want a professional with years of experience and knowledge.  With experience comes knowledge and knowledge is power. Knowledgeable companies will do a thorough job and present you with a report on how your gutter system is doing.

Next you’re going to need to verify that the company is fully bonded and insured.  This protects you and them. Plus, it ensures that the company is truly professional.  You know gutter cleaning can be dangerous. If you don’t want to pay for a trip to the emergency room for yourself, you definitely will not want to pay for it when you hire an uninsured contractor.

Window Ninjas is your best source for gutter cleaning Wilmington.  Call us today and let us provide you the best service for your home or commercial property.  We can be reached at 910-538-4223 or online at