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Allow Window Ninjas to come and tackle the dirt and grime off of your windows that is taking away from your beautiful view of the outside world. Pollen, dirt, grime, and other outdoor elements will detract from your view of the outdoors. Let us take care of these pesky contaminants when you call our staff today to aid you in your Myrtle Beach window cleaning chore. We are obsessed with making windows shine and we promise that we will deliver the best results for you and your property. You can get in touch with the Window Ninjas staff when you pick up the phone and dial 843-212-0794 or when you visit our website by going online to

Spring is nearly upon us and daylight savings time is finally here. Thus, the birds are chirping and flowers are starting to bloom. Dirt and grime that has been resting on your windows throughout the winter months is now taking away from your view of the outdoors. Allow Window Ninjas to help you with your Myrtle Beach window cleaning today. We can service your home or business and get it in sparkling condition. Our team provides high quality service and results. Plus, we provide the most friendly customer service you will find. Dirt and grime and other outdoor elements do not stand a chance against Window Ninjas’ fantastic team. We can help you enjoy your view of the outdoors and look forward to coming home to a sparkling property. Get in touch with our superb team today when you call 843-212-0794 or when you go online to

Our team would recommend that you have the windows on your home or business cleaned at least twice throughout the year. Typically, this service is carried out in the spring and then again in the fall or early winter. You can receive the best results with your window cleaning service by calling the experienced and professional team at Window Ninjas. Our window cleaning service is carried out by hand and you will be happy to hear that we utilize chemicals that are completely safe and effective for all windows, no matter whether they are modern or historic windows. Utilizing the wrong cleaning solutions can cause damage to the framework on your windows, which will take away from your home’s curb appeal. Hire a professional when you need window cleaning completed. The expert and professional team to reach out to is Window Ninjas. We can provide high quality and superb service and results for you with our Myrtle Beach window cleaning. Our fantastic team would be more than happy to help you shine your windows on your property. Call Window Ninjas by dialing 843-212-0794 or go and find further information or schedule services by going online to

The glass and windows on your home or business are constantly being exposed to harsh outdoor elements at all times. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, your windows are constantly being hit with dirt, dust, pollen, and other dirt and grime. Glass is porous surface and will allow dirt and grime to attach itself and embed itself. Oxidation is another problem, along with hard water stains. These are very tricky to remove and you will need the extra help getting rid of them. Save yourself time and money by hiring a professional to complete your Myrtle Beach window cleaning. Window Ninjas can be easily reached when you call 843-212-0794 or when you visit our website at

We want to help you keep your windows maintained throughout the year. This will increase your curb appeal and the value of your property. Not to mention, it is simply nice to have windows that are functioning as they were intended to. Window Ninjas cleans deep all the time. We clean the window sill and the sashes. We make sure that your entire window system is properly functioning. This is a big benefit of our service. A functioning window that is well kept and properly taken care of is far less likely to break down than a window that is not well kept. Keep your windows functioning as they are supposed to and sparkling. Window Ninjas makes this possible so pick up your phone and give us a call today by dialing 843-212-0794 or go online to find more valuable information by going to

Window Ninjas can service any home or business with our window cleaning services. We can clean both the outside and the inside windows for you. Not to mention, we can also clean light fixtures and glass shower doors and mirrors. Window Ninjas performs high quality cleaning services when we provide Myrtle Beach window cleaning. If you have a home or business in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina then Window Ninjas is the professional to reach out to when you are seeking professional services. Our team is fully insured and bonded and we arrive in a logoed vehicle and in uniform. We are the best in town so call us today to speak with one of our lovely employees. We are just a phone call away at 843-212-0794 or you can go online to

Did you know that properly caring for your windows will help with your energy efficiency inside your home or business? Many windows have low-e coatings and low-e insulation which help your windows to be more energy efficient, as well as keep the warm or cold air from escaping the inside. Removing dirt and grime from your windows will ensure that the energy-efficient coatings are working as they are intended to. Call Window Ninjas today to get scheduled for your Myrtle Beach window cleaning service. Our staff is friendly and helpful and we can keep your windows looking wonderful at all times. We can be reached when you dial 843-212-0794 or when you visit