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Price shopping for power washing in the Greenville SC area? Let the experts at power washing Greenville SC help you out with that question. Most companies use square footage to price out these types of jobs. The larger the property then the more the cost, but on average you can expect to pay between $200 and $400 for power washing depending on what you are getting done. These are typical costs for washing a house. Prices can vary for power washing concrete surfaces and other surfaces such as patios and decks that take longer. These projects will need to be measured by the square foot as well but are more costly and run about $0.35 to $0.43 a square foot. Other factors to consider that may affect the price of power washing are the types of cleaning solutions that are being used. Not all cleaning solutions are the same for different surfaces. It is always best to call when wanting to get an accurate price for the type of power washing service that you are looking for. Our team can be reached by calling us at 864-558-7758 or feel free to stop by on our website at for a free quote.

Power washing Greenville SC is fully insured and bonded and we have commercial insurance. We do both residential and commercial business. Our business comes highly rated and we are extremely sought after. We have been in the power washing industry for three decades and as you can imagine we have tons of knowledge and experience in the industry. Our employees are highly trained and skilled and don’t mind getting a little wet or dirty to help you get rid of dirt and grime. Your property will look better and it will be healthy and safer too. You are probably wondering how all of that is possible with just one simple service, but it really is true. We are going to explain to you how this is possible and how much it can benefit your property. So stay tuned and don’t go anywhere.

Power Washing By Window Ninjas

The pros at power washing Greenville SC use environmentally safe cleaning solutions to power wash that brighten and bring back new life to surfaces again. It gets rid of mold, mildew, algae and moss while removing dirt. These grimey substances not only look bad but will cause the outside of your property to be unhealthy and if left to sit for too long will cause rot and decay. Our pros recommend that you have power washing done at least once a year to keep things looking their best and prevent damage from occurring.

We can remove filth from many surfaces such as wooden and vinyl fences, decks, patios, pool areas, house siding, concrete driveways and sidewalks, brick, retaining walls, steps, roof tops, stamped concrete and more. We even do commercial spaces such as dumpster pads, parking lots, drive thrus, and sidewalks and entrances. Helping to improve the curb appeal and first impressions that people get from a retail place are important to drawing in business. It is also a health concern to keep outdoor spaces clean at businesses that offer food sales. As a matter of fact any business that has common outdoor spaces for employees to enjoy should keep them power washed such as tables and picnic areas for lunch and break spaces.

Benefits of Power Washing

Power washing boosts curb appeal and improves the overall value of your property. Having the pros at power washing Greenville SC help to maintain the cleanliness of your home’s exterior will add a shine that can be seen from the road for all to admire.

Power washing also prevents unwanted damage from happening. Living in the south means added moisture to the air in which we live. This is a breeding ground for the growth of mold and mildew and other harmful bacteria that can eat away at the surfaces of your home. If they sit for too long damage will definitely start to happen. Then other pests in the form of bugs and animals will begin to invade. Power washing costs will not be as much as paying for high repairs due to damage done from neglect.

Power washing saves you time and energy. We are sure that you have plenty of other home maintenance chores that you could be doing this Spring or projects. Perhaps you just need some time to yourself. By the time you gather together all of the needed equipment and supplies needed for power washing our team could have gotten started with the job and be well on the way to having it done. Do you really want to expend your valuable time and energy over a weekend when you could be spending it with your family instead?

The other great benefit of power washing is that it preps surfaces for painting or sealing. Surfaces that need future painting such as house siding should be cleaned from dirt and grime so that when the new paint goes on it will adhere well. Power washing is just the thing that your painted home needs. The same goes for a deck that has been sealed or stained and needs to be resealed. These surfaces will last longer between paintings and sealants too. Just let the pros at power washing Greenville SC handle all of your prepping needs at your property.

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Getting a hold of the experts at power washing Greenville SC is easy and convenient. Our customer service reps can answer your questions and give you an estimate over the phone by calling us at 864-558-7758. We can also be reached at to request service. While you are on our site feel free to read more about our great Window Ninjas company and all of our other services. We look forward to hearing from you soon.