Mount Pleasant SC Window Cleaning | Give The Gift Of Clean Windows

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning.

Looking for an easy way to make your spouse feel appreciated? Wanting to find something special and impactful that you can give to your mother who lives all alone? Looking to treat yourself with something that will make an improvement to your everyday life? Well, now is the time to give the gift of clean windows. Having clean windows is much more than just vanity. Yes,  you want your windows to sparkle and shine, but you also want to protect your windows from any degradation. Having a professional team regularly service your windows is a great way to prevent any degradation or damage. If our team notices anything of concern we will immediately notify you so that those issues can be addressed as quickly as possible, with as little damage as possible. Having clean windows may seem very simple but it is actually much more complicated than people realize. Why try to do something yourself that will only last for a couple days when a professional team and provide you with something long-lasting and shining? Window Ninjas offers a highly professional, yet simple Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service that will leave your windows shining brighter than ever before. Window Ninjas is here to help you restore your windows to their beautiful shine or even help somebody that you love have beautiful clean windows. Window Ninjas would love to assist you in getting that shine back into your life. Please give Window Ninjas a call at 843-790-8447 to get your Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service schedule today. You can also visit us online at to learn much more about our company and all the services that we provide.

Our team cleans windows by hand and we squeegee them dry. We use an environmentally friendly, neutral pH, wash and condition process that has anti-static properties. Our Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning solution is unique to our company. This means that you will always get a unique Shine when you choose Window Ninjas. The anti-static properties will put an invisible barrier over your windows that will assist in repelling any dirt pollen dust grime or even oils from your fingertips. This will leave your windows cleaner for longer. This means that you will not have to turn around and clean your windows the very next week after we come to service your windows. Our window cleaning service includes us hand washing the glass of your windows and wiping off the window sills and the window frames.  During our Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service, you also have the option to have us clean your window screens and your window tracks. We can also clean the blinds or give a more detailed cleaning of the sills and frames if it is needed. This means we can take every inch of your windows and make them sparkle and shine. Window Ninjas wants to leave you happier than you have ever felt about how clean your windows are.

Window cleaning is much more than meets the eye. Window Ninjas does not recommend trying to clean your windows yourself. Especially on the exterior of your home. You are taking a risk by getting on top of a ladder and potentially hurting yourself while trying to clean your windows. You also do not have the proper supplies or solution to leave your windows cleaner for longer. Trust in our professional team to bring the clean and restore your windows to their bright and beautiful shine. Our stress free and simple Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service will leave you ecstatic about how crystal clear your windows have become. If our team happens to notice any issues with your windows we will immediately let you know so that you can get these issues addressed. Our team cares deeply about proper communication and customer service. This is why we will never walk away from a job until we have wowed you. Kick up your feet and relax  while our professional team brings the clean. We know that you will be amazed at how crystal clear and sparkling your windows can be.

 There are several things that Window Ninjas does that sets us above the competition. We donate $1 from every invoice to because we care about the world’s access to clean water. We are fully insured and bonded meaning that you’re protected from any liability while we are in service of your home and an accident were to occur. Our technicians will always arrive in a Window Ninjas uniform and a Window Ninjas vehicle so that you are never caught off guard with who is on your property. We give a reminder email and a reminder call before your service. We also do a pre job walkthrough before your service to answer any questions you may have and review what our service entails. After the job is complete we walk through the property with you and check that every area of concern was addressed and that you are ecstatic about the job. We also give a phone call one business day after the service to follow up with you and make sure that our team has met your needs. We know that you are a busy person and you don’t have the time to get your windows clean all on your own. Window Ninjas is here to efficiently bring that clean and leave you wow. Our Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service will not only leave your windows dazzling, it will also leave you stress free and with an enjoyable view. Window Ninjas would love to help provide you with a Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service today. You can reach Window Ninjas by calling 843-790-8447 to get your appointment scheduled today. You can also visit our website at to learn more about our company and all the services that we provide. We would be happy to assist you in any way that we can.