Pro Vs. Amateur Power Washing

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Deciding whether or not to get a professional power washing job versus hiring an amateur shouldn’t be a hard decision. If you are stuck trying to figure out what is best for you, then let our team at power washing Kiawah Island help you decide. First of all, if you are going to pay for power washing, then hire a company that is fully insured and bonded. That way if something goes wrong or if someone is injured on the job, then the problem can be covered by them and not you. Secondly, why go through the trouble of investigating folks / companies to hire if you aren’t getting the best there is to be had? An amateur is not going to have as many years of experience whereas our pros have three decades under their belts. Don’t you want a company that has a lot of experience and knowledge to work for you? Also, don’t you want a company that has all of their insurance pieces in place. What about their ratings? The third component is a company’s high marks. You can probably pay an amateur less money to get your job done with mediocre results and that is certainly up to you, but why waste your money and your time? We take our job to heart because we have a vested interest in what our customers think about us and we love making customers happy with our work. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Hire us for an amazing job and results that you will be happy with. We can be contacted at 843-790-8447 or feel free to stop by on our website at

Power washing Kiawah Island has many advantages over a person who is a one man show. We are fully insured and bonded and we carry commercial insurance. We have also been doing business for a solid three decades. We come highly sought after and our reviews are excellent. Being rated at the top takes hard work and dedication. We know how to treat our customers right and at the same time provide them with high quality work. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. The results that our team can produce removing dirt and grime from the exterior surfaces of your property are far superior to any other. Just take a firsthand glimpse at the work that we do by looking at some of our before and after photos on our website. Our company uses only environmentally safe power washing solutions that result in bright and shiny clean surfaces.

Power Washing Benefits

We can go on and on about why choosing our professional company is a better choice, but we think you get the point by now. So let’s go ahead and discuss the benefits that annual power washing has for your property.

We all know that dirt and grime will inevitably accumulate on surfaces over time. It can be due to weather, mowing, heavy traffic if you live near a highway, new construction, nearby farming and such. Other factors that contribute to the appearance of grime are living in areas where there is a high moisture content like here in the south and at the coast. At Kiawah Island we have a double whammy. With our high moisture content it promotes a tremendous growth of mold and mildew so staying on top of getting rid of those substances is even more important.

Power washing Kiawah Island services is your first step in getting rid of mold and mildew growth. That way your home stays safe and healthy from unwanted contaminants that could possibly find their way indoors. A clean home exterior will allow you to be able to have fun outside and still be able to breathe easy.

Power washing your property will also help to prolong the lifespan of exterior painted surfaces and other surfaces in general. This keeps you from having to spend money on repairing damaged surfaces due to rot and decay. Deteriorated surfaces can be hazardous to people such as rotted decking boards. If someone were to walk across them, then they could fall through and get seriously hurt.

Power washing Kiawah Island services can improve the curb appeal of your home or any other part of your property. By keeping your home looking good over time it will also go up in value.

What Surfaces Can Be Washed

Power washing Kiawah Island can wash many different exterior surfaces. We use either a low pressure method of power washing on surfaces such as roof shingles and house siding or we use high pressure power washing on other surfaces. High pressure power washing can get deep within the cracks and crevices of concrete and bricks to remove dirt and grime. It can also clean dirt from wooden fences and decks, patio tiles, pool areas, stamped concrete, sidewalks, driveways, retaining walls, and vinyl house siding or other types of house siding.

The removal of mildewed and moldy surfaces can look like new again with a great power washing service by a professional. Our team also does commercial work in conjunction with residential work. We have been hired to power wash dumpster pads, driveways, drive thrus, and sidewalks at restaurants. Retail shops also have us power wash their sidewalks and front entrances. Keeping these exterior spaces looking good helps to draw in customers and promotes a healthy environment.

ReachIng Us

We hope by now that you have found plenty of reasons to hire us versus an amateur. If you still need more information about our company, then head on over to our company website at We have a complete line of our company’s services and their descriptions. Meet our founder, Gabe Salinas, in a video that he produced introducing himself. Read our reviews and find out how we make a contribution to a worldwide freshwater initiative at Give power washing Kiawah Island a call for a free quote at 843-790-8447 and remember to keep shining!