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Stop stressing about how you are going to get your home clean and time for Beach season, and instead try giving us a call. When it comes to Myrtle Beach Power Washing Service, Window Ninjas are the best in the business because we always arrive in a van with uniforms on, we are fully licensed and insured in order to protect you, ourselves, and our employees. We also donate $1 to for every invoice, because we care a whole lot about the environment. If you want trustworthy professionals to clean your property for you, give us a call at 843-212-0794, or visit us online at

Why should you power wash your beach house yearly? 

When it comes to Myrtle Beach power washing service, there are a huge number of benefits to this yearly service. When you live on the beach, sand gets everywhere, and we mean everywhere. between the moist Ocean Air and the sticky sand, your house will absolutely be coded in salt water and sand. your deck will have sand tracks running through it from the beach. Even your roof will be covered in pesky Sand particles. Pressure cleaning is considered a preventative maintenance service. There are many types of Unwanted grimy  substances that can quite literally corrode your home. Washing away and cleaning off these substances is a guaranteed way of preventing any corrosion from occurring. Pressure cleaning also boosts your curb appeal at times. Many people rent out their beach houses for parts of the year, and the last thing people want to do is rent a dirty house. Keeping up with your Myrtle Beach power washing service is crucial to maintaining a sought after environment for guests. Keeping your home clean on the inside is never questioned, so why should you question keeping your home clean on the outside too? 

Power washing looks so easy, so why can’t you do it yourself? 

We’ve heard this question before about a million times. it doesn’t look that hard, I can’t I just do it myself? will that look so easy, why are there paid people that do it? Despite how simple Myrtle Beach Power Washing Service looks, it is actually a fairly difficult and also very dangerous job to do. every surface is unique and has a different requirement to thoroughly clean it but also keep it from getting damaged. Some surfaces are very fragile and require a gentle, low pressure wash. While other surfaces are more Hardy and poorest and need a high pressure wash this is very specific to each surface Which is why we always recommend having a professional do it for you. 

Due to the massive amounts of pressure used in a Myrtle Beach power washing service, it is also dangerous for your body. a power washing machine can omit anywhere from 750 to 30,000 lbs of force per square inch. This can go anywhere from as gentle as a car wash to strong enough to bend and damage steel. The biggest risk that comes with power cleaning your property without experience is the damage that can and will occur to your body. you might be cleaning your driveway one day and using a high pressure setting to get absolutely everything out of the concrete. All of a sudden your neighbor Drives By and honks their horn to wave at you. You swing your body around and with your pressure cleaning machine in hand, you aim the blast directly over your leg. This Cuts such a long and deep hole into your shin that it fractures your bone and you need a cast and stitches. Now you are stuck with a severely damaged leg and a half finished pressure cleaning job. Nobody wants either of those things, which is why we recommend you give us a call to take care of you. 

What does the process of power washing look like for different surfaces? 

Every surface is unique in its own way, which is why every surface should be treated uniquely and be cleaned. Different surfaces require different strengths of pressure in order to get them clean without damaging them. For instance, Classic Building or house washing is used with low pressure due to the fertility of the exterior of a house. This process uses sodium hypochlorite and high alkaline in a mixture in order to remove mold or sand from your home. This makes sure it is injected through the machines and onto the exterior of your home. it acts fast and cleans anything unwanted substances. Then, the chemicals and unwanted substances are rinsed away with a low pressure Water Rinse in order to leave your home shining and new. 

We also offer roof washing for Myrtle Beach power washing service. your roof is probably the most easily damaged surface on your property, which is why we use a very low pressure system to cleanse it. because we cannot use strong pressure on a roof, we use a stronger chemical on it. We use the same sodium hypochlorite chemical but in a concentrated solution in order to really tackle any sand, mold, or pollen that is stuck to your shingles. The pressure used for this type of service is only about as strong as a car wash. it is gentle enough to not hurt your roof, but strong enough to still rinse away all of the chemicals and nastiness that collected on your roof. 

Concrete washing is also an option for Myrtle Beach power washing service. This process uses hot or cold water to completely clean your concrete. Due to the hardness of concrete, a high pressure system is used for this type of surface. sodium hypochlorite is injected through our machines and onto your concrete at a very high pressure and low volume. This tackles even the hardest to reach nooks and crannies and pulls up anything nasty that is stuck to your driveway. Once the solution has been applied to your whole driveway, your surfaces are thoroughly rinsed with high pressure as well in order to remove these chemicals or grime. This process will leave your concrete services very clean without damaging it at all. Some stains May remain but this process will get rid of 99% of them. 

Our last service offered is the washing of wood. This is a several step process used as wood is dense and porous, and easily attracts mold and mud. The surface is first cleaned with peroxide which AIDS in pulling any dirt or mildew up to the surface of the wood. Potassium soap is then added in the mix in the combination of these two products and changes it into an amazing leaning agent. Its cleaning agent will clean your wood thoroughly and will not harm it or the environment around it. We then use a high volume and low pressure surface rinse to wash away leftover cleaning solution and rinse away all of the nasty mud and muck that was cleaned up. After a thorough rinse of your wooden surface, oxalic acid is applied. This neutralizes the pH of Norwood and the peroxide based cleaner while also brightening your wood surface. 

Final Thoughts:

It is clear that when it comes to Myrtle Beach power washing service, we are the best in the business. With our thoroughly trained technicians and our commitment to customer service, we are the obvious choice. We also offer recurring services so you do not have to keep calling back to schedule your appointment. you own a beach house and you would like to get your house pressure cleaned twice a year, we can set that up for you and you can just completely forget about it. our employees will remind you when it is close to the time of service but you will not have to call in or keep giving us your information, you can just relax. So give us a call today at 843-212-0794, or visit us online at to book your appointment with us.