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Suppose you are looking for a window cleaning Charleston service but are still determining the cost. In that case, we have the answers for you! One of the most asked questions we receive daily is how much does it cost to clean all the windows in my house? Contrary to the answers you may get online, we put together a helpful guide to determine if hiring a professional Window Cleaning Service in Charleston South Carolina, is within your budget.

Charleston is a wonderful place to live. We all enjoy beautiful views of the Lowcountry while sitting inside our homes. But suppose your windows have become dirty and grimy and are no longer easy to see through. In that case, you may require a window cleaning Charleston service. Our experts can help you with that task. And we are the highest-rated and the most reviewed window cleaning company in the southeast. Plus, we have all the answers to any questions you may have when searching for a company to help you with your window cleaning service requirements.

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Our owner and founder, Gabe Salinas, has over 30 years of experience in the window cleaning industry! We have been Servicing residential and Commercial clients, and we have more knowledge and experience than any other service provider in a four-state region.

As we cover the costs of window cleaning Charleston services for your home, consider what it is that you want when it comes to window cleaning. A standard window cleaning service will include cleaning the interior and exterior of all glass surfaces. Window frame cleaning is an additional cost, and window sills are standard with any residential window cleaning service. Consider these two things when trying to budget for a window cleaning service. And also, inspect your windows and determine what you want to be cleaned. We know that sounds like an odd statement, but some clients want more than just the glass, and the window sills cleaned.

Let’s Get Started!

Types Of Windows And Cleaning Costs

It should be no surprise that every single window cleaning Charleston service provider charges the same way. And it’s always based on the type of window that you have. There are various types of windows in the marketplace today. Your home may have single-hung or double-hung windows. This type of window raises up and down and is what you typically see in most residential homes.

Another type of window you may have inside your home is a casement window. Some companies call this an awning window, but they are synonymous with this specific type of window. A casement window looks like a double-hung window turned on its side. It will have a little rollout crank to open and close the window. And these windows typically will come in sets of two or three.

And finally, some residential homes are equipped with storm windows. Storm windows are a thing of the past and are quickly going away. It is another type of window placed on your residential home window type. Energy efficiency is the reasoning behind this type of window. Typically we see older storm windows in residential homes that are 30 years old or older. And with today’s modern technology, storm windows are fading, and stylish windows are taking their place.

So How Much Does It Cost To Clean My Home Windows?

On average, a residential homeowner can expect to spend between $150 and $350 to clean their windows. Again, that is an average based on the type of Windows you have and how many of them you actually have inside of your house!

On the low end, you will expect an exterior-only service. And on the high end, you can expect an interior and exterior cleaning. A standard double-hung window will cost anywhere between $8 and $14 to have cleaned. For this cost, windows are washed by hand, and window sills are wiped out. You can also expect to spend anywhere from $1 to $5 more per window if you have tracks or screens.

What Does A Window Cleaning Service Clean?

The price you pay for a window cleaning service should always include the following:
Cleaning of the glass itself.
Wiping down all of the window seals.
Make sure that the exterior framework is free from dirt and grime.

Discuss Screen cleaning when hiring a professional to clean your windows. It is an additional cost for a window cleaning service. A window cleaning Charleston service is an excellent service to have for your home. We always suggest that you have an interior and exterior cleaning service completed once a year. And then, six months later, have our professionals come out and clean just the exterior. Some customers choose to have both Services done every six months. But it depends on how you live within your home and how dirty your windows will get.

The Benefits Of Calling Window Ninjas For Window Cleaning And Pricing.

One thing that we are open to discuss is price. Most window cleaning Charleston service providers will skirt their way around cost, and they don’t even put it on their website! We are always flabbergasted by this approach. It doesn’t make sense to us because we all charge the same amount. And we all charge on a price-per-window basis.

The benefit of using our company is that we always provide our customers with a free quote and outline our intentions when cleaning your windows. We can design your window cleaning project to suit your particular wants and needs. And our team members can always be reached by phone so that you can discuss pricing or set up a quote for our team members to come out to help you understand pricing. For more information, please reach out to our experts at 843-790-8447, and you can request our services by visiting us on our website at