Charleston, South Carolina, is a place that only some people think of when it comes to gutter cleaning. Most regions on the coast don’t have large trees continuously dropping debris on their roofs and gutters. But this is far from the truth when living here in the low country. We live in the low country, and when transplants come to this area, they do not think about leaves collecting inside their gutters and on top of their roof.

People often forget that we have magnificent live Oaks that continue to grow and build and provide an extensive canopy that shelters dwellings from the sunlight. Inevitably, these trees drop their leaves all year long! This requires a professional gutter cleaning service. And it is a service you should always hire a professional to help you.

Some residential and commercial property owners have attempted to clean their gutters independently. And we highly recommend it. Because gutter cleaning can be hazardous for the average property owner, our teams can help you with your service requirements. And we can also help you by providing accurate pricing so you know how much to budget for this service. So read on to learn about the cost of gutter cleaning in Charleston, SC.

What Can You Expect to Pay for a Gutter Cleaning Service in Charleston?Dirty, Compacted gutters

You can find a wide range of pricing when searching for gutter cleaning Charleston services online. You can find various price ranges from $70 to $100. and we have also seen pricing from $300 to $700. Finding the cost of a gutter cleaning service for your home should be simple. We have decided to give you accurate pricing so you can budget for this vital service to be taken care of professionally.

You can expect to spend between $150 and $450 in Charleston to clean your gutters. We understand that’s a wide price range, but keep reading and let us guide you through the gutter cleaning process and how much you can expect to pay.

Most gutter cleaning professionals will charge on a linear basis. That means they will calculate the linear footage of your gutters and multiply that by a specific number to calculate the cost. 

Leaves and debris will fall inside your gutters, on top of your roof, and inside your roof valleys. It opens up the opportunity for additional costs, which may cost you should have budgeted for. Gutter cleaning in Charleston is a service that must be performed from top to bottom, which is why a linear footage pricing structure is only sometimes the best.

The Best Way To Calculate Gutter Cleaning Charleston Costscleaning out the gutters

At Window Ninjas, we do things a little differently. We created our pricing structure because we know it will benefit our clients.

We base our gutter cleaning Charleston services on the square footage of your specific property. If your home’s heated square footage is 2500 square feet, you can expect to spend $165. Whereas if your home is 5000 ft, you can expect to pay $330

Our formula for cleaning your gutters at your property calculates eliminating debris from the top of your roof, inside of your roof valleys and removing all debris from the gutters. The downspouts at your gutters will also be cleaned and free of debris. We never leave any unwanted residue on your landscaping because we take the garbage and dispose of it away from your property.

Why Choose Window Ninjas for Gutter Cleaning?

clean gutters after Window Ninjas cleaning guttersWe have over three decades’ worth of experience in the gutter cleaning industry. When you consider our approach to cleaning out gutters and calculating an accurate price, you will find that our gutter cleaning pricing structure is the fairest and most honest way to calculate how much this service will cost you in Charleston. 

Cleaning out gutters can be an arduous task, and it can also be a very dangerous one at that. That is why it’s best to hire a professional to clean out the gutters in your home instead of trying to perform this service yourself. Our team members are fully insured and bonded, which is of great importance and value to you.

 We offer a safe, affordable solution for cleaning and maintaining residential and commercial gutter systems. Our professional gutter cleaning Charleston services are highly rated and very well reviewed. If you are considering having a professional gutter cleaning service for your home or business property, consider us to help you with this task.

You can benefit tremendously by hiring a professional to clean out your gutters. And in doing so, you can ensure that your property will be safe from damage caused by overflowing gutters. Damage to your foundation and erosion can occur by not regularly cleaning your gutters. And the best way to keep your property safe is to have a bi-annual gutter cleaning Charleston service completed at the hands of window ninjas! You can find out more information about our services by calling one of our trained professional staff members. Allow us to help with a call to our team at 843-790-8447. You can also learn more by visiting us at our website,

clogged gutters can lead to roof leaks, water damage, and structural issues