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Of course you want the best for your window cleaning Raleigh services! Your home is your castle, and you always want to ensure that it is getting the best team of professionals for whatever job that needs to be done. Right now you are looking at window cleaning, and our team is here to help you choose the best team for your home! We know that price is a big factor in choosing any professional for any kind of job around your home. Nobody wants to pay an arm and a leg for shoddy quality. So the biggest question is, how much does window cleaning cost? Let’s get into it!

How much do window cleaning Raleigh services cost?

On average, you are looking at anywhere from $4 per window to $15 per window. Of course, that is going to depend on a couple of factors. What kind of windows do you have? Windows with removable grids in them are going to be more expensive than flat glass windows, because of the time needed to remove the panes, clean the window, and replace the panes. EZE breeze sunroom windows are different because you have to do each panel separately, and they require a different cleaning solution since they are made of vinyl rather than glass. Or maybe you have large casement windows, or storm windows, both of those are going to take more time and therefore cost more per window. 

The price you end up with is going to depend heavily on your windows, and their state. If your windows aren’t in rough shape, it is going to take our team less time to clean them. Whereas if you have freshly installed windows, you are going to need a construction clean. That type of service is going to cost you more because our team is taking extra time and effort into removing all of the construction debris (including stickers) off of those shiny new windows of yours. If you need paint removed off of your windows, that is going to cost more. If you have hard water stains that need to be removed, that is going to cost more. It all depends.

Your price for window cleaning depends on several factors. There is no “one size fits all.”

Your window price is also going to depend on what you want done with your window cleaning Raleigh service. Our team can clean the outside of your windows and the inside of your windows, or just the outside, or even just the inside! That is going to affect your price as well.

If you are not that hung up on price and want to get a rough estimate, you can always talk to our sales team members when you call in to schedule your window cleaning Raleigh appointment. They can ask the right questions to get all of the necessary information from you, so that they can help give you an estimate based on the information you gave us. You may want to get a window count, or even see what kind of windows you have around your home. Or you can use a “guesstimate” that with every 100 square feet of your home, you have at least 1 window. 

So let’s say you have a 1,500 square foot home, you can “guesstimate” that you have 15 windows. Then let’s say you know your windows are all double hung flat glass windows (which is the average window, with no panes.) So you can take 15 flat glass windows, multiply that by $12 for having the insides and outsides cleaned, and you will get an estimate of $180. Like we said before, there is no “one size fits all” answer to the question of how much your window cleaning Raleigh service is going to cost without knowing all the answers. 

So what are you to do?

The best part is that our team is more than happy to send our area manager out to your property!

Our team can provide you with a complimentary quote if you would like some firm pricing before making your decision. Our area manager can either set a date and time to meet with you if you have some specific concerns you would like addressed, or they can stop by any time at their earliest convenience to get a window count and check out what kind of windows you have. If you do not want to be present, that is perfectly fine. Our area manager does not need access to the inside of your home for the quote. They only need to be able to walk the property to count how many windows you have, and what kind of windows they are. Maybe make a note if they see anything like hard water stains or anything that might need some extra attention on your windows. 

Our area manager typically gets your quote back to our sales team within 48 hours, so that our team can reach out to you with that pricing and get your window cleaning Raleigh service scheduled. If you plan to meet with our area manager, just let our sales team member know when you call in and the area manager will give you a call to arrange the meeting time. The day of your meeting, our sales team should get that quote back and get that sent over to you as well. 

Window Ninjas is your answer.

All you have to do is give our team a call today to schedule your window cleaning Raleigh service, or get your free quote from our area manager. No matter what kind of windows you have, and no matter how many windows you have, our team is up for the job! You can also add on other services such as screen cleaning, track cleaning, light fixture cleaning, and we can even clean your bathroom mirrors or glass shower doors! You name it! Reach our professionals at 919-867-6276 or through our website at