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Are you tired of your home always being covered in some sort of mold or pollen? Well, you can stop worrying, because Hampton Power Washing Service is here to fix that for you. Our wonderful technicians are thoroughly trained and will get all of that nasty bacteria and build up off of your home. We have staff members checking our email and phones at fault during business hours. So feel free to find Us online at to submit a service request, or give us a call at 757-785-5850 to book your service with us today. 

What are the positives of a professional power cleaning? 

When it comes to Hampton power washing service, there are so many Pros and no cons. Our service can prime your home for renovations. Our machines will remove any leftover paint or nasty coatings on your surfaces in order to get them prepared for renovations. Power cleaning can even boost your curb appeal and drive the value of your home up. keeping your property in pristine condition will have buyers in love. getting your home professionally power washed will save you a ton of time and money. The service is considered preventative maintenance as it will  keep any nasty buildup from corroding your home. This buildup can even cause your family to become ill due to nasty bacteria or mold. Our service will keep your home in amazing shape and keep your family in amazing shape as well. 

Why is power cleaning supposed to be done by a trained professional? 

Power cleaning can seem like an easy tattoo to do. There is a reason why all professionals are thoroughly trained before picking up a machine. For your Hampton power washing service, it is never recommended to be a DIY job. The power that comes out of a pressure cleaning machine can be up to 30,000 pounds of force per square inch. This is a very dangerous and strong stream of water and or chemicals that if not used properly because of colossal damage. when attempting to pressure clean your you run the risk of suffering from wounds such as cuts, bruises, and you even run the risk of losing a toe or finger on accident. It is also extremely possible to permanently damage your property by using the wrong amount of strength on a surface. Each surface requires a different amount of strength due to the fragility of it and so if you use too strong of a stream of water on your roof or vinyl siding of your house, you can put holes in it and have to replace it. The last thing anybody wants is to think they are saving money by completing the job themselves, and end up spending way more money due to messing it up. 

What types of power washing are offered? 

Here at Window Ninjas, we offer four main types of pressure cleaning. The first Hampton Power Washing Service that we offer is a wood cleaning service. This process begins with our technicians using a peroxide based product in order to suck out any Grime from inside of the wood and bring it to the surface. This makes any dirt or mold much easier to clean and rinse away as it is all on the top layer of the wood. Next, our text uses a potassium based soap that mixes with the peroxide in order to create an incredible cleaning agent. It is important to note that the combination of these products is not harmful to the environment and so it is safe to use on your wooden surfaces. After your wooden surface has been soaked up, it is time to rinse it down. This rent uses high volume and low pressure in order to clean your deck as well as possible without causing any harm to it. post rinse, your wood deck will have a layer of oxalic acid applied in order to lift the color a little bit and make it look like it was just built. 

Another Hampton Power Washing Service that we offer is a roof washing. The process of this service uses low pressure in order to gently remove any unwanted substances without damaging your fragile group. concentrated sodium hypochlorite is applied to your roof in order to kill any fungus, bacteria, and mold on the surface. Once the chemical has been applied, a very low pressure rinse will be applied in order to cleanse your roof of leftover Suds and grime. It is important to note that the amount of pressure used is about the same as a car going through a car wash. This method has been tested and proven to work really well and not harm your roof in any way. 

We also offer concrete washing as a Hampton power washing service. This process consists of a high pressure chemical washing of any concrete surfaces to restore the worn in surface to a like new condition. Our technicians will use either hot or cold water and chemicals in order to penetrate and do these porous surfaces. sodium hypochlorite is injected through the machines and onto your driveway, sidewalk, or other concrete surface. This solution gets into every nook and cranny and pulls up any mud, mold, or pollen. Lastly, these services are thoroughly rinsed with high pressure in order to wash away everything that was removed. 

The last Hampton Power Washing Service that we offer is a classic house washing. This process includes a low pressure washing of your home or business in order to remove any and all build up. Our technicians use sodium hypochlorite and a high alkaline detergent in combination. This mixture is injected through the machines and onto your home. This will cleanse your home of all in, algae, mold, and any dirt build up. Once you are home clean, your surfaces are then thoroughly rinsed with low pressure in order to wash away the chemicals and substances. this will, in turn, restore the exterior of your home to a new condition. 

Final Thoughts:

Stop stressing out about how your property looks, let us take care of your Hampton power washing services. Here at Window Ninjas, we consider customers family. We want you to feel happy and healthy in your environment, which is why we provide only the best service available. You can reach us today at 757-785-5850, or you can find us online at to talk to our staff about which services are best for you.