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A residential home is a significant investment, not only from a Financial standpoint but also regarding the amount of joy it will provide you and your family over a lifetime.

Many residential homeowners take exterior cleaning and maintenance into their own hands before fully understanding how complex and challenging the task can be. This is particularly true during the spring and early summer months after pollen Has Fallen. Mold and mildew have created unsightly appearances on the exterior of the facade. Charleston pressure cleaning is an essential service, and it might be best for you to call a professional instead of taking on one more household duty! Before you take on pressure cleaning Charleston services, allow us to provide you with pertinent information that will help keep your property looking its best. And help you clean your most significant investment safely and effectively.

What Is Pressure Cleaning Of A House?

Pressure cleaning Charleston services for a residential home differ from pressure washing driveways and sidewalks. It is a slow and tedious process that requires care and knowledge.

A Low-Pressure House Washing Service Is an exterior cleaning process that utilizes a pressure washing machine and specific chemicals to kill mold and mildew and remove dirt and grime.

A house washing service is part of a standard pressure cleaning Charleston task that our experts at Window Ninjas provide daily. Many residential property owners attempt to take this challenging service upon their shoulders. And the average property owner can complete it. Still, they should understand how the service is best performed and what issues they can face when taking this bathing chore into their own hands.

Imagine bathing your house. Just like you wash your car on the weekends, your home needs annual cleaning to keep it well protected from damage caused by mold and mildew growth or carbon emission buildup. Carbon emissions are everywhere, and some locations are inundated with them more so than others. Living in Charleston, South Carolina, we have a pollution problem. Still, it’s better than living somewhere like Los Angeles.

What Does A House Washing Service Entail?

An exterior house washing service is an aspect of pressure cleaning Charleston services that we suggest regularly doing. It removes mold and mildew as well as dirt and grime from siding, windows, fascia boards, and other materials that Encompass the exterior of your home. During the Spring and Summer months, a Charleston pressure cleaning for the exterior of residences is one of the most popular power washing services any pressure washing company in the area will perform. It is a quick and effective way to remove all the contaminants that have attracted them To your most prized possession during the year.

Annual cleaning for the exterior of your home services will remove all of this dirt and grime and bring your property’s exterior back to a brand-new look. It is one of the best and most effective ways to increase your property’s curb appeal. And it is safe and effective when performed appropriately.

When Is The Best Time To Pressure Clean My House?

Experienced pressure cleaning Charleston professionals often recommend cleaning the exterior of your home after the pollen season. The second most popular time of the year to clean exterior surfaces is correct at the beginning of the fall season. You have to decide what time of year is best for you. But spring and fall are typically the two most popular times when cleaning exterior surfaces around a residential property.

Removal of pollen and other contaminants is why spring cleaning for the exterior of your home has become a prevalent necessity. A low-pressure house washing service will remove all of the dirt and grime that has attracted itself to your home. But it will also remove any fallen pollen during the Spring pollinating season. Most people despise pollen and enjoy entertaining and having backyard barbecues. Most residential homeowners prefer to avoid entertaining in their outdoor spaces when pollen is at its highest levels. And therefore, they wait till the end of the season and wash the exterior surfaces of their home so they can enjoy family time in a clean and pollen-free outdoor oasis.

Pressure Cleaning Charleston Services, Should I Call A Pro Or Do Myself?

Most of our clients call us because they are looking for a price on how much it’s going to cost for us to wash the exterior of their house. They are trying to decide whether they want a professional to clean the exterior surfaces of their home or if they are willing to take this chore upon their shoulders. There are many reasons why we suggest you call a professional instead of attempting to clean the exterior of your own house. And these are the following reasons:

Hiring A Pro Saves You Time
Hiring A Pro Will Deliver Better Results
Hiring A Pro Is Safer For You
Hiring A Pro Saves You Money When Compared To Buying Or Renting Equipment
Hiring A Pro Keeps Your Exterior Surfaces From Becoming Damaged

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our owner and founder talk to our team daily about why it’s essential to have the exterior of Residential Properties cleaned and why a professional should always perform this task! There are way too many new building products on the market that require specific cleaning methods to protect them from mold, mildew, and damage caused by the wrong cleaning application.

Suppose you are in the market to have the exterior of your house washed. In that case, you will find that calling a professional is much more cost effective and will provide better results. It is a safer option than having your spouse climb on a ladder and risk his life and limbs. It will also save a lot of frustration and damage to your home. Because an amateur Charleston pressure cleaning service provider may need help understanding the nuances of cleaning specific materials.

If you have any questions or are interested in more information about a pressure cleaning Charleston service, call our team and let us help. We can answer any questions you may have and provide solutions to all of your exterior cleaning and maintenance needs. You can reach our team by calling us at 843-790-8447. And you can also find out more about our services online by visiting us at