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Is your home showing evidence or the environment around it? Power Washing Pawleys Island services have just what you need! Winter has come and gone and it’s time for spring. Everyone knows that spring starts with a spring cleaning. Spring cleaning isn’t just dusting parts of your home or tidying up the yard. Spring cleaning means making sure the outside of your building looks refreshed as well. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to take care of the building! You worry about the inside and we’ll get the outside. We hope by the end of this article you will feel confident calling us today. If you’d like to just contact us directly, we can be reached at or at 843-212-0794.

What Is Power Washing?

Power Washing Pawleys Island services include the use of high powered jets and a sodium hydrochlorite mixture. This mixture is environmentally friendly and efficient. Power washing makes sure that every crevice is properly clean preventing mold and mildew buildup under the surfaces we can’t see. We recommend having your home or business power washed at least once a year. Things like mold and mildew and your basic grime can build up very quickly and cause damage to the underneath surface. These substances build up and can leave your home or business exposed to water damage. Water damage itself can be more costly to fix than the service of power washing itself.

Our sodium hydrochlorite mix is safe for vegetation in any paint that it may come into contact with. When mold and mildew build up under the surface it can cause harm to your family and loved ones lungs. Mold Contamination can end up putting you or your loved ones in the hospital which nobody wants. I myself constantly worry about mold buildup with having a 3 month old. Power Washing Pawleys Island wants to prevent this from happening to you or your loved ones.

What Surfaces Need To Be Power Washed?

Your home isn’t the only permeable surface at risk. Concrete, roofing, wooden decks, patio furniture all have the potential for harmful surfaces to grow. Environmental exposure to nature elements puts anything outside at risk which is why it’s so important to have a professional cleaning of these surfaces. Have you noticed your deck furniture looking more green than usual? We can take care of that while we service your wooden patio! Has your concrete seen better days? Call us and we’ll take care of it. It’s impossible to protect these belongings from reaping the effects of nature but it’s possible to treat it. With the upcoming pollen season that’s already starting to take effect, you’re going to see more things looking dirtier than usual. The world will practically be sneezing and yellow with pollen. Power Washing Pawleys Island can take care of this for you.

We understand that it’s time consuming to power wash every surface mentioned above but we can make it possible with just a couple of appointments. When’s the last time you had your roof power washed? Did you know that buildup of moss can cause further damage to your roof? It surely can. Other environmental impacts can damage your roof that we have no control of. We all know hurricane season is vastly approaching meaning more potential for downed limbs and trees. When moss and grime build up on these surfaces it causes your roof to be weaker making fallen limbs a much scarier reality. No one wants to be watching t.v when bam, you’re being rained on.

Why Hire A Professional Vs. DIY?

Now you could do it yourself but you’d be leaving yourself at risk for a higher water and electricity bill. You’re also leaving yourself at risk for serious injury to yourself. The pressure in a power washer is enough to cut you deeply winding up in a hospital trip. Hospital bills are expensive and serious injuries mean time out of work or away from family. I personally could not afford to have any serious injuries as I have an almost three month old who depends on me.

Power Washing Pawleys Island services use environmentally friendly substances to minimize any detrimental impact to your grass or garden. We appreciate the environment and want to preserve it as much as we can. When you hire a professional you’re protecting yourself and whatever surface you need power washed. Do you even own a power washer? It’s okay if not, I know I don’t own one nor do I intend to. When you add up the cost of the water used, the equipment needed and the energy your body exacerbates, it just makes more sense to hire a professional. When you get off work, or on your day off, the last thing you want to do is worry about power washing. We understand that which is why Power Washing services are here for you. We can even get you scheduled with a next day appointment.

About Our Customer Service Team

Our customer service team is kind and dedicated to helping you. They can walk you through the process of each service provided step by step. Whatever questions you have, our team can answer with kindness and compassion. If you have social anxiety, have no fear you’re in the right hands. Our team will send you a reminder before your appointment service date just as a simple reminder. They will even help you find the best rate possible for your Pawleys Island power washing service to save your hard earned money.

Hopefully, you feel comfortable and confident with the information provided. When it comes to Power Washing Pawleys Island services, we’ve got your back. You focus on the inside of your home this spring and we’ll focus on the outside. We look forward to hearing from you. We can be reached on the web at or by phone at 843-212-0794.