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Have you ever wondered how some of your neighbors keep their property looking like they just bought it? Well look no further, window ninjas Power Washing Service has the answer. With this service, our technicians will leave your home the cleanest you’ve ever seen. your neighbors will be asking you who got the job done. and all you have to say is that you’ve got a guy. in order to schedule your service appointment, you can give us a call at 833-646-5271, or find Us online to submit a service request at the

Why and when should you power wash your property?

When it comes to your Power Washing Service, there are many reasons why you should get it done. Power washing is a service that provides a thorough soap and cleaning of a surface. A power cleaning machine can clean wood, concrete, And much more. The process uses high-powered Jets to clean any mold, grime, or other unwanted dirt from your property. because this is a high-powered tool, it can get into even the smallest and most hidden spots, ensuring that no spot is left untouched. It is recommended to get your property cleaned once every year on homes or roofs and once every two years or any decks or concrete services. Many businesses choose to power wash twice a year in order to maintain a sparkling and clean atmosphere for their customers. 

There are a wide variety of benefits to a Power Washing Service. power cleaning prevents any damages from hurting your property. Because this service removes nasty dirt and grime from the property, it helps to prevent corrosion of your house, live, or deck. These nasty particles can cause your family and friends to become sick if they stay around for too long. A well done pressure cleaning job will boost your curb appeal. you will have the nicest looking house on the block or the most aesthetically pleasing business. This can even increase the value of your property as a well manicured property is worth more money. Many homeowners even use this service in order to Prime their property for any Renovations they might be proceeding with. This will remove peeling paint and wash away any Coatings that would prevent a stain, paint job, or tile laying from properly sticking. 

What are the different types of power washing? 

The first type of Power Washing Service we offer is a classic building or house washing. This process is started with a low pressure chemical washing of your home or business. This wash is done to remove pollen and grime from the exterior of a building. sodium hypochlorite and high  alkaline detergent are mixed and shot through our machine to fully coat your this mixture is then thoroughly rinsed in order to wash away remaining chemicals, debris, and pollen from your surfaces. this will bring your home’s exterior to a like noon condition. 

Another Power Washing Service we offer is a washing of pressure treated wood. This process is a two step washing process and it is used to clean any wooden services. This can include debts, fences, and wooden sheds. First, all of your wooden surfaces are cleaned with peroxide, pulling any crime up to the surface of the wood. Potassium soap is then combined and the two products together create a cleaning agent that gets the job done well and is safe for the environment. Our technicians then proceed with a high volume and low pressure surface rinse to wash away residual soap and dirt. The last step our technicians do is apply and salad acid treatment. This brightens your wood and makes it look like it was just laid. This is the best and most effective process in order to give you a shiny and new deck.

At window ninjas, we also offer a roof Power Washing Service. This service starts with a low pressure chemical washing of your roof. This removes any mold or mildew and even fungus that have built up on the roof of your home. a concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution is shot through the machine and onto your roof, and it is gently rinsed afterwards. This pressure doesn’t feel any different from a household hose or a car wash. 

Our last service offered is a concrete washing. This type of Power Washing Service is known to turn gray or green driveways and almost pristine White. This process can guarantee your driveway to be as spotless as possible. certain stains May remain, but anything that our strong chemicals can tackle will be removed. Our technicians use sodium hypochlorite that is injected through their machine in order to penetrate these Richard and poorest surfaces. afterwards, your concrete driveway or sidewalk will be rinsed at a very high pressure in order to wash away the dirt, debris, and candles. this should leave your driveway looking like it did when the house was first built. 

What harm can come from a DIY power washing?

Power cleaning can really positively impact your environment both at home and at a business. However, this service is a very dangerous service to do if you do not have experience. It is known that more accidents happen due to lack of experience. If you are untrained on the subject of power cleaning, you can use the incorrect pressure on a surface and damage your property. This causes some major issues as he will then have to replace or fix your damaged property. This also runs the risk of injuring yourself. A power washer can produce a pressure of up to 30,000 pounds of force. This force is stronger than a punch, it is even strong enough to bend steel. Now imagine washing your property with the pressure of this Force and accidentally running the machine over your toe or arm. This can cause severe injuries such as lacerations, broken bones, and loss of ligaments. household chemicals that many people choose to use when cleaning their own property can also heavily harm the environment. due to fragrances, dies, and bad chemicals in the product, you can kill the landscaping around your home and even stain or damage wouldn’t surfaces. This is why we always recommend a professional for a Power Washing Service. 

Final Thoughts:

So what are you waiting for? don’t let your home rot away with nasty mud or mold on it. our team and technicians would be stoked to serve you. As we near the end of pollen season, be sure to call in early to get on the books in a timely manner. You can reach out to us at to request a Power Washing Service appointment, or you can give us a call at 833-646-5271 to get any information you need from one of our call center staff members.