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Pressure Cleaning Charleston | Add Curb Appeal To Your Property

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning.

Looking for a way to add value to your home?  In a competitive market like Charleston, South Carolina, it can be hard to find a cost effective way to increase the curb appeal to your home.  If you are looking to sell, rent as an investment, or just increase curb appeal call the team at Window Ninjas to provide a pressure washing Charleston service for you.  It’s cost effective and will give you a WOW effect. Window Ninjas can be reached at 843-790-8447 or online at

High pressure cleaning is a term the pros in the know utilize everyday.  This can seem a little like an oxymoron because when it comes to washing a delicate surface, such as your home, a professional company will utilize a low pressure method.  Most homes are made of wood materials or a vinyl composite mix. These products all require the proper cleaning method and high pressure is not it! When you call a professional pressure cleaning Charleston company, they should be able to inform you of this process and the differences.  Don’t be caught with your pants down and your home’s exterior siding exposed when you call those “other guys”. You know who we are speaking of! The one man in the van company or the inexperienced, so-called professionals that simply hire someone that can put a few syllables together. Window Ninjas is your go to source when you’re looking for quality pressure cleaning Charleston service that will not strip your home’s exterior or your bank account!  Call them today at 843-790-8447.

Utilizing hot or cold water methods, along with the proper environmentally safe chemicals, is required to properly clean the exterior of your home.  Removing mold and mildew or moss and algae from the exterior of your home is priority number one for pressure cleaning Charleston companies. Next on the list would be dirt, and in order to get to the dirt you have to remove the organic buildup that affects all properties in Charleston SC.  Mold, mildew, algae and fungus will grow on all types of surfaces, such as driveways, sidewalks, decks and fences. In order to alleviate these eye sores, call the experts at Window Ninjas and have them provide you a quality pressure cleaning Charleston service. Reach them by phone at 843-790-8447 or online at  You will be glad you called them and not the guy smelling gas all day who has been riding around in his van!

There are so many surfaces that can be pressure cleaned in order to add value and curb appeal to your home.  Many of Window Ninjas’ customers are having their pavers and or concrete block patios pressure cleaned. These porous surfaces will collect and absorb moisture; thus, they are hotbeds for mildew growth.  Call Window Ninjas for a quality pressure cleaning Charleston service to remove all the mold, mildew and algae from your brick, concrete, or stone pavers. You can reach Window Ninjas at or direct at 843-790-8447.

Many people know high pressure washing by the common names or terms such as pressure washing, pressure cleaning or power washing.  They all are correct and reference a simple tool utilized called a pressure washer. Granted, a pressure washer can relate to the actual machine mechanism or it can be used to reference the actual person doing the cleaning.  Window Ninjas’ staff of professional pressure cleaners are just that. Professional! We utilize quality and top of the line commercial pressure washing machines that you will not find in a big box store or your average online marketplace.  If you hire a person to perform a pressure cleaning Charleston service for you then you should ensure that they are utilizing the proper equipment. This is one of the first signs you should look for when hiring someone to pressure clean your property.  You will never have any doubt when you hire the staff from Window Ninjas to provide pressure cleaning Charleston services for you. They are professional, utilize professional grade equipment, and show up in complete uniform and fully logoed vehicles. There’s never any funny business when Window Ninjas show up on a job site.   They will WOW you with excellent customer service and make your property look amazing. Give them a call today at 843-790-8447.

Siding, decks, driveways, roofs, and pool decks are all items that Window Ninjas can pressure clean for you.  Each type of material will need the appropriate chemicals and pressure rating to clean, and when you deal with a company like Window Ninjas, you will know you are in good hands.  Allow them to clean these surfaces for you when you call them to provide the best pressure cleaning Charleston service! They can be reached at 843-790-8447 or online at

Safety is part of the deal with Window Ninjas!  We strive to keep you safe and our employees safe too.  This is one reason we recommend that you do not try to pressure clean your own property.  Proper attire and safety habits keep our employees, as well as your property, safe. There’s a reason Window Ninjas is the expert when it comes to pressure cleaning Charleston.  It’s because they are professional, have been properly trained, and are experienced in their trade. Allow them to WOW you with excellent customer service and give your property the curb appeal that you want.  Reach them today at 843-790-8447 or go online to  While you are there, check out all of their amazing five star reviews from happy customers!

So what are you waiting for?  Your property needs an extra boost of curb appeal and Window Ninjas’ pressure cleaning Charleston service is your best answer for it!  They are the exceptional option in a sea of Charleston ordinary. You and your home do not deserve anything but the best and most exceptional service provider, so give Window Ninjas a call.  You can reach them now at 843-790-8447 or at