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This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning. 

Sick of looking through dull and dirty windows? Feeling embarrassed about the dirt and grime that has set up camp on your windows? Ready to restore your windows back to their beautiful sparkling clean state? Well Window Ninjas are here to help bring the clean and leave you with clean and clear shining windows. Window Ninjas offers a professional and upscale Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service, at an affordable price. We know it may sound too good to be true, but we assure you that it is not. Go ahead and find out what we are all about. You can reach Window Ninjas at 843-790-8447 or you can always choose to find us online at

Window Ninjas cleans every window by hand to ensure that every speck of dirt and grime is removed from the location. Our Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service includes us cleaning the interior and exterior of the glass and cleaning the window sills and frames. During a Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service you also have the option to add the window screens and the window tracks. This will ensure that every inch of your windows are sparkling clean. Our window cleaning solution is environmentally safe, has a neutral pH, and has anti-static properties. This will put an invisible shield on your windows that will repel dirt, dust, pollen, and oils from fingertips from setting up camp on your windows. Our solution will leave your windows much cleaner for longer. You can trust that your home will be left in the best possible condition when we finish with it – free of any dirt or damage. Also when Window Ninjas provides any service, we always go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are not interested in only providing you with the bare minimum. We always want to go the extra mile to truly wow you. Window Ninjas wants to make a positive and lasting impression on each and every one of our customers and provide a service that sets us apart and above all others. 

There are many benefits to having Window Ninjas perform a Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service for you. Window Ninjas is fully insured and bonded, including workers compensation coverage. We always arrive in a company logoed vehicle and in full uniform so you always know who is on your property. We also care about the environment so we donate $1 from every invoice to We always do a reminder email two days before your appointment and a reminder call one day before. Upon arrival for the appointment our technicians will do a pre-job walk through to confirm the scope of work and address any questions you may have. At the completion of the job we also perform a post job walkthrough to ensure that all the work is completed to your satisfaction.  We also do a quality assurance call one business day after your service to make sure that we provided you with the best possible care and that you are beyond satisfied with how we left your windows.

We warn against hiring some random Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning company without first properly looking into them. You want to make sure that they are a trustworthy and reliable company to have come out to service your property. You want to always do proper research on any company you are considering hiring. It is important that they have amazing customer reviews and that they are looking out for each and every one of their customers. Housing is a very important investment and your home should be treated with the best possible care. Maintaining the exterior of your property is the best way to retain its value and condition. We highly recommend having your windows cleaned at least twice a year. Window Ninjas’ Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service will get the job done in the most efficient and effective way. 

There are many benefits to having your windows regularly cleaned. It can increase your curb appeal and protect your windows from degradation and damage. Stay a step ahead with a Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning from Window Ninjas. You will never have to worry about any unexpected damages or repairs when you have us look after your property. We will always keep you up to date with any potential issues you may be facing on your property. You will feel so much more at home when you can sit back and relax while enjoying your beautiful, clean and clear windows. Let us take care of your windows today by giving us a call at 843-790-8447 or you can always find us online at 

We have no doubt that you will be highly impressed with the intellect and mannerisms of our employees. They are truly the best of the best. We know that having to deal with employees that are rude, unfriendly, and unwilling to help can truly put a damper on your entire day. Know that with Window Ninjas you can breathe easy because that will never be your experience with us. Our employees will always be a breath of fresh air for you to speak with. Know that you will always be met with smiling faces, listening ears, and helping hands when you choose Window Ninjas for your Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service. 

We highly value our amazing customers and are so thankful that they continue to choose Window Ninjas for their Mount Pleasant SC window cleaning service year after year. We want it to be very apparent that we are a genuine and caring company that is always looking out for each and every one of our customers. It is always our pleasure and we are more than happy to assist you in any way that we possibly can. Go ahead and call