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We have great reviews and our customers love us!  Power washing Myrtle Beach SC wants you to take the time to read our reviews and decide for yourself how amazing we are.  The truth really is in the pudding.  We don’t always toot our own horn, but high ratings and repeat customers speak for themselves.  If you have never heard of us before, then you are definitely in for a treat.  We have been in the industry for thirty years and are fully insured and bonded.  We also have commercial insurance.  We provide both residential and commercial services.  Our awesome customer reviews can be found on Google or you can stop by on our Window Ninjas website and find them.  If you would like to get started with us and receive a free no obligation quote, then give us a call at 843-212-0794 or feel free to contact us via our website at

Power washing Myrtle Beach SC has high reviews because we listen to our customers and provide excellent service all the way around.  Not only do we provide high quality workmanship, but we also provide great customer service and we have a satisfaction guarantee policy.  We strive to serve others.  Our founder, Gabe Salinas, who started out working in the business when he was only 17 years old made it his mission to provice outstanding service to others because he was tired of the mediocre service being provided to him.  When you hire others to work for you, you should be getting those that care about your property and see the value in your hard earned investment.  That is exactly what we do here at Window Ninjas.  We work hard so that you don’t have to and we see the value in you and your property.

Great reviews mean that we have to live up to others expectations all of the time!  There is no time for slacking at power washing Myrtle Beach SC.  We hire only professionals and we train hard.  Our pros don’t mind getting dirty, because if you have ever power washed in the past then you know power washing can be a dirty and wet job.  It also means hauling around heavy hoses and moving a power washing machine around the property.  But our guys and gals are up for the challenge.  Getting rid of dirt and grime for you is a daily occurrence with our team.  We use only environmentally safe cleaning solutions that brighten and bring back life to the exterior surfaces around your home or business.  It is almost like magic.

What types of surfaces can be power washed?  Great question.  First of all we don’t power wash fabric, plastic furniture, and painted furniture unless you want to remove the paint.  All other surfaces can be power washed using either a high pressure power washing method or a low pressure power washing method.  Roof shingles and house siding are two surfaces that do well with the low pressure power washing method.  Any time that you want to repaint or reseal a surface then you will want to have that surface power washed first.  Otherwise, the paint or sealant will not adhere properly over dust and dirt.  Over time the paint will flake and peel off.

What are the benefits of power washing?  Another great question.  Power washing prolongs the life of the surface being washed.  It also prevents damage from the outside elements.  What are those elements creating damage exactly?  They could be any combination of dirt, dust, pollen, algae, mildew, mold, and salt.  Living at the beach or near the coast means that we have to contend with sea salt.  It can be very corrosive to all types of exterior surfaces.  So obviously it is important to have it power washed off regularly.  Rot and decay are the biggest types of damage done by letting dirty and grime sit for too long.  Stay educated with us here at power washing Myrtle Beach SC and preserve your home.  Power washing also adds to the curb appeal of your property.  It can also increase the value over time.  According to Consumer Reports power washing along with touch up painting can increase the value 3 to 5 percent.  As you can see, power washing is a valuable tool in maintaining the beauty and longevity of the outside of your property.

How do we stack up against our competitors?  Great reviews help with our awesome ratings.  When our customers take the time to give us a review about the work that we have done it gives them the opportunity to rate us.  Search engines like Google compile all of that information and give a listing of the top rated companies at the top of the rankings.  We advise you to read those company reviews for yourself when you are deciding which company is best for you.  Sometimes a company has their employees, friends and family give them reviews which can skew their reviews.  But if you are the savvy type like we are you can weed through those reviews and see the real truth about who they are in between the lines.  Google rankings are also bumped up when customers are asked to review a company again after fixing a problem.  A perfect 5 star rating is not always what it seems.  Sometimes word of mouth is the best review you will ever get and your neighbors.  Seeing the work done is believing so check out your neighbors homes and see what is going on in your neck of the woods.  Power washing Myrtle Beach SC is hands down the best company around and we won’t let you down.

To reach our pros give us a call at 843-212-0794 and let power washing Myrtle Beach SC wow you.  You can also contact us on our website at for a free no obligation quote.